api – Google Error OAuth – The "Product name for user" field does not exist

I decided to use Google services to add a "login with Google" button on my application's sign-in page. However, I have the following error message:
In credentials, I include the fields "Application Name" and "Email for Support" in the consent form, and click "Save". However, I get the following error:

"We found a problem with the Product Name field that appears to users, make sure that it describes your particular product, and avoid using names that indicate that the product is from Google or any other product other companies. "

The big problem is that this "product name displayed to user" field just does not exist!

ntfs-3g.usermap fails on 16.04 with "You have not defined a user"

The ntfs-3g.usermap Command does not seem to work for me on an NTFS disk:

$ lsblk -no name, ftype | grep sdb1
└─sdb1 ntfs
$ umount / dev / sdb1
$ mount | grep sdb1
$ sudo ntfs-3g.usermap / dev / sdb1

This tool helps you create an association of Windows users
for Linux users.
Be prepared to specify Linux user ID (uid) and group id (gid).
for owners of files that are selected.
"/ dev / sdb1" has been opened

* Scan "/ dev / sdb1" (two levels)
* Search for "Documents and Settings" and "Users"
* Search for other directories /

in the register "/"
Autorun.inf file has no associated group
Which Linux login should this file come from?
Enter the login ID or simply press enter when this file is displayed
does not belong to a user or you do not know to whom

"/ dev / sdb1" has been closed

You have not defined a user, no mapping can be created

$ ls UserMap *
ls: can not access & # 39; UserMap * & # 39; Access: No such file or directory

The result is the same, no matter if I'm pushing for the Group: or enter a specific username followed by ,

What can I do? I do not even know why it fails. Can I find a more detailed error message somewhere?