sharepoint online – Image Carousel Video Autoplay right or wrong

I would like to set AutoPlay to true when playing the video, and false when trying to use the image in Autoplay at the specified state, but an error will occur

autoPlay = {this.setState ({autoplayvideo: true})} type & void; & # 39; void & # 39; void & # 39; void & # 39; void & # 39; is not
assignable to type & boolean & # 39; .ts (2322)


                        {,key) => {    
                          if(imageList.SourceType =="Video")
                        return (


) if(imageList.SourceType =="Text") return (


) })}

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Video – Android: Capture the front and back of the camera and save them in separate files

As a title, I would like to record both the front and the rear camera simultaneously and then save them in separate files. I'm writing code based on the Android example Camera2VideoJava. Instead of using MediaRecorder, I use MediaCodec to encode to a h.264 file. Then I read the file and decode it into the mp4 format. The preview of both cameras was fine, but when I tried to start coding, the application ran for a while and then crashed. The errors appear in the logcat:

A/libc: Invalid address 0x7e9d4ec880 passed to free: value not allocated
A/libc: Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL) in tid 20876 (CameraBackgroun), pid 20843 (id.camera2basic)

My question is: Is there still the possibility to record both cameras and save them in separate files?

Thank you very much.

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Education – How to determine if the user has seen / "completed" the video?

I am building a course website. It's relatively simple and I have to track all project progress only by tracking the number of videos I watch, e.g.

Course 1
5/12 watched

The question is, how do you understand that the user saw the video?

Some options are:
– User opened the video, eg. clicked "play"
– The user viewed a few percent of the video (what would be the correct percentage there?)
– User saw the whole video

The point here is that when the user opened the video, e.g. 10 seconds and jumped to the next, would that be considered "done"?

For some users probably yes, because he has explicitly skipped or found not relevant. Others, however, can come back to it so that they can assume that it is not yet "completed".

Is there a way to preview all of my video clips in Windows Explorer by just hovering over it, like on YouTube?

I'd like to know if there's a way, maybe a tool / software that extends Windows Explorer, so I can see a continuous preview of video clips when I mouse over it, as I do on sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and several other websites.

On the Web, that seems pretty normal nowadays. I can not afford expensive video editing software that I could possibly do that with and I use several software so I know more quickly which clip I'm floating over.

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