mg.metric geometry – Solving area and volume of a real life problem! Urgent

mg.metric geometry – Solving area and volume of a real life problem! Urgent – MathOverflow

Urgent: Need a solution after switching from Google Filestream to Google Drive

I was using Google Filestream to work on my laptop for years. I could open documents locally, edit them, save them, etc. And those folders and files would then sync to the cloud. I could open them in real time on my laptop. Today, I didn’t seem to have a choice but to switch to Google Drive. I thought nothing much would change. Now, all my work files are no longer stored locally on my laptop. I have to go into Google Drive via a browser and either download the file I want to work on or try to work with Google apps. This is a complete disaster and I literally cannot work like this.

How can I either undo this change or set up a system as I had before, i.e. I can open a word document (or whatever) locally and work on it locally. Then when I save it, the change is synced to the cloud.

How can I make Google Drive folders and files available offline so that I can work on them via Windows Explorer?

blockchain – My available balance is different then my total balance [ URGENT HELP NEEDED ]

I receive many transactions daily for the past year and i haven’t withdraw any sort of amount for the past year, today i decided to do so and came up with this annoying problem.

As you can see (Photo 1) that’s my current balance of around 0.55 BTC and as soon as i go to the send page it says the same (Photo 2), but when i put the wallet address to sent the BTC to on the bottom left it says my spendable available balance is 0.35 BTC (Photo 3) and that if i press the max button you can see that the fees are of 0.0011 BTC. (Photo 4) and they’re only letting me send 0.35 BTC which doesn’t add up.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

Is it possible that Blockchain hasn’t made all my bitcoin available for me to send?

Do i have to send this transaction first and then i would be able to send the rest?
Which should be 0.22 BTC (missing but shown on my total balance)

Tried contacting support they keep saying its fees which is not the case i can cover my fees like 10 times lol its just there’s a problem somewhere in my wallet or on the app/server.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

magento2 – Magento 2 : URGENT – Getting same product in resolver

I am using graphql mutation

mutation {
    cartId: "KlV2AfyAkbn19yuXE8EaBmabYqh4DMiX"
    cartItems: ({ quantity: 1, sku: "S359120" })
  ) {
    cart {
      items {
        product {
          custom_category {

As you can see i pass “S359120” sku but in its resolver i get different sku.

    declare (strict_types = 1);
    namespace VendorProductGraphQlModelResolver;
    use VendorSegmentHelperTracking;
    use MagentoFrameworkGraphQlConfigElementField;
    use MagentoFrameworkGraphQlQueryResolverInterface;
    use MagentoFrameworkGraphQlSchemaTypeResolveInfo;
    use MagentoCatalogApiDataProductInterface;
    use MagentoConfigurableProductModelResourceModelProductTypeConfigurable;
    use MagentoCatalogModelProduct;
     * Product attributes (product_category,special_category,doll_category) resolver, used for GraphQL request processing.
    class ProductCustomCategoryResolver implements ResolverInterface
         * @var MagentoConfigurableProductModelResourceModelProductTypeConfigurable
        private $configurableProduct;
         * @var MagentoCatalogModelProduct
        private $product;
         * @var Tracking
        protected $segment_helper;
         * @param DollsKillSegmentHelperTracking $segment_helper
        public function __construct(
            Tracking $segment_helper,
            Configurable $configurableProduct,
            Product $product
            $this->segment_helper = $segment_helper;
            $this->configurableProduct = $configurableProduct;
            $this->product             = $product;
         * @inheritdoc
        public function resolve(Field $field, $context, ResolveInfo $info, array $value = null, array $args = null)
            $product = $value('model');
            echo $product->getSku(); //getting same sku on every graphql mutation call

database – URGENT: Is there any way to retrieve credit card information from sales_flat_quote_payment SET cc_number_enc on Mageno 1.9.4?

I was following the steps here:

How to purge (delete) credit card numbers stored on Magento

and I’ve done the first paragraph of commands:

UPDATE sales_flat_order_payment SET cc_number_enc=NULL;
UPDATE sales_flat_order_payment SET cc_type=NULL;
UPDATE sales_flat_order_payment SET cc_last4=NULL;
UPDATE sales_flat_order_payment SET cc_owner=NULL;
UPDATE sales_flat_order_payment SET cc_exp_month=NULL;
UPDATE sales_flat_order_payment SET cc_exp_year=NULL;

In between time, someone placed an order and I deleted it by doing the above. I understand this information might also be stored in:

sales_flat_quote_payment SET cc_number_enc

Since I haven’t deleted that yet, is there any way to restore the CC information from there preferably just for that one order?

transactions – Urgent! I sent my bitcoins from one wallet to another wallet. But the receiving wallet still display 0 in balance

I have sent some bitcoins from to the crypto app wallet, yesterday. But, the app still shows 0 bitcoin balance. I checked the receiving address on the block explorer and it showed that the transitions were successful. Today, I checked again. It strangely shows that the bitcoins send to an unknown address. So, could anyone please help to understand what’s going on? Can I get my bitcoins back?

enter image description here

As you can see, 18deMYeiAe45x3fqbzhN15vafPNuSRYaCM was the sending address and 35qerZ6FLCshwCLwqv8JzgoLr9YDfCMquh was the receiving message. But there is another transaction which I have no idea about. Why does my bitcoin fund sent to an unknown address?

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