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I have my web application streaming my videos from Vimeo. Some users would like access to the videos offline when they show the videos in schools with no wifi or no internet. I have disabled download of videos to avoid piracy. I noticed that Vimeo does some buffering on video, is it possible to buffer the whole video, go offline, and still watch the video?

display – Monitor with VA panel rotated on portrait – viewing angles

Is VA technology suitable for displaying while rotated on portrait? Are colors ok? …I have a bad experience from my old TN panel, but these have worse viewing angles than VA.
Im thinking about buying Samsung U32J590 since it is cheapest 32″ 4k monitor i found. Most of the time I will use it on landscape but occasionally on portrait.

Viewing using computer Chrome a HTML page downloaded on Arndroid Chrome

I save webpages for offline reading by opening the three-dot menu icon and tapping the download icon up top, which will download a version of the page. I also take regular backups on USB drives.

Now if I wish to view these html pages on my computer’s Chrome browser, how do I do the same.

These files do not have any file extension. I tried adding .htm to them and then trying to open but was not successful.

All help is sincerely appreciated.


Viewing Source Code of Website

Checking your website’s source code is to view the actual code. Every web browser allows you to do this easily. Below are the keyboard commands for viewing your webpage source code for both PC and Mac by wisely Ctrl + U and Command + U


technique – Is there a known practice of post-processing to make a finished photo while viewing a subject?

Photographers often aim to create a work that accurately depicts a subject, and/or is informed or inspired by the experience they had looking at it.

A significant part of the work of making a photo is often in post-processing on a computer, rather than in preparing and taking the photo with the a camera.

So I wonder whether there’s any known practice of taking a computer to the subject (or vice versa) and creating the finished photograph while viewing both together. I’m sure that people have done this but my question is whether it’s a practice that has a name and perhaps prominent photographers have talked about doing, or prominent photography commentators have discussed.

Of course for small product photography this is likely to happen incidentally, and for street photography it’s usually impossible, so I’m thinking more about things like landscape, cityscape, and portraiture.

database – Suitable low code platforms for viewing large amounts of data

Currently we use Tableau, which is great for data visualization. However, we have some usecases where we want to view large amounts of data individually in tables, or search for specific database rows. Tableau isn’t made for this and doesn’t perform well enough for it.

I tried a Microsoft PowerApps trial and it worked quite well, except that it will not pull more than 500 rows from the database.

Does anyone have experience with low-code platforms or tech stacks that support reading data from databases, larger than 500GB, and allowing for search functionalities?

debian – Viewing boot in serial Console on GCP Compute Engine

I am diagnosing a boot process of a custom image on GCP Compute Engine. I am trying to figure out how I can view the boot from the serial console or anywhere else. This is all I see on the serial screen:

serialport: Connected to *****-****.asia-southeast2-a.instance-2-serial-tty2 port 1 (session ID: 4661c0157f5758d46a97b560d1b0671cc02ad8b4, active connections: 2).
Total RAM Size = 0x0000000100000000 = 4096 MiB
CPUs found: 2     Max CPUs supported: 2
SeaBIOS (version 1.8.2-google)
Machine UUID 3b9f104e-7f4f-14c6-c226-134be788ae90
found virtio-scsi at 0:3
virtio-scsi vendor='Google' product='PersistentDisk' rev='1' type=0 removable=0
virtio-scsi blksize=512 sectors=33554432 = 16384 MiB
drive 0x000f22e0: PCHS=0/0/0 translation=lba LCHS=1024/255/63 s=33554432
Sending Seabios boot VM event.
Booting from Hard Disk 0...

I can boot successfully in VirtualBox, so I can make any changes to the image if required and have tried using other serial ports:

sudo systemctl enable serial-getty@ttyS1.service

The screenshots for the VM also come up blank black screen.

How do I go about diagnosing the boot for this in GCP? Please advise incase this is the wrong forum for this post.