Magento2.3.3 How to create validation class like ‘required-entry’ for checkout’s existing field

I want to create new custom rule that will duplicate of ‘required-entry’ class applied on checkout page.

Actually I need to change the error message for field so I want to create custom ‘class’ then replace ‘required-entry’ to custom created class.

magento2 – How to add icons to input fields if the field has not passed validation

I need to add a custom icon to the floor if the field does not pass validation, as in the screenshot.

enter image description here

I tried to implement this functionality with ‘:after’ in CSS

    &._error .control input {
        &:after {
            content: 'X';
            color: #000;
            font-size: 18px;

but the item is not displayed on the frontend

enter image description here

javascript – Sharepoint Pre Save Lookup Validation

I’m new to SharePoint, so will appreciate any help here.

I’m trying to run two checks before a user can submit a form, be it on a new or edit form. The first check is the value of a field is >0 and if yes, check for an attachment else trigger an error message. This one I’ve been able to figure out, and I’ve included the code below.

I need to also Check if the value in a lookup drop down column is 000 (default value), and trigger an error message if it is, so I can force the user to update the column. Javascript that would normally work on a regular dropdown field does not seem to work here.

Code 1: Checks if a field is greater than 0 and if yes, an attachment is required.

function PreSaveAction() {

var SuspiciousActivityAmountValue= document.getElementById("Suspicious_x0020_Activity_x0020__2395d776-7e2a-4c21-b298-86e337a4780d_$CurrencyField").value;

var atch = document.getElementById("idAttachmentsTable");

if(SuspiciousActivityAmountValue > "0"){

    if (atch == null || atch.rows.length == 0)


        alert("The Case Summary file appears to be missing! Please attach the document before saving the Security Notice.");

        return false ;

    }else {

        return true;



    return true;



Code 2: Check if the value in a lookup drop down column is 000 (default value), and trigger an error message if it is. Here’s the script I was trying to use to get the second check to work.

function PreSaveAction() {

var BranchValue= document.getElementById("Branch_e29ef8cb-6b73-4418-83e1-6bb5cdbdba25_$LookupField").value;

if(BranchValue == "000"){

        alert("Branch cannot be 000. Please select the appropriate branch number from the list");

        return false ;

    }else {

        return true;



Appreciate any help I can get.

validation – How indicate conditional required field in editable table?

In a form indicating which fields are required are often indicated by an asterisk (*). We have an editable table and I indicate a required column with aesthetics in the title of the column.

The problem appears when initially no columns are required. But if the user fills one of the fields in the row, the next field in this row becomes mandatory and will not pass validation when the user will save the form. How to help the user and identify conditionally required fields?

enter image description here

enter image description here

Magento2.3.5 Custom checkout field custom validation Amazon Error

I have a custom field and customScope added with LayoutProcessor which works fine!

But I need to add custom validation stop submission if my custom doesn’t meet the requirements :

Is just trowing amazon error for some reason:

Uncaught TypeError: setShippingInformationAction(...).done is not a function
    at setShippingInformationAmazon (shipping.js:60)
    at UiClass.setShippingInformation (shipping.js:76)
    at HTMLFormElement.<anonymous> (knockout.js:4640)
    at HTMLFormElement.dispatch (jquery.js:5232)
    at HTMLFormElement.elemData.handle (jquery.js:4884) 

no matter where I stop the form from submitting either Vendor_Module/js/action/set-shipping-information-mixin:

/*jshint browser:true jquery:true*/
/*global alert*/
), function ($, wrapper, quote) {
    'use strict';

    return function (setShippingInformationAction) {

        return wrapper.wrap(setShippingInformationAction, function (originalAction) {
            var shippingMethod = quote.shippingMethod();
            if(shippingMethod('method_code') === 'vendor_shipping') {
               return false;
            return originalAction();

Or Vendor_Module/js/model/shipping-save-processor/default:

  return {
            saveShippingInformation: function () {
                console.log('OVER HERE');
                var payload;

                if($('select(name="vendor_selector_drop_down")').val() === '') {
                    console.log('invalid here');
                    return false;
                if (!quote.billingAddress()) {

Why is Amazon interfering with it I haven’t enable it ? Could this be a bug anyone else doing something similar and have seem this and any advice appreciated thanks!

validation – Infopath Required Fields

I have an InfoPath form with multiple views. Each view contains text box fields and drop-downs. Many of these are required fields. I selected “Cannot be blank” for the fields, but it still allows me to switch views without filling in those fields. What I’m hoping for is a prompt or a message telling the user they cannot proceed to the next view because required fields are blank. I submit this data on the 5th view of the form, but I don’t want the user advancing if they have not filled out required fields.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


magento2 – Request validation failed for action “ApriljuneTestimonialControllerIndexAddInterceptor

Here is the controller that is responsible for adding the form data from frontend to multiple database tables. it was all working fine unless i have performed the magento/bin di:compile after that it is not working fine.

I have another section for admin that required to run magento/bin di:compile so before that section is was all working fine as i have compiled it start giving me the error:

(2020-05-21 11:36:09) main.DEBUG: Request validation failed for action "ApriljuneTestimonialControllerIndexAddInterceptor" () ()

sharepoint online – How to have validation for calculated column

I am working on a calculated column that take value from other two different columns.
The formula is as this:

=IF((Detect-Rental/Lease)=1,IF((Detect-Rental/Lease Taxonomy)="Yes",TRUE,FALSE),TRUE)

As a result the column showing “No” and “Yes” in the list.
But the requirement desire is if it is FALSE it will flag an error. Very much appreciated if anyone can help with this.

google sheets – Calculating hours based on data validation selection

Sheet Link

Hello all!

I was wondering if someone could tell me the best way to have the hours calculated in the “May” tab translate into the Employee View Tab under the respective employee? I’m trying to get it so when I select an employees name in a cell under the “Shift View” tab it calculates the hours for that employee on that day. So ostensibly I could have an employee work two shifts in a day, and it would automatically sum that up.

I have been googling all night and I can’t seem to find anything I can wrap my head around.