Public Transportation – Where can I find up-to-date online information on what facilities are closed at MTR stations in Hong Kong?

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Public Transport – Where can I find up-to-date information about the early closure of the MTR in Hong Kong?

There are some protests going on in Hong Kong, which led to an earlier closure of the MTR stations (last week at 10pm, this week at 11pm). Where can I find up-to-date information about the early closing of the MTR in Hong Kong and what does that mean exactly (what happens if I drive the MTR during the closure?)?

Yet contains the following information: The early closure is not mentioned (for example, see the figure below):

Enter image description here

Interaction Design – Does anyone use Baymard Institute Premium? Do you provide reliable and up-to-date information?

I am trying to decide if I would like to purchase premium access to Baymard Institute Premium or a volume (essentially an e-book) from the Nielsen Norman Group.

I love how interactive the premium service of Baymard is, and I think I can point that out because I work much easier than an e-book. The UX of your UX information is better than that of an e-book. 🙂
However, I'm not sure if the best practices are reliable and up-to-date.

Can someone talk about it? Thank you in advance!

Icons – How can the user be informed that the number displayed in a list is incomplete or may not be up-to-date?

Consider this card below:

Enter image description here

It's a map with a list view that shows the total income of the teams. Now most of these teams have sub-teams with them. And often the actual number of one team is missing, pending or known to be wrong. How can I tell a user who views this map for information that some numbers are incorrect or incomplete?

Some solutions and their disadvantages:

Warning symbols next to the number
Enter image description here


  • The icons are used in the app to display important alerts everywhere.
    Some may think that's a big deal. The incompleteness is
    only temporarily

labeling symbol

Enter image description here


It is not really a designated element.

Picture number

Enter image description here

Users can assume that these numbers have more weight than the others. This could distort some decisions.

Welcome all suggestions and questions. Many thanks.

node.js – What is a good way to ensure that the local Redux Store in a React Native app is up-to-date with every mutation between devices?

I have a working React Native app that retrieves data from the backend using the Node-created REST API and stores it in the local Redux store. Consider two scenarios for a game application with a leaderboard that illustrates the problem:

  1. Player A was number 1 in the world, but now Player B claimed that title. A's local cache now needs to be updated to show # 2 instead of # 1.
  2. A player plays on the same device on the same device, and each time a device reaches a new high score, the cache needs to be updated on other devices.

For an app, I suppose that simple Firebase would be a viable option. A Firebase-style solution does not fit with my project because the backend logic is a bit more complicated. The current solution is to overhaul data and, in some particularly painful and problematic cases, set an interval for retrieving new data. I am looking for an optimal solution to this problem that minimizes the amount of data going back and forth between frontend and backend and (ideally) maximizes cost efficiency.

What I have in mind is the GraphQL API (which will be developed soon), with a real-time connection that passes status updates to the clients when relevant data is mutated. I am personally new to GraphQL and have only a basic understanding of it. I have not tried the real-time function yet, so maybe I'm missing a few details.

The next problem is, as we can see, if an update is needed on the backend page. One implementation I can imagine is a redis store that maps every data point that can be updated to a list of connected devices that have cached that data. It does not seem like a terrible solution to me, but it's a bit of extra work and a bit of potential to do things wrong. So I can not help wondering if there is an existing solution that can help solve this problem in a simpler way, as this seems to be a naturally occurring problem.

Google was not very helpful, it just shows intro tutorials on React, React Native, Redux and Apollo. Perhaps there is an existing term to describe this problem of which I have no knowledge.


Seems Prisma is exactly what I'm looking for, unfortunately it does not seem to support DynamoDB, which we use as a database.