Calculation of the average of the values ​​of a column in a matrix

I'm trying to have a list of values ​​that equals the mean of the values ​​of each column of a matrix. Here's a short example (my current matrix has a dimension of 1000 * 1000)

If I have a matrix like this:
matrixExample = {{1, 2, 3, 4}, {5, 6, 7, 8}, {9, 9, 9, 9}}
I would have to get a list like this:
Mean values ​​= {5, 5, 7, 6, 3, 7}.

How can I do that?

unreal 4 – How can a variable have two values ​​at the same time?

For clarity, I do not want to know how a variable displays 2 values ​​at the same time.

I want to know how this happens in my project.

In the level blueprint I have a timer that generates 2 warriors in 5 different locations every 5 seconds. This, to distinguish them. One is from the blue team and the other from the red team:

Enter image description here

I can define the team of everyone correctly, the problem happens with the whole variable.

The value of the blue warrior variable should be 5. The value of the red warrior variable should be 1.

I have a text rendering that shows the time and value of the variables I specified:

Enter image description here

In the event BeginPlay, I have a loop that outputs the value of these integer variables that I have quoted:

Enter image description here

Game Picture:

Enter image description here

Game Picture:

Enter image description here

How can one place show that the variable is 0 and in the other that it is 1/5?

if – Does ShellScript return values ​​from the bank for each value in another variable?

Hello, I am trying to return 1 value for each variable that I can return with. I'm trying to create a condition that validates with one for which true and which are fake and are displayed on the screen. Can you help me? under my code.

Read number
vartest1 = `psql -X -A -d database -U user -h host1 -t -c" Select phone from table where numerodiscado = & # 39;; number & # 39; Limit 1;
vartest2 = `psql -X -A -d database -U user -h host2 -t -c" Select the phone from the table where numerodiscated = & # 39;; $ number & # 39; Limit 1;
vartest3 = `psql -X -A -d database -U user -h host3 -t -c" Select the phone from the table where numerodiscated = & # 39;; $ number & # 39; Limit 1;
vartest4 = `psql -X -A -d database -U user -h host4 -t -c" Select phone from table, where numerodiscado = & # 39;; number & # 39; Limit 1;

ap1 = & # 39; t & # 39;
ap2 = & # 39; t & # 39;
ap3 = & # 39; t & # 39;
ap4 = & # 39; t & # 39;

for ((i = 0; i <3; i ++))
echo "$ {vector[$i]} "
if [ $ap1 == "$vartest1" ]; then
Echo "Phone found Ap1"
Echo "No phone found Ap1"
sleep 1
if [ $ap2 == "vartest2" ]; then
Echo "Phone is Ap2"
Echo "No phone found Ap2"

if [ $ap3 == "vartest3" ]; then
Echo "phone is Ap3"
Echo "No phone found Ap3"

if [ $ap4 == "vartest4" ]; then
Echo "Phone is Ap4"
Echo "No phone found Ap4"

When I run, only the 1 condition is validated. If ap1 is always true, how could I execute an ifelse string where I would validate regardless of position, if I composed ap1, ap2, ap3, ap4 if any of these conditions were true then the case screen will be displayed All are wrong. Return to me on the screen. I can not test all. You could help me.

magento2.3.1 – Magento 2.3.1 data migration transform field values

Magento to Magento 2.3.1.

In map.xml I added the following:

    - - -
       - - -

But i get the following error:

[2019-06-21 20:20:36][ERROR]: Invalid map provided to convert handler
In Data.php line 126:

  Data migration failed

What I need is:

m_helpdesk_ticket.is_spam = 0 should be transferred as mst_helpdesk_ticket.folder = 1


m_helpdesk_ticket.is_spam = 1 should be transferred as mst_helpdesk_ticket.folder = 3

What is wrong in param tag?

User Expectation – Multiple Selection drop-down list, where selected values ​​can not be deselected while editing?

I'm trying to find examples of a drop-down menu with multiple selections, in which after saving / submitting the form, the selected values ​​can not be removed, but new values ​​can be added.

Currently I have designed it to work like this:
Enter image description here

Are there any examples of dropdowns that work with similar limitations? How are these restrictions handled?

python pandas: For groups of rows where two or more specific column values ​​are exactly the same, a unique integer is assigned as the new column

In a pandas data frame, I have stanzas where the values ​​for two specific columns are exactly the same. How do I add a new column for the rows that assign a unique integer, starting with integer 1 (not integer 0)? All completely unique lines also receive an int.

This is a sample data frame in which the second and third columns use identical values ​​for groups of rows

df = pd.DataFrame ([['plane1', '', 'az'] . ['plane2', '', 'az'] . ['plane3', 'az', ''] . ['plane4', 'az', ''] . ['plane5', 'ny', ''] . ['plane6', 'ny', '']. ['plane7', 'fl', 'fl']. ['plane8', 'fl', 'fl']. ['plane10', '', 'de']. ['plane11', '', 'de']. ['plane12', '', 'mo']. ['plane13', '', 'mo']])


                0 1 2
0 plane1 az
1 plane2 az
2 plane3 az
3 plane4 az
4 plane5 ny
5 plane6 ny
6 plane fl
7 plane fl
8 plane10 de
9 plane11 de
10 plane12 mo
11 plane13 mo

And this is the desired output using a designed sample data frame

df = pd.DataFrame ([['plane1', '', 'az', 1] . ['plane2', '', 'az', 1] . ['plane3', 'az', '', 2] . ['plane4', 'az', '', 2] . ['plane41', 'az', '', 2]. ['plane5', 'ny', '', 3] . ['plane6', 'ny', '', 3]. ['plane7', 'fl', 'fl', 4]. ['plane8', 'fl', 'fl', 4]. ['plane10', '', 'de', 5]. ['plane11', '', 'de', 5]. ['plane12', '', 'mo', 6]. ['plane13', '', 'mo', 6]])


                0 1 2 3
0 plane1 az 1
1 plane2 az 1
2 plane3 az 2
3 plane4 az 2
4 plane41 az 2
5 plane5 ny 3
6 plane6 3
7 plane fl 4
8 plane8 fl fl 4
9 plane10 DE 5
10 plane11 DE 5
11 plane12 mo 6
12 plane13 mo 6

How do I update a column whose value is calculated from the values ​​in other columns of the same table in MySql?

I have a table User_Engagement with columns: –

Enter image description here

I tried to implement this following formula in my update query to calculate it Total Interaction all columns in a single query: –

totalInteraction = value in totalComments + value in totalLikes) * (SUM of averageLikes / SUM of averageComments)

So far, I have tried to implement this query:

UPDATE User_engagement AS ue
ue.totalInteraction = (ue.totalComments + ue.totalLikes) * (SUM (ue.averageLikes) / SUM (ue.averageComments))

This query above gives me an error # 1111 - Invalid use of group function in MySQL.

Help is appreciated.

sql – MYSQL Displays all values ​​of a query in a single row by ID

I asked the following question:

SELECT v. *, It. *, P. Description, C-Name, C-Name, F-Name, F-Name FROM sales v INNER JOIN itemvenda it ON it.addends = v.endings INNER JOIN client c ON c. idclient = v.idclient INNER JOIN product p ON p.product = it.product INNER JOIN officially f ON f.idfunctional = v.idfunctional ORDER BY v.end sales

And I got the following answer:
I could not face myself here properly

My question is:
Is it possible to put idend values ​​in a single line? For example, I would like IDVD 10 to appear in a single line in this case, but all three descriptions will be displayed and the value and qtd will also be in the same line. Was I aware of what I intend to do? Can anybody help me further?

google sheets – gSheets adds values ​​to a specific startup cell

I have a leaf with such data and want to insert values ​​in A2: C2 using the API. The following code works if A1 contains a value. However, if A1 is empty, the following is added to B2: D2. I try to use it attach because I do that often and I do not know how many lines are filled.

service.spreadsheets (). values ​​(). append (
spreadsheetId = & # 39; SPREADSHEET_ID & # 39 ;,
valueInputOption = & # 39; RAW & # 39 ;,
body = {& # 39; values ​​& # 39 ;: [[4, 5, 6]]},
range = & # 39; A: Z & # 39;
).To run()

Enter image description here

Accordingly: The input area is used to search for existing data and find a "table" within this area.
In essence, I am looking for a way to disable this automatic table detection.