How do I add on the product view page based on the final price "Pay only $ / month"?

I'd like to see what the monthly payments for our monthly payment option would be based on the final price of the product (including configurable products). Here is a screenshot of something I would like to have:

Pay only $ / month
Basically, I would like to be able to capture the final price and divide it into monthly payments and output the text after the "".

I tried to override the catalog_product_view.xml file in my design and specify a different .phtml file to use, but could not determine the final price.

I also tried to specify the block class = "Magento Catalog Pricing Render" in the catalog_product_view.xml file, but only the product price with many underlying HTML files was repeated without this being able to be changed.

So how can I override the catalog_product_view.xml file to find the price, perform a calculation based on it, and then output custom text based on this calculation after the "" block?

magento2 – Delete New Products 404 by Store View

Magento 2.3.3

We used 2 storeviews and now deleted the extra ones we added for testing. Now we have 1 store view and add new products. Added results in 404 page for the new product. We have the following error in system.log

main.ERROR: The store that was requested wasn't found. Verify the store and try again. [] []

Does anyone have experience with this problem?

Thank you very much

Is there a way to view shared albums and smart albums in the web version of iCloud Photos?

I just found that I can finally access iCloud photos through the browser of my Android smartphone. At the same time, I notice that the web version of iCloud Photos does not show everything that appears in the Photos app.

  1. Smart albums

  2. Shared albums

  3. and of course the view of the people

Is there a way to allow this somewhere?

only first view shows as part of the linear layout under android

I'm new to Android and want to extract text and images from the site and display them as a linear list
I've created a layout resource file to organize the project and add elements from MainActivity

    articles = (LinearLayout) findViewById(;                           
TextView titre = new TextView(this);
TextView date = new TextView(this);
ImageView image_v = new ImageView(this);
LinearLayout ll = new LinearLayout(this);
String image_s = code.getElementsByTag("img").attr("src").toString();
0, article.getImage(image_s).length));



The layout resource file:


in the activity_main




it always shows the first view, but not the others, even if I combine with the second or the first one, only the new one is displayed
and the same thing if I move the entire layout resource to activity_main without the include

when debugging the views on the data of "ll" are added exactly in mCheltdren, but it is not displayed in the emulator !!!!!!! ???

any idea?