itunes – why Music app in Catalina doesn’t play music in usb connected iPod Touch 6th

I have a MacBook Pro 2016 with Mac OS Catalina, however when I used Mac OS High Sierra, I could play the music in my iPod Touch 6th (usb connected) in iTunes, but now, in Catalina, Music App show me my iPod connected to my MBP, list the music inside iPod, but Music app doesn’t able to play it,Music app shows the music contained in my iPod Touch

I can sync new music in my iPod and play it directly in iPod, even my iPhone, but Why I can’t play it in Catalina Music App?

thanks to all

usb storage – What is USB Flash Drive Read Speed?

I used to know that copying data from a USB Flash Drive to another drive refers to Read Speed. But when I googled for it now, I’ve came across many web sites that says the Read Speed is how long it takes to “Open” a file from that USB Drive! Which I do not understand at all. Do they refer to the time from clicking a file to get it displayed on the screen? What does mean when the USB Drive has a 60MB read speed? I wish someone could tell me what exactly a read speed is with examples.

How can I access the usb of my device from inside a Lil’Debi chroot?

I am attempting to run adb from a Lil’Debi chroot enviroment. Unfortunately, I keep getting no devices in attached device list. The enviroment created by Lil’Debi links some system folders but does not link /dev; I expect because Android /dev and Linux /dev are not fully compatible. I’m not even sure if this is a requirement for accessing the usb but I have read that since Lil’Debi chroot runs with full root priveleges that I am supposed to be able to access all the devices.

hard drive – What is the most compatible USB Hub for late 2015 iMac 27″ 5k?

Last year I got an Apanage 10 port hub that charges and connects devices (scanner, dvd drive, etc.) via USB only – no power adapter. Recently two external hard drives suddenly started to die. One of which was only a few months old. I no longer connect my externals/flash drives to the hub but constantly run out of space for USB devices. Plus it’s a hassle to access the back of the computers. I’m a photographer, video editor, and digital archivist. During most projects I need more than four USB ports. Transfers of large files (100-250 GB) between my two iMacs is cumbersome without a reliable hub.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

system installation – No “Install Ubuntu” option when booting from USB drive

I decided to install Ubuntu on my laptop alongside Windows 10. I downloaded the Ubuntu 20.04 iso file from the official Ubuntu website. I formatted my USB from NTFS to FAT32 and used Rufus 3.12 to make a bootable USB drive with the Ubuntu .iso file that I had downloaded.

After getting into the BIOS I selected the boot from USB in the boot menu, but I didn’t get any “Install Ubuntu” option. It seemed to me as if Ubuntu has already been installed, but it hasn’t. I also tried Universal USB Installer 19.9.5 instead of Rufus, but the result was same.

This is the screen what happened after i had chosen booting from USB in the boot menu.

This is the screen what happened after I had chosen booting from USB in Boot Menu

These are the errors I got after choosing the first “Ubuntu” option.

These are the errors I got after choosing the first "Ubuntu" option

root access – Tethering Android Vpn to PC Using Usb Tethering

I have a spare rooted mediatek device running Android 5.1.1. I was googling on how to tether android vpn using usb tethering. If this was wifi, this would’ve been possible with apps like wifi vpn tethering, however, since its based on usb tethering, I’m thinking how I can achieve this. I came across this post which relates to router. I am familiar with iptables, but can’t figure out where to make the changes to the rules to make it go through usb. Now, the iptables rules mentioned in the link above is;

# Copy into /data/local/
iptables -t filter -F FORWARD
iptables -t nat -F POSTROUTING
iptables -t filter -I FORWARD -j ACCEPT
iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE

ip rule add from lookup 61
ip rule add from lookup 61
ip route add default dev tun0 scope link table 61

ip route add dev wlan0 scope link table 61
ip route add dev wlan0 scope link table 61
ip route add broadcast dev wlan0 scope link table 61
ip route add dev tun0 table 61

My guess is to make changes to the wlan0 part, but I’m just blindly guessing here. Any help would be appreciated. (:

Make Windows 10 bootable USB in Kubuntu 20.04

I have been trying to make bootable USB drive to install windows 10 but nothing works.
Applications I have used till now:

  1. unetbootin – It give error while booting “automatic boot selection in 10 seconds” but it never boots. Loops on the 10 second, it seems its a known issue.
  2. mkusb – it worked with windows 8.1 drive but it asked for missing driver in installation media and after it was made bootable USB drive was not detected by file explorer, so can’t place driver in it. Tried with windows 10, it resulted in error while booting “operating system not found in USB drive”.
  3. etcher – it gives error “operating system not found in USB drive”
  4. dd command line – It copies and pastes the ISO content to USB, gave same error as etcher.
  5. Rufus in windows system – it gives error, “ERROR: BIOS/LEGACY BOOT OF UEFI-ONLY MEDIA” and suggest to either change the boot mode in BIOS or format drive as MBR and copy content to USB drive.
    I Tried looking for the boot option in BIOS but its not there. I have tried formatting drive as MBR partition and pasted ISO content to USB drive tried booting from USB, still same error as before “ERROR: BIOS/LEGACY BOOT OF UEFI-ONLY MEDIA”

I am using Dell Studio 1555, it was running windows 7 from beginning, updated to windows 10 through automatic update and replaced it with Kubuntu 20.04 recently.
Now I wanna go back but it seems its difficult to go back to windows once you leave.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

2.2 froyo – How to debug when the USB is set to “CHARGING ONLY” mode

Device: Nokia 2.2
Carrier: Airtel
Android version: 10
Root status: Never rooted

I’ve set a PIN lock to my phone and forgot the password.. luckily I’ve turned on the USB debugging mode earlier but I didn’t set the USB behaviour to PTP or MTP, It’s still in the charging only mode. The phone’s not allowing to change the USB behaviour to PTP unless I unlock my phone which I literally cannot do.

Is there anyway to change the USB behaviour to PTP, so that I can use ADB to recover call lists and app data from my phone?