Optimize your URL for search engine

How to do it?

If possible, include keyword in URL but don’t stuff unnecessarily. It should make sense.
Make it short as possible. It is said, 50 to 60 characters is good. If it crosses more than 100, probably you should re-write it again.
It would be good if your page title and URL matches but in doing so, don’t write unclear URL’s.


API ASP.Web Core – Como alterar base de dados de acordo com a url solicitada

Até certo momento estavamos usando uma única base de dados para o sistema.

Mas conforme o andamento do projetos, foi necessário criar um ambiente de teste e um de produção.
Para isso, dupliquei o projeto da api na solução e separei em homologação (porta 8443) e produção (porta 443).

Porem, por conta da quantidade de setores e a necessidade de cada um validar os seus dados migrados, surgiu a necessidade de criar outros ambientes de homologação da aplicação e com bases diferente.

Mas para mim, parece que duplicar a api para cada é errado.
Dito isso, como alterar essa string em tempo de execução de acordo com a url? Considerando boas práticas.

No momento tenho:

Meu resultado esperado é:

sharepoint online – Search Results page – change URL and redirect

SharePoint Online/Office 365 – Classic

Is there a way to modify the URLs of the search results? The URLs are all pointing to ‘DispForm.aspx‘ but I need to redirect this and/or change the URL to something else.

For example, in the following search results, if someone clicks the name (1) — it should be redirected to another. Same with the URL displayed at the bottom (2)– it should be replaced with the new URL.
enter image description here

All Path from this list:


Should be replaced/redirected to a custom page, which uses REST API to pull the data from the appropriate list based on the Id param:


The ?Id= on each should remain the same:



I found another post but it was 4 years ago. Before I go through the suggested solution, I just want to see if there are any current methods.

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url redirection – Text message clickbait attack from g4svc.info

Recently I received a text message like this:

“xxx, we’re trying to get a hold of you about your Costco receipt
UUIB-LPZ. Please claim your overcharge reimbursement here

Apparently it’s a scam, but I just want to dig deeper to see what kind of attack it is. Is it just a clickbait? Or maybe it contains some JavaScript that executes instantly when I clicked on the link?

However, when I try to access it again from my laptop to analyze the source code, this link is no longer valid. It’s not like that I want to attack this server, but I really want to understand how this kind of server’s architecture works, and what kind of attack this is.

My guess is that this server keeps generating random mapping path and send to victims, whenever a URL is clicked, the server will redirect the user to the actual clickbait page, and clean up the original URL so most of the time it won’t be recorded and reported.

url rewriting – 404 Rest Route not found – when serving behind “proxy”

To avoid CORS and speed up my static site, I have made a “proxy” from my static site.

Basically, I can make a request to: staticsite.com/wp-json/some-endpoint and it fetch and return the response from mywordpresssite.com/wp-json/some-endpoint (pretty cool if you ask me). It works fine for almost all my endpoints, however, I have just discovered that it doesn’t work with this package: https://github.com/CalderaWP/searchwp-api-route

When I go to: staticsite.com/wp-json/swp_api/search?s=query it correctly returns the data from mywordpresssite.com/wp-json/swp_api/search?s=query,however it returns "No route was found matching the URL and request method".

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, or what I could do to avoid this issue. It seems specific to this plugin somehow, since all the other endpoints work fine.

If I visit the endpoint directly from mywordpressiste.com it works fine.

User.service which pass array to URL (Angular 9)

I’m new to Angular, and have a lot of habits from old JS functions, recently have written this service where get an Array of ids and then pass it in URL in form .../api/users/?page=0&locationIds=1&locationIds=2 and want to know is it correct way for Angular 9 or can I somehow make it looks better (like this for (const paramKey of httpParams(key)) {})? Would be grateful for any advice!

interface Count {
  count: number;

@Injectable() export class UsersService {

  private url = 'api/users';

  constructor(private http: HttpClient) { }

  update(user: User): Observable<User()> {
    return this.http.put<User()>(`${this.url}/${user.id}`, user, httpOptions);

  get(page: number, httpParams: FilterParams): Observable<User()> {
    let params = new HttpParams().set('page', page.toString());
    Object.keys(httpParams).forEach((key) => {
      for (const paramKey of httpParams(key)) {
        params = params.append(key, paramKey);
    return this.http.get<User()>(this.url, { params });

  getCount(httpParams: FilterParams): Observable<number> {
    let params = new HttpParams();
    Object.keys(httpParams).forEach((key) => {
      for (const paramKey of httpParams(key)) {
        params = params.append(key, paramKey);
    return this.http.get<Count>(`${this.url}/count`, { params }).pipe(map((countObject: Count) => countObject.count));

  delete(user: User, httpParams: FilterParams) {
    return this.http.delete<User()>(`${this.url}/${candidate.id}`);

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