Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016-2019 Retail-VL Version 2011 (Build 13426.20274) (x64) Mul… | Nulled Scripts Download

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016-2019 Retail-VL Version 2011 (Build 13426.20274) (x64) Multilanguage
x64 | Languages:Arabic,English,German,Greek,French,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese-Portuguese,Portuguese-Brazil,Turkish | File Size: 6.76 GB​

Office 365 ProPlus, the cloud-connected version of Office, delivers the most productive and most secure Office experience-with the lowest total cost of ownership for deployment and management. However, for customers who aren’t ready for the cloud, Office 2016-2019 provides new features and updates to the on-premises apps for both users and IT professionals. Like Windows Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) releases, Office 2016-2019 provides a set of valuable enhancements for customers who can’t be cloud-connected or receive regular updates. The new enhancements in Office 2016-2019 are a subset of a long list of features that have been added to Office 365 ProPlus over the last three years. Office 2016-2019 is a one-time release and won’t receive future feature updates. However, we’ll continue to add new features to Office 365 ProPlus monthly, including innovations in collaboration, artificial intelligence (AI), security, and more. Office 2019 delivers features across apps to help users create amazing content in less time. In PowerPoint 2019, you can create cinematic presentations with new features like Morph and Zoom. And improved inking features across the apps in Windows-like the roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity, and tilt effects-allow you to naturally create documents.

Microsoft Office 2016-2019 Select Edition includes:
Microsoft Office 2016-2019 Professional Plus
Microsoft Access 2016-2019
Microsoft Excel 2016-2019
Microsoft Lync 2019
Microsoft OneNote 2016-2019
Microsoft Outlook 2016-2019
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016-2019
Microsoft Publisher 2016-2019
Microsoft Visio Viewer 2019
Microsoft Word 2016-2019
Microsoft Visio pro 2016-2019
Microsoft Project Pro 2016-2019
Skype for business 2016-2019
OneDrive for Business 2016-2019
Office Shared Features
Profing Tools Only 2019
And many more

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 10

1)Download the ISO
2)mount it or extract
3)run .exe
5)choose Microsoft office 2016 or 2019 and language click install
6)When installation is done, go to utilities tab and -click Office RETAIL >= VL button
7)on utilites after done the VL process click on activation button.


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java – Print the App Name Using Latest Version

I am trying to solve a problem. Where we are given with app name , service name , version number of api
we need to print the name of app which is using the latest version for most of the service.


Mail App, Authentication API, v6
Video Call App, Authentication API, v7
Mail App, Data Storage API, v10
Chat App, Data Storage API, v11
Mail App, Search API, v6
Chat App, Authentication API, v8
Chat App, Presence API, v2
Video Call App, Data Storage API, v11
Video Call App, Video Compression API, v3

Answer – Chat App

Here chat app is using the latest version for Data Storage API, Authentication API & Presence API (As Presence API is used in only one app so its version in itself is the latest)

I have pasted the code below that I have written to solve this problem. How we can solve it better than this.

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.LinkedList;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;

public class Main {

    static Map<String, Integer> map = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
    static Map<String, List<VersionDetails>> versionDetails = new HashMap<String, List<VersionDetails>>();
    static Map<String, Integer> rank = new HashMap<String, Integer>();

    public static void main(String() args) throws IOException {
        String inputPath = "input.txt";
        String outputPath = "output.txt";
        String appName = sortVersionDetails();
        BufferedWriter writer = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(outputPath, true));

    private static String sortVersionDetails() {
        Integer max_rank = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
        String answer = "";
        for (Map.Entry<String, List<VersionDetails>> li : versionDetails.entrySet()) {
            String appName = li.getKey();
            for (VersionDetails vd : li.getValue()) {
                if (vd.version < map.get(vd.apiName)) {

                    Integer value = rank.get(li.getKey()) - 1;
                    rank.put(appName, value);
            if (max_rank < rank.get(appName)) {
                answer = appName;
                max_rank = rank.get(appName);

        return answer;

    private static void readFile(String path) throws IOException {
        File file = new File(path);
        try {
            BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(file));
            String st;
            while ((st = br.readLine()) != null) {
                String arr() = st.split(",");
                String apiName = arr(1);
                String applicationName = arr(0);
                Integer version = Integer.valueOf((arr(2).trim()).substring(1));
                if (!map.containsKey(apiName)) {
                    map.put(apiName, version);
                    rank.put(applicationName, 1);
                } else {
                    Integer value = map.get(apiName) > version ? map.get(apiName) : Integer.valueOf(version);
                    map.put(apiName, value);

                VersionDetails vd = new VersionDetails(apiName, version);
                if (!versionDetails.containsKey(applicationName)) {
                    List<VersionDetails> li = new LinkedList<VersionDetails>();
                    versionDetails.put(applicationName, li);
                } else {
        } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
            // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    static class VersionDetails {
        String apiName;
        Integer version;

        public VersionDetails(String apiName, Integer version) {
            // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
            this.version = version;
            this.apiName = apiName;

        public String toString() {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
            return "( apiName ) = " + apiName + " ; ( version ) = " + version;

administration – How do I Get the SharePoint Online Build Version?

Can someone help me to recall how to get SharePoint Online build version? In many cases, some SPO glitches/bugs can only be replicated in some tenants, but not in others. Is there some URL we can open in the browser that returns SPO build version? I think, there was a way, but after searching for 15 minutes I could not find it.

Any suggestions are really appreciated!

geometry – Sum of distances from a point inside triangle(stronger version)

In the figure prove that $$min(OR,PR,QR)+OR+PR+QR<OQ+QP+PO$$enter image description here

This is a stronger form of the inequality $OR+PR+QR<OQ+QP+PO$ that can be easily proven.I have made some constructions in the above figure.From that we can write $$ frac{RU}{OU}+frac{RS}{QS}+frac{RT}{PT} =1$$ I also have tried to use the fact $$RU<max(RP,RQ),SR<max(OR,RP) …$$

Any ideas

newversion – Magento2: how to give option in custom extension for new version update in configuration

I have created my custom extension. But I need to add the new version update option in my extension configuration.

How I can do? Please suggest any idea in admin configuration and in code wise.

When I update the version then how I can show in the admin configuration to update the new version with the previous.


user experience – Is there a “nicer” version of the JavaScript alert()?

I have a web page where I don’t want clicking on a link to replace the current page.

I could use <base target="_blank">, and that would have the desired effect, but it wouldn’t be obvious to the user that something unusual had happened.
I can imagine someone continually clicking and opening a dozen tabs before realizing what is going on.

Instead, I insert this into all the links:

anchors(a).onclick = function(event) {
    if (event.button === 0 ) {
        alert("use the middle button")

That works fine, but using alert() is too obnoxious.

What I really want is the equivalent of an alert that simply displays a message for a few seconds and then automatically goes away without requiring the user to respond to it, somewhat like a tool-top that appears only with a left-click.

Short of building something from scratch, does such a gentle warning mechanism exist?

exploit – How can you find the PHP version a website is using using LFI?

If a website is vulnerable to Local File Inclusion (LFI), how can you use it to find out the PHP version? Is there any file which says the version of PHP being used. I’m trying to do a PHP sessions LFI to RCE attack, but I don’t know where the session files are stored. I think finding the PHP version will help.
It has to be a file that is already there because there is no way of putting a file on the target (apart from the session file).

Of course, I am not attacking a machine without permission, this is part of a challenge.

Composer downgrading module version – Drupal Answers

I wish to move the bootstrap theme from the repository
located in the folder theme/custom to be a dependency in composer.json

I’ve checked that the current version drupal/bootstrap is 3.16

I perform rm -rf web/theme/custom/bootstrap
composer require drupal/bootstrap:8.x-3.16
^^-> wrong syntax and have decided to just composer require drupal/bootstrap

Now I need to downgrade the version of drupal/bootstrap in composer.json
and perform composer update --lock  

But I got an error:

Nothing to modify in lock file
Unable to find a compatible set of packages based on your non-dev requirements alone.
Your requirements can be resolved successfully when require-dev packages are present.
You may need to move packages from require-dev or some of their dependencies to require.

  Problem 1
    - Root composer.json requires drupal/bootstrap 3.16, found drupal/bootstrap[3.23.0] but it does not match the constraint.

Any hints would appreciate.

email – Thunderbird: error ‘Peer using unsupported version of security protocol.’

This was fixed by changing the support version of the TLS protocol.

The default has changed to TLS version 3.

In Linux I go to:

  • Edit
  • Preferences
  • General
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom
  • Config Editor button
  • I accept the risk
  • search for security.tls.version.min
  • change default to what ever your server supports

I used the following to check what the server supported

openssl s_client -starttls imap -tls1  -connect | grep 'New,'
New, TLSv1.0, Cipher is ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA

Unfortunately, there are not other supported versions

openssl s_client -starttls imap -tls1_3  -connect | grep 'New,
New, (NONE), Cipher is (NONE)

Will need to send the admins a stern email telling them to patch and upgrade.
We will actually migrate to something that is not an MS product.

For more info checkout