Is most warez vicious?

There are many large torrent uploaders, some of which are labeled as "VIP" or "Trusted", and so on, with many typesetters and good reviews. How likely is it that your software is malicious with an evasive rootkit? After all, they are reverse engineers.

What else can these uploaders benefit from if they crack software and make it available to thousands of users for free? Why worry about it at all and risk being caught? Do they only do it for the glory and the reputation?

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Is this book vicious?

I bought Humble Bundle Hacking for the holidays, and I downloaded the books when Microsoft Defender pointed out a threat:

Enter the image description here

A chapter in a book about exploits contains an exploit for documentation or is it an exploit? I do not want to ignore the warning, but at the same time I can see that this would be a false alarm.

Is there a way to find out? Does anyone have more information?