Do the media make Trump more victims than previous presidents?

Making someone a victim means sacrificing someone by somehow harming or exploiting him.

I suppose some media exploit Trump's incompetence by reporting what he says and does, and his advocates prefer to see him as a victim instead of admitting that they have fallen in love with a fraudster. But I do not think that's really a victimization.

dnd 3.5e – How much can a bad truenamer bring lazy victims to a low-level group?

The Truenamer manual gives the following interesting advice:

Open the book of hideous darkness and read the rules for the victims. Then remember how good Truenamer is at putting their knowledge checks to stupid levels. Between the INT focus, the fact that you probably only need knowledge skills, the Knowledge Focus feature, Universal Aptitude, and Hidden Truth, you can get a frighteningly high K: Religion check (this is used on victims), of course, from level 3 or so. Consider a perfectly reasonable illuminal truenamer with 16 INT and the Naen seal. , , For almost no investment you get 6 (ranks) + 3 (INT) + 3 (knowledge focus) + 2 (Naen) + 5 (universal talent) + 10 (hidden truth) = +29 before you even roll the dice. If you've added all the trivia listed on page 5. 27 of the BoVD you will almost certainly reach the highest level of rewards. And that is at the level 3The only real investment made is in K: religion (does not hurt) and the insertion of your knowledge focus on religion (which in turn is not a big loss). Even if you do not add all the traps, you're just letting a living being kill you everyday (but probably unconscious), long enough to whip out your dagger and recite your vile master's name a few times, and you will guaranteed to roll high enough to get a free Planar Ally. How cute is that? Sure, you have to be wickedly repentant and your GM has to join, but all the rules are right.

Suppose that we have a DM that follows the rules of sacrifice RAW and that the truenamer is as described above (ie at low level and rates those exams +29 without trying) and the above listed foul victim once per Day for you party at a low level. How much benefit will the party have? For simplicity's sake, suppose they are sacrificing something commonplace in a wicked campaign, such as a lower man.

For reference, I have uploaded a screenshot of the two relevant tables here. Of special interest, I can not help but notice that many of these benefits are treated as if they came from a Level 20 caster. Could this be groundbreaking?

The victims of Identity 2 were buried in concrete barrels

According to a private source of VietNamNet, on the evening of May 18, the police department declared the murder of two bodies in concrete blocks in Binh Duong on May 15.
From the evidence gathered, Binh Duong police issued a search warrant to suspects. After a few hours, in early May, hotel staff informed a residential district of Tiamo Phu Thinh (Phu Tho District, Thu Dau Mot City), a police office of 4 women (where 2 women are looking) to rent a room at the hotel for about a month now ….

The victims of Identity 2 were buried in concrete barrels

MAC address – MAC spoofing – keep victims away

I have successfully performed a MAC spoofing attack on my open (ad hoc) network with the Macchanger tool (operating system: Kali linux).

I would like to know how the connection can be kept alive (to keep the computer out of the network with the real Mac), as the Windows machine obviously casts when trying to reconnect through the victim's computer (Windows 10) my potash host from the network.

Hotels – victims of a holiday Scam, how should I receive the refund?

I booked accommodation through for a stay in London UK June 1 through June 7, 2019 on June 23. I used my credit card. They deducted the full amount on the 25th. After that, I have several times updated my check in request at However, the request was expired due to lack of response from the owner. I also tried to reach by phone and emails, but little to no response from them.

Here are the reasons why I am firmly convinced that I am a cheater:

  1. The property I booked is no longer available on Property name Westminster Gardens is located at 24 Strutton Ground, Westminster Borough, London SW1P 2HR, United Kingdom. I checked this address and this is the address of a hair salon.
  2. They use the same images with different names and different places in New name: London Prime Homes in West End and Westminister with new address: 104-105 Pall Mall, Westminister Borough, London, SW1Y 5EW, United Kingdom.
  3. You send me the second bill with the message that the amount is not paid.
  4. You have used 3 different phone numbers in 3 different places and 2 different email addresses:
    In the website has: +447553076066. The bill they sent on December 25 is: +447523145097 and the following e-mail address:
    They sent a second bill on January 8 and said that the amount was unpaid, even though they deducted the full amount on December 25th. The second one had the phone number: +447923337233 and another e-mail address:
  5. The first phone number +447553076066 is attached to an organization in the UK:

Complaint on, but it's been almost a month and they have not found a solution.

Malware – How to attack victims from outside networks (WAN)

I started to be interested in security about a year ago, and of all that I have learned to this day, I never knew how to attack certain victims of outside network intruders, and I know that the victims are behind one Routers are located in a private network and can not be easily reached.

Now, I know Some victims are attacked by email, social media, or various forms of malicious content communication, and the attacker then receives a session by setting up port forwarding on their router so that the traffic goes directly to and on his or her computer I'm pretty clear. However, my question remains: how does someone attack a particular person on a wide area network (other than sending malicious content to open it) while hiding behind a router / firewall, or do they ever experience such attacks and attacks?

PS: Sorry for my inability to ask perfectly, but I hope you understand it. Thanks for that!

Why do rape victims call themselves survivors?

Propaganda of a horse-shit has convinced everyone that they "should mentally switch from victim to survivor mentality" and that they do not want to "play the role of the victim." But this proposal is propaganda against the victims of crime in and of itself. A victim is not a "role people play or a mentality" they fall into. When someone commits a crime against another person, the person he has committed a crime by definition is called a victim. The criminal is by definition the criminal. It comes from the society that behaves as if everyone against whom a crime was committed was to "shut up and just survive!" No, they should not make you feel like a victim, that's what the criminals are doing and if they do not get it back they will never stop because they do not realize that they do not like being treated that way do not do it with others, I do not say rape for a rape, but I say a ruined one Life, either a prison or preferably death.