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automatic updates – is it right choose to connect database in template page directly in WordPress site?

i’m a little bit new in WordPress and for now working on WordPress site that some information will insert to database from forms … i design some page template and use mysqli_connect() to connect database and mysqli_query() to insert data to database .

the question i wonder is , am i do mistake ? is it possible that pages or piece of database erase after WordPress updates or totaly Could something bad happen? should change anything or not ?

i will thanks to anyone that help me. 🙂

updates – can I still upgrade ubuntu16.04 – GUI and terminal upgrade fails

I am unable to upgrade 16.04LTS. GUI upgrade does nothing at all but Terminal commands are fine until this step:

$ sudo do-release-upgrade

“Checking for a new Ubuntu release
Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading”.

Have updated and tried this several times without success.
I know it is now past the EOL date but is there a way to still upgrade to the next LTS version?

c# – Dúvida com relação a UPDATES com JOIN no Entity Framework

Tenho o seguinte SQL (que roda perfeitamente no SQL Server) e gostaria de converter para seu equivalente no Entity Framework (dotnet core 5):

   SET A.Valor = A.Valor + B.OutroValor
  FROM TabelaA A INNER JOIN TabelaB B ON (B.CampoQualquer = 1 AND B.Codigo = A.Codigo)

Tem algum jeito de fazer isso sem recorrer a foreach, while, etc?

android 11 – How to disable forced system OTA updates (TMobile)

I have not rooted my brand new OnePlus9 Pro (T-Mobile) but was wondering if anyone has ideas how to disable system updates from installing. I caved in and accepted the first one, because it’s basically forcing me to or else – but wondering if anyone had ideas. I enabled developer options but the only option it has is “disable automatic system updates on reboot” – it doesn’t allow me to completely disable system updates.

Had the update OTA’d to me today.

“If you choose not to do so now, this update will take place AUTOMATICALLY between 2AM and 4AM starting May 4th, 2021. Data rates may apply.”

windows server 2012 r2 – DHCP DDNS Updates to secondary DNS sever

I am trying to configure DDNS updates from the ISC DHCP server to the zone that is hosted on the windows server, in the dhcpd.conf I have zone section a below

It is working fine as expected for the primary DNS server but I have noticed that DHCP is not sending any DDNS updates to the secondary DNS server( of the zone when the primary is down for some reason, is this the expected behavior?

Getting below error
Unable to add forward map from to NOTIMP
where is the client IP offered by the DHCP server

I tried checking the tcpdump from my dhcp server, I can see the traffic to the secondary DNS server but the zone is not getting any update, Please guide me if need to add any configuration line in dhcpd.conf to support sending the DDNS updates for secondary server also or any setting to be configured on the windows secondary server

Does anyone have any idea/experience of DDNS flow when the primary DNS server is down

Thanks in Advance

Design for Maintaining changes over time which supports arbitrary updates in different time points

I have a collection of documents, which hold a subject id, a timestamp and a value. For example:

{ sid: 1, t: 3, v: "A" }    
{ sid: 1, t: 5, v: "B" }

Which means subject#1 is measured to have value A at t=3. Later, at t=5, value changed to “B”. Only when a value is changed, a new document is inserted.

Periodically I receive another set of documents containing various subjects and values at different times (t). Then I need to merge this new information to the existing data. Let’s say I receive:

{ sid: 1, t: 2, v: "A" }
{ sid: 1, t: 6, v: "B" }    
{ sid: 2, t: 5, v: "C" }

Not every document in this new set gives me useful information. To explain:

  1. First one is useful because it lets me know a change had happened earlier than I thought, so I should use it. I’m trying to detect changes as early as possible:

  2. Second one is not useful because I already knew the value change from “A” to “B” happened at t=5, earlier than the new info.

  3. Third one is useful because I didn’t have any info about subject#2 before.

So after the merge result should be:

{ sid: 1, t: 2, v: "A" }
{ sid: 1, t: 5, v: "B" }    
{ sid: 2, t: 5, v: "C" }

The new information arrives as a stream, about 2-3k docs/second. I can process it as a stream or in batches 15 minutes wide = 2.5M docs. Existing changes-data collection has hundred millions of docs.

New arriving data is not ordered in time, it can contain timestamps earlier or later than the existing data.

Easiest way that comes the mind is to query existing collection for every incoming document and see if a useful change had happened, but it would mean thousands of queries per second to the datastore (Solr).

Another way is to somehow detect which set of documents might potentially be affected by the new data and load it in one shot, revise it and write it back in one go. I couldn’t figure out how can I determine those documents though.**

I tried to ask the question independent of any particular technology because I thought this design problem is independent from the tech stack too, but the changes data will be stored in Solr and I can run the aggregations in Spark. Another tech stack suggestions are welcome too if they can solve this problem.

Do you have a design suggestion to this problem, or an answer to my starred ** question?

Links lists updates are not getting picked by GSA

Hello, I’ve subscribed to one of the verified list providers and they sync files via Dropbox. And I have the issue that GSA cant catch up with the updated files automatically. I have to manual via context menu trigger a new import from global site list – then it starts to push them. But I assume that this should be automatically after the DP sync appeared. 

Did anyone face such an issue? 

updates – If I buy the cheapest possible Android smartphone today, how long can I keep it without having to buy a new one?

I’m forced to get a “smartphone”, even though I want nothing to do with them, simply to be able to use as a “digital identification” thing and similar things for companies that refuse to provide a website — only an “app”. So I’m trying to find the cheapest possible one.

There appears to be only two “kinds”: iPhone (ridiculously expensive beyond words) and Android (less expensive, but infested with Google). Since I don’t actually want to use them for their intended purpose, and will only power it on briefly when forced to, I’m going to have to pick an Android one.

The cheapest one I can find where I live is $189. A bit more than I expected. Could’ve sworn they sold sub-$100 ones not long ago. Either way, what I’m wondering is if they are going to make me keep buying new ones every few years, or if I can just perpetually update that one with new versions of the “Android” OS? Or do new versions eventually require newer phone hardware and refuse to install, leaving me with a rotting brick which eventually stops working?

I have a feeling that these things are made to become obsolete rather quickly. Is that feeling correct?