media – Vimeo embed code is ignored

Feeling frustrated.
I run a number of websites and have recently had to embed videos (mostly Vimeo but not exclusively) in one of them. I have another site where I have successfully embedded the code: & # 39; set plain text, insert embed code, select full HTML & # 39; – Bingo is all right.
If I try the exact same procedure on the second site, the system simply places paragraph marks around the code as if I were not inserting plain text first. I have searched the two websites and cannot see where the settings for the editor (in both cases CKEditor version 7.x-1.19) differ, but I cannot see anything. Ealier posts on the subject suggest looking at / admin / settings / filter / list that are not present in my Drupal 7 installation. I know I could start installing modules to fix this, but I can't see why this works on one site and not another. I use different templates on both websites, but why should that make a difference (and switching to Bartik on the problem website doesn't make any difference anyway). Any suggestions, such as where to look at the list of allowed HTML tags in D7?

google chrome – How to block loading / playing videos of all kinds (YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, etc.) in all browsers

I am currently trying to overcome my addiction, spend countless hours online watching YouTube videos, etc. The problem I'm currently facing is that I need YouTube for my daily work (reading and responding to comments, researching channels, etc.), but I also get distracted from all the videos on the pages. Is there a way to disable video loading for all browsers?

Is there anything similar to editing the host file in Windows?

The perfect solution would be something that does not include extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. as they are extremely easy to delete (yes, I am quite addicted to these websites …)

I will download and upload videos and pictures for $ 5

I will download and upload videos and pictures

Hello, this is Farida Shabbir. Downloading and uploading is my daily routine. I have a very fast internet connection. I will download and upload videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Daily Motion Instagram. Here are some services I can do.

  • All the videos, pictures, audios, etc. that I want to download and upload wherever you want.
  • Download Facebook videos and upload them to the social media you want, and vice versa.
  • Upload your files securely to your accounts and send sign-out evidence.
  • Everything about uploading and downloading.

Supported websites:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • More on request.


  1. All files are unchanged and identical for the upload
  2. Copyrights or violations are your responsibility
  3. I can charge a small fee if research is required.

Left – Color function of the Vimeo video play button

In the page editor, I've inserted a Vimeo link:

Which produces the following:

I want to add an argument like & color = f1d925

Which would look like this:

I can copy and paste the iframe code, but the user just wants to copy and paste the URL.

I found a code with which I put the parameter through Shortcode, but the user still has problems with this method.

I think I could add something else functions.php that would do all those links at once or maybe some jQuery.

Does anyone know how WP calls this functionality, or does he know a feature or something that could help?

Many thanks,

Is there a way to play videos that are similar to the attached link? I do not want YouTube or Vimeo buttons to appear, just a MP3 file just uploaded

I want to copy exactly this function. Click the video thumbnail and the video plays and plays endlessly without Youtube or Vimeo branding.