A video party cannot be started on a community page

I have two similar pages, I created them as community pages.

I publish live videos on both sides and share them on the respective pages after the live session.

On the first page, I can have a video party on the page: when I create a post, I have the video party option.

On the second page, however, I do not have the "Video Party" option when creating a post. Even if I start from a video and use the "Run Video Party" menu option, Facebook tells me that it cannot start.

I assume that I have the same attitude on both sides, but that is certainly not the case since the behavior is different …

What setting might affect the ability to start a video party?

Video – Can the monitor output be queried from an HDMI device?

Suppose I have a monitor that is connected to devices via VGA and HDMI.

Is there a way that if my source origin is the VGA the HDMI device will query the current buffer sent by VGA (in other words, query current video)?

I think many factors that this is impossible with an HDMI input device (in addition to the lack of features available – I've done some research and found that HDMI queries stop at HDMI CEC, which only contains packages for query monitor information). and the question sounds really stupid to me and most likely to you too, but I have no experience with video interfaces and have become somewhat paranoid about it.

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