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Is it possible to get notifications for new comments on a Youtube video?

Suppose that there is a video on Youtube which is not on my channel, but published by somebody else.

Is there some way in which I can subscribe to get the notifications about new comments on that particular video?

One use case I can imagine: Many teachers now use Youtube to publish videos with their lectures. And both the students and the teacher might be interested to see new comments. (And in many cases the Youtube channel is not the channel created by the teacher – it might be a channel of the school/department/university. So it’s a bit different from setting up notifications about new activity on my own videos.)

Note. I have seen that there is already this question: How to subscribe to YouTube comments? From the formulation of the question it seems that this question might be considered a duplicate of that one. However, the accepted answer answers the question as if the word subscribe was meant as pay for a subscription. (I am not sure whether this is what the asker intended, but that is the answer they’ve accepted.) Therefore I opted for a new question rather than a bounty on the old one – since to some extent, the offered bounty would be asking for something different from the already accepted answer.

twitter – Youtube video link doesn’t appear as embedded in tweet

Till yesterday, whenever I retweeted a YouTube link, it appeared with its thumbnail and title in the tweet itself. Video auto-plays if someone opens that tweet.

However today, when I tweeted/retweeted link of my new youtube video, it just remains a link and doesn’t convert into embedded video in that tweet.

Here are 2 such tweets, one with embedded video and one without.

Old tweet, with video –

New tweet, without video –

I am not sure what different I did when I wrote those 2 tweets.

I want my video to appear as embedded in my tweet, same as old video.

Any help please

Convert YouTube Video to MP3 Online [Free] | Proxies-free

I thought you are referring to because that’s the website I mentioned you replied on.

Please pay attention, this is what I have said. “I’ll have to admit that there’s a better one than that, no offense :p

Simple type in the title of the video or paste the YouTube link, click convert and simply click any option, mp3, avi, mp4, and it’ll instantly download. :]”

I mentioned, not that :p anyways, it’s no big deal, let’s get over with hahaha, there was a misunderstanding. Have a nice day friend! :D

Why isn’t my CPU being fully utilised for large video conversion/rendering tasks?

I bought a 24-core processor (AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX) for CPU-intensive workloads like converting large media files and rendering video effects. But it generally uses only 35-55% of the total capacity, even when doing large multi-core jobs over many hours, such as:

  • Rendering video effects with Premiere Pro (with or without graphics acceleration enabled)
  • Exporting a huge file with Adobe Media Encoder (with or without graphics acceleration enabled)
  • Converting a huge video file with Handbrake

Below are screenshots taken from Process Explorer and Core Temp while converting a huge video file with Handbrake.exe. By hovering over the individual core histograms, I can see that Handbrake.exe is the main consumer of every core, but it seems to be limited to about 33-34% usage (that said, a few minutes ago it seemed to increase to 40% usage per-core for Handbrake, for a while, so it’s not completely consistent).

The same is true when using Adobe Media Encoder or Premiere Pro to do a large render job. Process Explorer looks about the same.

Is my CPU being under-utilised, and what can I do to un-throttle it if so? Or is it just something to do with how Process Explorer presents the information, and in reality I’m using the full capacity? I don’t know much about CPUs, I just want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth!

I considered whether it could be thermal throttling, but Core Temp (2nd screenshot) shows the temperature hovering around 40°C, which doesn’t seem high to me.

Screenshot of Microsoft Process Explorer showing current CPU usage over 24 cores, averaging 48% usage

Screenshot of application "Core Temp", showing CPU temperature of 40 degrees celcius