ANNOUNCEMENT – Help Proxies-free Recover 5000 USDT ( | Proxies-free

Hi BMFers,

Just don’t ask… I’m stoopid… It happens to everyone. ?

Long story short I managed to lose the Blockchain wallet secret phrase and on the blockchain wallet, there was about $5000 worth of USDT at that time. (funds put aside for company bad days).

I waited for a reply from support and they did answer on Twitter and unfortunately, they cannot help me because they don’t have “forgot blockchain password” feature.

The last chance to recover the funds would be with the help of team that can recover significant funds of USDT as you can see here. And read somewhere the amount must be greater than $1000 and it is. These funds would be enough to cover company basic expenses for 2-3 months.

Please comment/Tweet/ReTweet this post

Hope to catch attention from Tether team and help us out, the original USDT sender also said he will help me out verify ownership of the address.

BMF Team

omni – USDT ERC20 send to BTC wallet

I made a big mistake sending USDT from Binances to Coinlist.
Instead of putting my ERC20 address I put my BTC address from Coinlist.
After several tickets to Coinlist support they answer me:

Thank you for contacting CoinList. I apologise for such a delay in response.
Upon checking your tickets it appears you have made two transactions to CoinList via the Omni chain.
I apologise for the situation but unfortunately these have not arrived to your account because you have deposited the funds to an address CoinList does not own. We currently do not have Omni support.
BTC deposits are to be made via the Bitcoin network and USDT deposits via the ERC20 network.

They say I made two transactions via Omni chain. I only made one and received only 0.0000054 BTC

Could you please help me?

Best regards

❕NEWS – USDC stable coin is doing better than USDT Tether | Proxies-free

The use of stable coin has become extremely important especially since there is so much volatility in the market at the moment that many are trying to secure their funds. However in a recent turn of events it seems the USDC coin is starting to dominate the stable coin side of the cryptocurrency market even more so than USDT.

According to a report that was released yesterday it seems that the USDC volume that has been traded on exchanges has increased by over 112% in the first month of 2021 alone. As a result of this increasing its volume the physical or cash value that has increased was 431 million dollars. This is more so than the USDT coin.

Do you think that we may be seeing a new stable coin that will dominate the market in the future?


I accidentally sent my binance usdt to my abra’s btc address.
I’ve tried to the bip39 tool to recover my private keys (I have abra’s wallet seed)
But the problem is bip39 tool doesn’t show my bitcoin address
I’ve heard that abra uses custom derivation path.
I’ve contacted the abra team but no responce
This is the tix id:

transactions – Send usdt in tron network with api

I succeeded to send TRX in my spring boot java app like the link below:

I’m using wallet-cli package from link below:

Now I want to transfer USDT in tron network with apis in JAVA. This is the part of code that I find from wallet-cli sample codes. transferAssetDemo() method :

String privateStr = "---";
        byte() privateBytes = ByteArray.fromHexString(privateStr);
        ECKey ecKey = ECKey.fromPrivate(privateBytes);
        byte() owner = ecKey.getAddress();
        byte() to = WalletApi.decodeFromBase58Check("----");
        String tokenId = "1002968"; b =;
        byte() assetId = b.toByteArray();
        long amount = 1L;
        TransferAssetContract contract = createTransferAssetContract(to, assetId, owner, amount);
        if (rpcVersion == 2) {
            TransactionExtention transactionExtention = rpcCli.createTransferAssetTransaction2(contract);
            return processTransactionExtentionMe(transactionExtention, privateBytes);
        } else {
            Transaction transaction = rpcCli.createTransferAssetTransaction(contract);
            return processTransaction(transaction);

But line below

TransactionExtention transactionExtention = rpcCli.createTransferAssetTransaction2(contract);

returns an error :

message: "contract validate error : Owner has no asset!"

I should notice that my owner address has some USDT balance in tron network.
Can you help me what is wrong?

Thanks in advance

blockchain – How do I instantly exchange BTC to Stablecoin (USDT) as soon as deposits arrive in a wallet without uphold?

I am working on a project which will accept payment in bitcoin. The project involves several vendors.
In the flow, There will be a payment hold which means Vendor payouts will occur monthly.

As a fact, In this period BTC Price can change massively because of its volatility [Not to mention the store will accept BTC in a relative fiat value from consumers]

What I found so far
If I accept payments through BTCPay server, I can setup payment forwarding to uphold where it will instantly store them as a stablecoin [1.65% conversion fee] and later on a payout date [3$ Flat withdrawal fee] also it requires KYC

Trade bots can be used but it will depend on exchanges and that’s not secure either.

Any suggestions?