applications – How can I solve TikTok not responding when selecting video to upload?

I’m having this TikTok problem. My smartphone is a Huawei GR5. Model number: Huawei KII-L23. Android version: 5.1.1.

TikTok is not responding when I select a video from the video gallery on my phone. When I click on the video I want to upload TikTok does nothing and stays like that for minutes. Then, a messages pops up saying “Do you want to close the app? or Do you want to wait?”

What I have tried is deleting the cache, deleting the app data and restarting the phone. Also I have uninstalled TikTok and reinstalled it again. But that have not worked out.

What can I do? Thanks a lot.

CMIS upload large file to SharePoint

I have problem with integration BPM (Business Automation Workflow) with SharePoint 2013. I created configuration on base this instruction
I have problem with uploading a document file bigger than 50 MB from BPM to SharePoint List. The upload is using CMIS.
I don’t know where to look for the configuration parameter for this file size limit for upload.

what I already did is:

  • extend the max file upload on CA for this web application,
  • set on CA for this web application ‘web page security Validation’ on Never (in this link there is a screen how to set it)
  • extend timeout on IIS

After changing those configuration settings to extend the upload file settings I checked and I am able to upload a bigger file than 50 MB via SharePoint UI and CSOM. It seems the problem is when the upload is done via CMIS

Any ideas ?
Thank for any help 🙂

Is there an extension or way to automatically upload pasted images in READMEs to your own GitHub repo? (Or, why would it be difficult to make?)

How can I easily paste images into textboxes in GitHub’s web interface so that they automatically upload to a configured directory in my repo?

Stack Exchange for example uploads to Imgur (today, at least) on pasting in its question or answer textboxes. I don’t want to upload to a third-party service though, I want to keep the files in my own repo. But keeping a separate tab open to upload images then copy-pasting the filepath and markdown kind of breaks my flow when I’m writing a long README with lots of screenshots.

The workflow I imagine is something like:

  1. Configure an extension for a relative path in the repo to upload images to, e.g. /images.
  2. Paste an image right into the new file (or edit file) textbox.
  3. Extension detects an image paste and uploads to the configured path in the repo, using some timestamp-based naming scheme, e.g. 20200712-02:36:12.345678.png. (This has already been demonstrated to work by Stack Exchange.)
  4. And inserts the markdown for that image for me.

sharepoint server – unable to upload Password protected files(Word, Excel) to the SP2013 Doc lib

Have you tried removing the password protection, upload file, then reinstate password protection?

Although with Sharepoint, assuming it’s managed correctly(!), you can remove the need for password protection on individual files. Instead the protection is managed through the use of Sharepoint Groups.

If only one user is allowed access to a group of files. Make a new document library and customise the permissions for that document library. This will involve ‘breaking the inheritance’ for that document library; you can then customise it – i.e. remove the standard user groups that can normally access other document libraries on that site.

Further reading

Link1 – Sharepoint Maven, one of my favourite blogs.

Link2 – same site

Link3 – Bobby Chang, Permissions Worst Practises.

Link4 – Microsoft, Understanding Permissions Levels in Sharepoint.

Link 5 – Microsoft, detailed break-down of out-of-the-box Permissions groups. Useful as a resource for when you are having doubts about what a ‘read only’ or ‘read-write’ permission does.

upload – Convert uploaded songs to shareable version in YouTube Music

Due to Google Play Music being sunset, I had to move all of my uploaded music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. One nice feature about YouTube Music is the ability to share playlists with others. However, I realized that shared playlists do not show uploaded music in them when shared with others. They only show to the creator of the playlist.

Is there a way to automatically convert uploaded songs to a public version of the song that is visible to others? All of my music is properly titled with the correct artists. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any sort of functionality like this built into YouTube Music. A third party solution is acceptable.

app store connect – Upload a new build to a “Ready for sale” version?

I have an app in the Appstore that is 3.4 build 0.0.2 (Ready for Sale), but I found a small bug that I need too push out. It seems silly to update the version to 3.5 just for this small bug that we missed in testing.

Is there anyway that I can remove the 3.4 from sale and simply create a 3.4 build 0.0.3 and submit this for review?

Is this possible?

php – how to upload image directly on subdomain which is hosted on another server?

i am trying to upload my image directly to my subdomain which is hosted on another server
currently i am using this code to upload image in to

$uploadDirectory = "//";

i use this code to upload my image



$uploadDirectory = “//”;

$randomNumber = rand(0, 99999);

$fn = $_FILES(‘image’)(‘tmp_name’);

$size = getimagesize($fn);

$ratio = $size(0)/$size(1); // width/height

$photo_name = $productname.’-‘.md5($randomNumber.$member_id);

if( $ratio > 1) {

$width = 500;

$height = 500/$ratio;


else {

$width = 500*$ratio;

$height = 500;


$src = imagecreatefromstring(file_get_contents($fn));

$dst = imagecreatetruecolor($width,$height);

$fileName3 = $uploadDirectory.$photo_name . ‘-500×500’ . “.jpg”;



imagepng($dst,$fileName3); // adjust format as needed



DVWA file upload background

I’ve just started in penetration testing with metasploitable and currently trying to learn file upload vulnerability present in DVWA module. I know that somehow upload is preventing files other than images to be uploaded but I don’t understand how. I tried to look page source of ‘upload file’ webpage but I don’t see any javascripts working there. Webpage only refers to a script which also doesn’t seem to have any filters for file being uploaded. Can someone please explain what exactly in the html or JavaScript of webpage is working as a filter?