sharepoint online – How does the OverrideViewXml parameter work with ViewXml in RenderListDataAsStream in the rest API?

I'm working on getting data from the SharePoint list using the RenderListDataAsStream endpoint.
I first get all the views defined for the list and display them in a drop-down menu on the user interface. The user then selects the view

  • I get the ListViewXML for this view
  • Create a custom filter query like ...

and then pass this ListViewXML as ViewXML and custom filter as OverrideViewXml in body parameters for the remainder call of RenderListDataAsStream.

From here it says that OverrideViewXml is for

Specifies the overriding XML to be combined with the View CAML. Only applies to the query / where part of the view CAML.

I want to know exactly how OverrideViewXml works in conjunction with ViewXml. If I specify ViewXML, the OverrideViewXml query is ignored or does not work. If I only specify OverrideViewXml and not ViewXml, the OverrideViewXml query works. At the moment there are no results (whether "ANDing" or "ORing") from OverrideViewXml with ViewXML.

For remaining calls I use the PNP JS library (2.0.3) and the solution is in SPFX

product – Overrides the view.xml options, but only for a specific module in Magento 2.

My Magento catalog product page is fairly standardized and uses the regular Magento Gallery setup that can be controlled by my themes view.xml, The thumbnails are displayed in a vertical list with the main image on the right.

However, I'm using a Quick View module (that of Amasty – it pops up a list in the lists) that's a bit smaller. The problem with this is that it does not lend itself to a vertical layout, so it looks upset.

I know in view.xml that this is controlled with horizontalbut I just want to change it for the pop-up window.

Can I override view.xml in this way? I thought maybe


That would be the way to do that, but that does not change anything. (Maybe I'm a bit too naive, as if I would do that).

I've also been advised that modifying the modules js file is the way to go, so I tried to add this to the bottom:

]Function ($) {

$ .widget (& # 39; & # 39;), {
_create: function () {// special method for jQuery UI widgets
this._setOption (? navdir ?, {? horizontal? # {}});
return $;

But it does not look as if this feature is actually triggered.

Your help would be very grateful.

Many Thanks 🙂