Domain Name System – binding and dynamic updates

I have zones in my BIND server that are dynamically updated by some Windows DHCP servers very often.
However, I have to add entries "manually" in these zones.
Can I still update these zones manually by simply editing them (using vi on my bind server, as I do with the others that do not support updates), adding the record, updating the serial number, and reloading the thing? (rndc reload)
What happens if during my serial update an update is carried out simultaneously by any dynamic system (in my case DHCP)?
Thank you very much

macos – Why does not Xcode 11.2.1 appear on the App Store Updates tab?

I use OS X and have Xcode 11.2. I tried to send an app to TestFlight and received a warning that I need to update to Xcode 11.2.1.
Every time I updated Xcode in the past, I went to the Updates tab in the App Store and downloaded the version, if any.

Currently there is no version 11.2.1 in the App Store.

What I want to know:

1] If 11.2.1 exists, why is not it on the Updates tab of the App Store? Is it just new major and minor versions and no patch versions that show up there?

2] What is the best way to get version 11.2.1?

Notification – How best to notify a user that updates are available in a desktop application?

I have a WPF desktop application that is used as the front-end for a web service. This application has a database that can be updated from time to time, but it also works with an old database.
I want my application to check at startup to see if the database needs updating.

In this case I would like to notify the user.


How is that best?

Testing – Should system configuration parameters such as disabled operating system updates or sleep timers be part of the software specification and therefore tested?

Our application must be running under a locked operating system. For reasons of quality and legal requirements, all updates must be prevented or blocked. Therefore, our deployment includes the preconfigured operating system. To make changes to the operating system, administrator credentials must be used.
Some teammates believe that the "updates blocked" request falls into the same domain as the application. I think they are not in the scope.
Should a specification be assigned to the system configuration settings? If so, they would have to test for everyone …

Thank you in advance for your time.

postgresql – Updates the name of the dynamic column with the key from the jsonb argument in PG 12

I want to write a generic procedure for Postgres 12 that updates the columns of a table depending on which data is provided in a jsonb Dispute. Of course it could also be in the application logic, but I try to move as much code as possible to the DB level.

That's the kind of thing I naively hoped would work:

CREATE PROCEDURE record_event(
  foo_arg integer,
  name_arg text,
  data_arg jsonb,
  occurred_at_arg timestamptz
AS $$
DECLARE column_name text;
  -- This part is incidental:
  INSERT INTO foo_event(foo, name, data, occurred_at)
    VALUES(foo_arg, name_arg, data_arg, occurred_at_arg);

  -- This is the part I'm struggling with:
  FOR column_name IN (SELECT * FROM jsonb_object_keys(data_arg)) LOOP
    PREPARE update_query(text, text, integer) AS
      UPDATE foo SET $1 = $2 WHERE id = $3;
    EXECUTE update_query(column_name, data_arg->>column_name, foo_arg);
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

But pg does not like $1 in this position:

psql:src/db/migrations/foo/up.sql:43: ERROR:  syntax error at or near "$1"
LINE 15:       UPDATE foo SET $1 = $2 WHERE id = $3;

I also noticed that there is one json_populate_record() Feature that seems helpful here, but I do not really understand how to apply it to my situation from the documentation.

Does what I am trying make sense and is it possible?