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laravel – Undefined Variable: Page (View: … resources views layouts app.blade.php

The variable does not work when you log in.

In the login view, I inject the layout:


and the layout has the variable

Telefone: {!!$page->telefone!!}

If you access pages that do not pass authentication middleware, it will open normally, otherwise the variable will not be recognized with the following error:

Undefined variable: page (View: ...resourcesviewslayoutsapp.blade.php)

I'm new and I do not know how to get it up and running in middleware.

mysql – Write a query that returns the viewer_ids and associated view counts (view_count) of the users with the most views per video_type

Write a query that returns the viewer_ids and associated view counts (view_count) of the users with the most views per video_type.
If there are four video_types: food, music, games and sports, the query is returned:

Enter image description here

Where view_count is the number of views each user has for this particular video_type

PHP – Common practice of passing class names to views in Laravel

I have a controller method that passes model names and class names to a view. These classes are then instantiated in a different controller method. In this case, I use the Laravel Excel package.

public function index()
    $exports = (
        'Model name 1' => TestExport::class,
        'Model name 2' => AnotherExport::class

    return view('export', compact('exports'));

public function download(string $collection)
    return Excel::download(new $collection(), 'Export.xlsx');

My view file then redirects to the download Controller method with the specific class name.

@foreach($exports as $name => $collection)

Since I'm learning design patterns and have determined that this would violate the DRY rule, I did not want any other controller method or Excel file that I downloaded.

Is this a good practice or can it be done better?

postgresql – Problems with Postgres permissions for new views

I have an RDS Postgres database that uses only the public schema.

I expect that webservice Users to gain access to all newly created views. When creating a view with the master User, I see all the grants as expected.

Here are the DEFAULT PRIVILEGES that I have set up.


In my opinion, when the Rormigrationsuser creates a view in the public schema, it belongs to the Rorm migration, and none of the STANDARD PRIVILEGES exist. I have to change the owner to get the rights.

What can I do to fix these permission issues?

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Views display and output an unformatted custom taxonomy field

Originally, I had the problem of setting up a taxonomy called Category. I've added a few vocabulary words to my taxonomy category. Some of the terms I've added contain spaces. The captions should have spaces so I can leave them there. I would like to remove the spaces from the category name when they are output in the unformatted view with templates.

This would solve all my problems if I could get those spaces out of the category names. I've set up a custom field for the taxonomy terms, but I do not know how to access the custom fields of the taxonomy term using the views-view-unformatted.html.twig template. Is there a preprocessing function that can do this? Can I convert the category and just remove the spaces or change the value output from label to field_nospace_category?

Experiment even more

I set up a view of the type page to display the articles in my content type "Article". I'm using the raw list and created a custom template called views-view-unformatted – my_view_id.html.twig. I see that this is the template that will be displayed on my page.

I am trying to output the custom taxonomy term field as a class for the div, which has {{row.attributes.addClass (row_classes)}}.

The div should end up looking like this:

I have tried different variants to get to the values. Within the for line in line loop I set:

{{ node.category.entity.field_category.value }}
{{ row.content('#node').field_category.getValue().0.target_id }}

I've tried to debug with Kint, Dump, but my installation throws either errors (not enough memory) or blank white pages.

Please help. Thank you in advance.