Digital Signature – How can I tell if a coded binary file is signed with an Extended Validation (EV) certificate?

I can not seem to find an answer to this seemingly simple question. Say on Windows if I have a binary file:

Enter image description here

How can I tell if it has been signed with an Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificate?

Say, the above file is one Windows driver On a 64-bit Windows 10, there must be an EV signature to load. So I can not seem to find anything in its properties, suggesting that it's an EV:

Enter image description here

And since the operating system can clearly see the difference between EV and OV certificates, how does it know that?

To drag values ​​from another dynamic data validation sheet

Try this in 'Main Sheet'!B6:

=query(transpose(query('Value Reference'!A1:AJ7,"Select * where A = '"&'Main Sheet'!B4&"'",-1)),"SELECT Col2 where Col1 = '"&'Main Sheet'!B5&"'",0)

2nd solution :

    =QUERY(TRANSPOSE('Value Reference'!B1:AJ7),
    "SELECT Col"&filter(ArrayFormula(IF('Main sheet'!B4='Value Reference'!A2:A7,ROW('Value Reference'!A2:A7),)),
ArrayFormula(IF('Main sheet'!B4='Value Reference'!A2:A7,ROW('Value Reference'!A2:A7),))<>"")
    &" WHERE Col1 = '"&'Main Sheet'!B5&"'")

Using a Query is a good idea.
First the area: We use Transpose so we can use Col1 for example, as a reference A Type of selection.

The SQL is simple: select the column with the corresponding city (Vancouver)Then find the line with the appropriate area (1001 - 2000)

The hard part is to find the appropriate line in Value Reference of B5 Cell in the Main Sheet,

I've used this ugly formula that returns 2,3,4 etc depending on the value in 'Main sheet'!B4:

ArrayFormula(IF('Main sheet'!B4='Value Reference'!A2:A7,ROW('Value Reference'!A2:A7),)),
ArrayFormula(IF('Main sheet'!B4='Value Reference'!A2:A7,ROW('Value Reference'!A2:A7),))<>"")   

Surely you can find another way to do this, but this is the fast and dirty way.

The second part of the formula is pretty much the same and tries to select the only row where one is (1001 - 2000) in the Col1, (Remember, we transposed the original area).

Magento2 backend – SQL query of the product hangs or validation errors can not be saved

There was a problem recently in our Magento 2.3.1 store.

When trying to save a product in the backend, the loading screen runs forever (or until the SQL server gives up). It comes with a "wrong" validation when the validation is performed. But no error popup. Not sure if this is a validation error or a database error.

I need help to debug the validation function and see if there is something there. I spent a couple of hours browsing the files, but I think it will be much longer before I figure out how to properly debug all the attributes. I do not see where the validation function is called as a whole. I have to see a list of all errors that occur.

The SQL code that gets stuck on the server and runs forever, even if I try to run it manually on the server, is:

CHOOSE product_table, * product_table,entity_id FROMcatalog_product_entity AS product_table
CONNECT LINKS catalog_product_entity_int AS status_global_attr ON status_global_attr.attribute_id = 97 AND status_global_attr.store_id = 0
CONNECT LINKS catalog_product_entity_int AS status_attr ON status_attr.attribute_id = 97 AND status_attr.store_id = 2 WHERE (product_table.entity_id IN (& # 39; 101990 & # 39;)) AND (IFNULL (status_attr.value, status_global_attr.value) = 2)

We have a multi-store setup that includes about 700,000 products. Full indexing takes 1 hour and continues to work.

I am stuck. : /

t sql – Always encrypted data validation

The deterministic encryption generates the same value as long as the inputs are identical. In database terms this means:

Queries can perform equality comparisons for columns that have been encrypted with deterministic encryption, but no other operations (such as greater / less than, pattern matching with the LIKE operator, or arithmetic operations).


So you can see if the rows in the column match.

8 – Validation of the custom form fails

I have a form with a dropdown list. But I will change its options according to the user actions. After submitting the form it shows me An inadmissible selection was found. Please contact the site administrator.

So it tried to disable it or use my custom validation feature, but it does not work.

my code:

function my_module_form_alter(&$form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
  // Custom validate function.
  $form('field_name')('widget')('#validate') = TRUE;
  $form('#validate') = ('my_module_form_validate');
function my_module_form_validate($form, FormStateInterface &$form_state) {


But this code still checks the form and prints the error.

Or better idea How can I disable the validation just on a selection box.

For example, I want to disable validation field_namebut it does not work.

I'm trying $form('field_name')('widget')('#validate') = TRUE; and $form('field_name')('widget')('#validated') = TRUE; the same error is displayed.

If there is a better way or I go the wrong way, please give a solution.

Dart / Flutter Verification / Validation in the Firebase Firestore Database

I'm trying to do a dart / flutter check / validation on the Firebase Firestore database so I do not have to store the same serial number twice in the database, but I'm doing something wrong because it always stores the same field and value although this is the same.


 var numero = Firestore.instance.collection("lockers").document().snapshots();

    if (numero  == "$_numeroSerie"){
      print("QR Code ja cadastrado");
    } else {
      await Firestore.instance
          .setData({"numero_serie": _numeroSerie});

So in the Firebase database
Enter image description here

javascript – Formatting – Add custom custom component validation to my current Forms form

I have a form with some text input and some custom components. I have enabled formatter validation for text input, but not for the custom components. I am now trying to add to my habit of form-checking categoriesMultiselect Component. This component stores its data in the Redux memory. I took care of the validation myself and added value to my Redux props:

const mapStateToProps = (
  state: RecordOf,
  ownProps: { rerenderKey: boolean }
) => ({...
    isCategoriesValid: selectIsCategoriesValid(state),

, I just want to plug in props.isCategoriesValid in my form of form.

After reading the official documentation, I think I do that by adding validate={validateCategories} as a prop for the custom component and adding the function validateCategories to the component. So I tried it that way:

//above React render()
      validateCategories = () => {
        let error
        if (!this.props.selectIsCategoriesValid) {
          error = 'please select a category'
        return error

// Inside React render()

validateCategories never gets run. That's why I tested it by adding it validateField to one of my inputs onChange Function:


When it tries to validate the field, I get a console error:

The property & # 39; validate & # 39; from undefined can not be read

In this line of code in form:

  var validateField = useEventCallback(function (name) {
if (isFunction(fieldRegistry.current(name).validate)) {

At least I have plugged Formik into my Redux because I at least successfully trigger a Redux action when submitting the form. What am I doing wrong?



import * as Yup from 'yup'
import { Formik, withFormik } from 'formik'
import { Container } from 'native-base'
import * as React from 'react'
import { ScrollView, View, Alert, Button } from 'react-native'
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { Category as CategoryEnums } from 'src/enums'
import type { VepoState } from 'src/components/model'
import type { RecordOf } from 'immutable'
import type { Product } from 'src/model'
import VepoHeader from 'src/components/formControls/header/view'
import { selectIsAddFormValid } from './selector'
import { selectProduct } from './selector'
// import { Button } from 'src/components/formControls'
import { ImagePicker } from 'src/components/formControls'
import LocationAutocomplete from 'src/components/formControls/locationAutocomplete/view'
import { uploadAddProduct, updateRerenderKey } from './action'
import { viewStyle } from './style'
import type { Dispatch } from 'redux'
import { updateAddProductImage } from './action'
import type { Place } from 'src/model/location'
import { Colors, Spacing } from 'src/styles'
import { Input } from 'src/components/formControls'
import { onPress } from './controller'
import { CategoriesMultiselect } from 'src/components/formControls'
import {
} from 'src/components/product/add/groceryItem/selector'

const mapStateToProps = (
  state: RecordOf,
  ownProps: { rerenderKey: boolean }
) => ({
  locationListDisplayed: state.formControls.root.locationListDisplayed,
  isAddFormValid: selectIsAddFormValid(state),
  // $FlowFixMe
  product: selectProduct(state),
  // $FlowFixMe
  isGrocerySelected: selectIsGrocerySelected(state),
  // $FlowFixMe
  categories: state.formControls.categories,
  isCategoriesValid: selectIsCategoriesValid(state),
  image: state.product.add.image,
  rerenderKey: ownProps.rerenderKey,
  location: state.formControls.location,
  isLocationValid: isLocationValid(state)

// eslint-disable-next-line flowtype/no-weak-types
const mapDispatchToProps = (dispatch: Dispatch<*>): Object => ({
  updateAddProductImage: (value): void => {
    dispatch(updateAddProductImage({ value }))
  uploadAddProduct: (product: Product): void => {
  updateRerenderKey: () => {

export const getLocationIsValid = (place: Place): boolean => {
  return Object.keys(place).length > 0 ? true : false
type AddGroceryStoreState = {
  name: string,
  brand: string,
  description: string,
  price?: number

class AddGroceryItemView extends React.Component {
  validateCategories = () => {
    let error
    if (!this.props.selectIsCategoriesValid) {
      error = 'please select a category'
    return error
  render() {
    const {
    } = this.props
    return (

javascript – how to pass to the dashboard after validation in vuejs

How to check the user input before forwarding to the Dashboard? I have given the following codes.

The following code works fine. The dashboard will load first, but the login page must be displayed. After validation, it should then redirect to the dashboard page.

Please see the following link and download the project. I am using this template for my project, but you will not receive a login confirmation.

// app.vue





      import DashboardLayout from 
      import LoginComponent from "@/layout/dashboard/login.vue"
      import NotFound from "@/pages/NotFoundPage.vue";

      // Admin pages
      const Dashboard = () => import(/* webpackChunkName: "dashboard" 
      const pole = () => import(/* webpackChunkName: "common" */ 

      const routes = (
      path: "/",
          component: DashboardLayout,
          redirect: "/dashboard",
          children: (
              path: "dashboard",
              name: "dashboard",
              component: Dashboard
              path: "Poles",
              name: "Poles",
              component: pole
        { path: "*", component: NotFound },
     export default routes;



c – validation of the credit card number

I've written the credit card number validation code and it works properly. However, I think the code could be reduced to fewer lines. Can someone help?


int main()


    long long int  no;

        printf("Card number: ");
        scanf("%lld", &no);


    int d_1,d_2,d_3,d_4,d_5,d_6,d_7,d_8,d_9,d_10,d_11,d_12,d_13,d_14,d_15,d_16;

    d_16 = no%10;
    d_15 = ((no%100)/10)*2;
    d_14 = (no%1000)/100;
    d_13 = ((no%10000)/1000)*2;
    d_12 = (no%100000)/10000;
    d_11 = ((no%1000000)/100000)*2;
    d_10 = (no%10000000)/1000000;
    d_9 = ((no%100000000)/10000000)*2;
    d_8 = (no%1000000000)/100000000;
    d_7 = ((no%10000000000)/1000000000)*2;
    d_6 = (no%100000000000)/10000000000;
    d_5 = ((no%1000000000000)/100000000000)*2;
    d_4 = (no%10000000000000)/1000000000000;
    d__3 = ((no%100000000000000)/10000000000000)*2;
    d_2 = (no%1000000000000000)/100000000000000;
    d_1 = ((no%10000000000000000)/1000000000000000)*2;

    int od() = {d_1,d_3,d_5,d_7,d_9,d_11,d_13,d_15};
    int ed() = {d_2,d_4,d_6,d_8,d_10,d_12,d_14,d_16};
    int i,add=0;

    for (i=1;i<=8;i++)
         if(od(i) >= 10)
             int nod = (od(i)%10)+(od(i)/10);
             od(i) = nod;
    for (int j=0;j<8;j++)
        add = add + od(j);
    for (i=1;i<=8;i++)
        if(ed(i) >= 10)
            int ood = (ed(i)%10)+(ed(i)/10);
            ed(i) = ood;
    for (int j=0;j<8;j++)
        add = add + ed(j);

    if ((add%10)==0)
        printf("The card is valid");
    printf("The card is invalid");