dnd 5e – Can a Dhampir bite themselves to get the benefits of their Vampiric Bite?

Sure. Go ahead and make an attack roll.

There is no rule that you cannot attack yourself, but all the usual rules for making an attack apply. You must make an attack roll against your own armor class. On a hit, you deal 1d4+CON piercing damage to yourself, and can choose to gain a obnus on your next ability check.

For a more thorough discussion of attacking yourself, see here: Can a PC attack themselves with an unarmed strike?

This works because Wizards removed the feature that prevented it from the UA version.

In the Unearthed Arcana version of the Dhampir, we see:

Type: Humanoid and Undead

Your type was humanoid and undead, meaning the UA Dhampir is not an eligible target for its own bite. Thanks Wizards of the Coast.

dnd 5e – What is the interaction between Gift of the Ever-living Ones and Dhampir Vampiric Bite ability

The healing isn’t rolled, so Gift of the Ever-living Ones has no effect.

Gift of the Ever-living Ones affects your healing rolls, not your damage rolls. In the case of the Dhampir trait, you roll damage, and then heal an amount equal to the amount rolled – the healing itself isn’t rolled, it’s simply set equal to the amount rolled by another dice roll. As a result, Gift of the Ever-living Ones has no effect, since the healing itself isn’t rolled for.

If, on the other hand, you had some sort of effect that heals you and then does damage based upon the amount rolled for the healing, then you would deal maximum damage with that effect, since the healing would be maximized as well. I don’t know if any such effects currently exist in the official content for the game, though.

dnd 5e – As a Warlock, can I cast Vampiric Touch on myself to grant my pact weapon an extra 3d6 necrotic damage?

No, you can’t improve Thirsting blade with the Vampiric Touch

Thirsting Blade is a Warlock’s counterpart of the Extra Attack feature:

You can attack with your pact weapon twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

The Vampiric Touch is a spell involving a spell attack:

The touch of your shadow-wreathed hand can siphon life force from others to heal your wounds. Make a melee spell attack against a creature within your reach. On a hit, the target takes 3d6 necrotic damage, and you regain hit points equal to half the amount of necrotic damage dealt. Until the spell ends, you can make the attack again on each of your turns as an action.

When you cast Vampiric Touch, firstly you take the Cast A Spell action and expend a 3rd level spell slot. Then you deal 3d6 and only 3d6 necrotic damage, if you succeed with the melee spell attack. This melee spell attack is a part of the spell — you literally have to touch the target with “your shadow-wreathed hand” to apply the spell effect.

Within 1 minute, you can repeat this action without expending more spell slots, providing you maintain the concentration. This requires an Action. So you have to choose — either you make two weapon attacks (second one because of the Thirsting Blade invocation) with your pact weapon, or you make one spell attack with the Vampiric Touch.

See also Can you apply the Vampiric Touch and Shocking Grasp damage together in one attack?

5e is quite restrictive regarding damage output. For instance, you can’t stack Thirsting Blade with Extra Attack, if you have the latter from multiclassing:

the warlock’s eldritch invocation Thirsting Blade doesn’t give you additional attacks if you also have Extra Attack

There are methods of increasing the Vampiric Touch damage output, but they are based on increasing of number of actions, not just number of attacks being made.

python – Follow up : Vampiric text based adventure game

This is my 2nd attempt at this game, I took advice and tips on the last one from here.

I took tips on how to not let memory stack overflow and to write a bit better story. Do suggest on how I can improve my code in general ? Thank you.

import time #added to enable pause

#A text based vampire survival game

#possible answers
answer_A = ('A', 'a')
answer_B = ('B', 'b')
answer_C = ('C', 'c')
y = ('yes', 'Yes', 'y', 'Y')
n = ('no', 'No', 'n', 'N')

#story begins here
def intro():
    print('You wake up in front of a castle, you have no idea where you are or why you are here.'
    'You suddenly see a colony of bats fly away.' 'You turn back and see a vampire figure appear out of nowhere. You will:')
    print('''    A. Ask for direction.
    B. Run inside the castle.
    C. Run to the cave.''')
    choice = input('>>>  ')
    if choice in answer_A:
        print('n Well you dont ask vampires for directions. nnRip')
        return "Gameover"
    elif choice in answer_B:
        return "castle"
    elif choice in answer_C:
        return "cave"
        print("Invalid input")

def option_castle():
    print('You ran inside the castle and see a glass front cubbord with garlic inside.You hear the Vampire coming,''You will: ')
    print('''    A. Take the garllic to scare the vampire.
    B. Hide
    C. Escape from backdoor.''')
    choice = input('>>>  ')
    if choice in answer_A:
        print("The garlic did stopped the vampire but it did not stopped it's blood thirsty bats.nn RIP")
        return "Gameover"
    elif choice in answer_B:
        print("This is not hide n'seek nn RIP" )
        return "Gameover"
    elif choice in answer_C:
        return "village"
        print('Invalid input')

def option_cave():
    print('You ran inside a dark cave, you were not sure if its a good idea or not but in there you see a shiny silver dagger.' 'Hurry bats are coming: ')
    print('''    A. You pick up the dagger and fight.
    B. You pick up the dagger and hide.
    C. You run.''')
    choice = input('>>>  ')
    if choice in answer_A:
        print('You picked the silver dagger and stood there like a fearsome warrior. The vampire attacked you but you were cunning and avoiding its attack stabbed the vampire right in its heart. Well done vampire slayer, you may live.')
        return "Gameover"
    elif choice in answer_B:
        print("Cowards don't get to fight and live. nn RIP")
        return "Gameover"
    elif choice in answer_C:
        return "village"
        print("Invalid input")

def option_abdvilllage():
    print('You ran towards an abandoned village in the open. The bats are coming faster than before, you will: ')
    print('''    A. Hide 
    B. Pick a wood to stab the vampire
    C. Enter the cave''')
    choice = input('>>>  ')
    if choice in answer_A:
        print('You hid in a hut and well it worked, you were lucky and the sun rose killing the vampire. You were a coward but a lucky one.')
        return "Gameover"
    elif choice in answer_B:
        print("You were ready to stab the vampire with the wood but neither you were fast enough nor the wood was pointed enough. nn RIP")
        return "Gameover"
    elif choice in answer_C:
        return "cave"
        print('Invalid Input')

def main_loop():
    state = "intro"

    while state != "end":
        if state == "intro":
            state = intro()
        elif state == "castle":
            state = option_castle()
        elif state == "village":
            state = option_abdvilllage()
        elif state == "cave":
            state = option_cave()
        elif state == "Gameover":
            again = input("nDo you want to play again? (Y or n)").lower()
            if again in y:
                state = "intro"
                print('nvery well')

def play(): 
    start = input('Do you want to play? Y or N  ')
    if start in y:
    elif start in n:
        print('very well')
        print('wrong input')


dnd 5e – Does the action of wounds, while focusing on vampiric contact, also cause siphon damage?

The spell says you are attacking and describes what happens when the attack is executed. It is not a general buff, it does not apply to other attacks, it does not apply to other necrotic damage.

If you read below (emphasis mine), you will find that you perform an attack, the target suffers damage on a hit and you receive HP, which corresponds to half of the damage caused.

Do a melee attack against a creature within your reach. If hit, the target 3d6 suffers necrotic damageand you get hit points equal to half of the necrotic damage caused, Until the spell ends, you can do it the attack again on each of your moves as an action.

They perform an attack and then have the ability to re-execute this attack. The effects do not apply to other circumstances or attacks.

dnd 5e – If someone casts Vampiric Touch on a creature with necrotic resorption, does the caster take damage?

As you absorb the damage, go to Homebrew. Everything about it, really, it's up to you. You can focus on the fun / rule of cool. You do not have to rely on the framework in The rise of Tiamat because you are not in this campaign and are not considering necrotic damage anyway, which is quite different in nature.

Obviously, the attacker does not recognize that the target absorbs necrotic.

The house rule should be that The inclusion of necrotic damage divides the damage by 2 and makes it negative, and that will damage dealtand reflux can happen, After the house rule: The damage roll was 12. Because of its absorption, the target heals for half the damage roll, so its healing is 6 and the damage is -6,

RAW over Vampiric Touch heals the caster for half the damage dealt. Half of -6 is -3, healing is -3, which means damage of 3, Ouch. He does not do that twice.

This quadrupling of the damage makes it more fun than deadly.

Does the gift of the ever-living change the behavior of Vampiric Touch?

The Warlock Gift (XGtE p. 57) is described as follows:

Whenever you find hit points While your confidant is less than a meter away, treat all dice rolled to determine the recovery points rolled as their maximum value to you

The description of the Vampiric touch (PHB p. 285) writes:

If hit, the target 3d6 suffers necrotic damage and You get hit points equal to half the amount of necrotic damage.

How do these two interact? Do I take damage and get 9 hit points?