usb – Transfering lot of images from device to windows

Hello Android Community.

I need to transfer something like 15.000 images from the internal memory of my Redmi Note 7 (Android 10) to my PC (Windows 10 46 bit).

I’m trying to transfer these using the (stock) USB cable, the problem is that it seems just impossible to complete the process as I ‘m having (in order):

  1. File not found error.
  2. Path not avaiable errors.
  3. Device not responding.
  4. Explorer.exe freezes.
  5. Other random errors.

My question is if there is another and less painful way to transfer these data (maybe using a linux virtual machine?).

I tried using even google drive but it does not show my photos even if they are under backup with google photo (maybe i’ll post a question about it).

Thank you.

usb on the go – Why does otg mount take long time on some mobiles? Can it be sped up?

I have an external 500GB SSD drive. I connected it to android devices via otg cable.

It works fine. Once it’s mounted, it’s pretty fast.

The only problem is the mounting time. At some devices, the mounting time is fast and about 6 seconds. This is fine to me. But at some devices, the mounting time will take up to 50 seconds. They are all running Android 10 with different models and brands.

I am wondering why the moutning times are so different among devices and is that possible to speed up the speed on the slow devices (without root).

Thank you very much.

usb – MacOS Bug Sur can format drive but can’t mount it

I have an USB-stick and I can format the Stick but when I try to mount it following error occurs:The error code

The error is on german, it means “Mounting of “Ohne Titel” has failed. ( -Error -119930873)”

I can’t find any solutions online and don’t know what to do.

There are no data on this stick so I can easily format it.

clonezilla – Copying Ubuntu partition to bootable USB

I have a computer in dual boot configuration (Windows & Linux). I would like to clone only the Linux partition to USB and make it bootable in another computer. Can this be done? I tried to use Clonezilla to clone the linux partition to USB, but it looks like that did not make it bootable. Is there a possibility of doing it without cloning the entire drive?

malware – Check USB mouse for malicious code

When I first used this mouse and keyboard, my PC died shortly after. Today I used it and it somehow corrupted my Linux.

I once put a clean Linux on a laptop and plugged this mouse in and left it, several times the laptop came out of sleep without being touched.

I have suspicions that it’s effectively a “rubberducky” and delivering a payload.

Is there a way to determine the risk? Can I install hard or soft USB monitoring?

Here’s a link to the mouse.

system installation – Why does my freshly created on Windows bootable ubuntu USB stick not boot?

Feeling very frustrated after much effort failing to get a freshly (created on Windows) bootable ubuntu USB stick to boot. I hope you can help. I am new to ubuntu. I did install it once a long time ago on a USB stick on an old machine and had no problem that time. Then I did not use it. Now I am trying years later, to install ubuntu on a USB stick for the second time. At this early stage in my experience I prefer to have ubuntu installed on USB stick rather than disk.

This is a brand new (to me) Acer Aspire 3 laptop. I follow the procedure laid out in Downloaded file ubuntu- and rufus version 3.13.1730.

Tried all the permutations I could see of the settings rufus offered to make a bootable USB. There was no suggestion of error during that process. Each attempt appeared to have built a healthy USB with a meaningful population of files, etc. I could see this when I explored the USB file folders in Windows. When I restart the pc to boot from USB, it hangs somewhere during the loading process. The pattern of failure is the same in each case. Here is the scenario…

For each option set with (or without) secure boot disabled,
with USB drive as #1 in order for boot device,
with a freshly created bootable USB stick in USB 3.0 drive,
I click to Restart (or power on)

(I numbered the steps here to show sequence)

Screen says …
(1) “restarting” (if I clicked Restart)
(2) black screen
(3) “acer” logo
(4) black screen
(5) “GNU GRUB version 2.04” (and a menu of GRUB startup options)
(6) black screen
(7) “acer” logo and “ubuntu” logo
(8) ubuntu says “checking disks” (I let the disk check complete)
(9) ubuntu says “no errors found”
(10) the ubuntu spinner icon spins for about 43 seconds and then stops spinning
(11) (we seem to be hung at this point)
(12) while the spinner was active, the cpu fan was working (suggesting something was happening)
(13) a couple seconds after the spinner stopped, the cpu fan also stopped
(14) the screen is not black, it still has the frozen spinner icon
(15) wait a LONG time, just in case it comes to life, but it does not
(16) we are hung, get no response to Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Alt-Del or any other key
(17) only option now is to power off, remove USB stick, power on
(18) normal Windows restart

I looked at the options on the GNU Grub start menu. “c” and “e” seem to show some stuff that I could try, if only I knew what the parameter names mean. Is there something like a trace or debug option to give more info while the spinner is spinning? That would be great, but probably asking too much. At the Grub> prompt I can hit Esc to jump back to the menu and move forward to hang as before, or I can type exit and the screen will clear. What happens next depends… if I have secure boot enabled i will see a fancy logo with “Security Boot Fail” and if I recall correctly I can then use Ctrl-Alt-Del to go for another restart. When secure boot is disabled, Grub>exit takes me to a normal windows boot from disk.

These are the option sets I tried in Rufus to create the bootable USB:

  1. “MBR”, “BIOS or UEFI”, “FAT32”
  2. “GPT”, “UEFI (non CSM)”, “FAT32”
  3. “GPT”, “UEFI (non CSM)”, “NTFS”
    These were written as ISO file or as DD image.
    Exact same result every time.

With set 3. “GPT”, “UEFI (non CSM)”, “NTFS” rufus warned “you must disable secure boot”. None of the other permutations said that. I disabled secure boot in UEFI firmware settings but it made no difference.

Help please?

adb – How to enable USB debugging from TWRP recovery

I have a android device with dead screen. I have installed TWRP recovery for adb interactions while in recovery. I have lineage os 16.0 (Android 9) on my device. I want to access the device screen via using scrcpy. But I don’t have developer mode enabled meaning USB debugging is not enabled.

How do I enable USB debugging while in TWRP recovery?

Host device will be windows PC with ADB installed.

I have seen some online guide as in how to push RSA key. from It says I should use

cd ~/.android then
adb push /data/misc/adb/adb_keys

Is this still applied in Android 9 or lineage os 16.0? Since thi guide is little dated.

usb – Boot Linux from stick in Termux

This question explains in detail why it’s basically impossible to boot Linux from a USB stick.

But I am still wondering: is it possible to load and “boot” a stick-bound Linux distro from a USB stick using the Termux terminal app? It can already access files from sticks and run other distros like Arch, so I’d imagine it to be quite possible.

I’m open about the specifics. I’ll take whatever distro works.

The idea is to setup a stick-bound persistent Linux instance for specific tasks. I want to run this Linux both on PC and android through the same USB-Stick, although I’d settle for an android-only solution at this point.

password – Is there any way to copy files off onto a USB thumbdrive without sudo or GUI access?

Is there a way for me to copy some files in a user account I have access too off to a USB thumb drive or other method without root privileges? I also don’t have access to a GUI.

I had set up a a couple of game servers on a spare PC using LGSM on Ubuntu LTS. I’m fairly new to Linux, and LGSM had me set up non-root user accounts for each game server I was hosting. Problem is I’ve now forgotten the password to my root user account, since I was only logging into the game server accounts for a couple months. Now I’m looking at having to reinstall Ubuntu, with no way to get copies of the game server backup files off the machine before formatting. (Since it seems like I need to have root privileges to be able to mount a USB drive.)

To make matters worse, while I was originally setting up the server I somehow managed to disable the display for the monitor that’s physically connected to the PC. I intended to remote desktop and whatever tutorial I followed changed something about the display settings so that when the GUI loaded, it wouldn’t show on the physically connected monitor, but instead show up for the remote connection.

I’ve tried resetting the root user account password, too, via GRUB as described in tutorials I’ve found, and although I get the “password change accepted” results as in the tutorials, when I try to log in after rebooting the passwords aren’t accepted.

I just need to copy/move the server backup files off the computer so they can be imported again after reinstalling, but I don’t know if it’s possible since I forgot the root password.