I'm the father of a 15-year-old son and he recently started playing a shooting game. What should I do if I hear that video games trigger violence?

I have seen a lot in my free time and researched if video games are causing violence, and there is really no precise answer. Many people say that they cause violence, and many say that they do not cause violence. In my opinion, video games do not cause violence, because after all, it's just a game. And really, it depends mainly on the person playing the game (due to mental issues and other things) and the type of game they play. It all depends on how the player's mind works. If they want to see and repeat violence, take away the game or let them play less graphics / violence games (without blood and SFC) that are in their age group. As long as you watch over them from time to time to see what game they are playing and if their behavior has changed, you should completely remove the game from them and introduce it to a different genre. Like RPGs, side scrollers and even free roaming games like Minecraft. If they want a good fright (and can handle it), then introduce them to the horror genre of the games. So what you should do when you hear that video games are causing violence is that you should allow your child to try out the game and see how it reacts and whether your child has negative or positive effects as a result. hear in the game. If your child has a positive influence, let it play from time to time as you watch it. If your child has negative effects, allow him to play less violent video games or introduce him to a new genre. If this does not work, take the game completely away and give it back to him if he does it a bit older.

What should I do with my child's social worker who encouraged his students to protest against gun violence?

My child came home today and complained about his social teacher. She told me that this was not the first time that her social teacher shamelessly lectured his leftist political views on his students. According to other parents who live in my neighborhood, he has in the past pushed his political views into the students' throat.

Before you tell me to contact the school board, we did it. You are well aware of this, but since he is a 30-year veteran teacher, he can not be released.

Republican! How would you fix gun violence in America?

– Other programs to buy back weapons. Individuals who inherit firearms for which they have no use need a means to safely dispose of unwanted weapons.

– Offer first-time buyers free courses on safe maintenance, use and retention of firearms. Some organizations already offer such courses, but there has to be more scope to get people aware of these options.

– Offer tax breaks for those who buy a safe to store firearms. Many of the weapons used for violence each year are stolen from legally compliant homes.

– Urge insurance companies to recognize mental health as important as physical health. People in need of help should be able to seek them instead of letting their problems subside.

-Final and above all, encourage the media and politicians to stop convincing Americans that anyone who is not quite on their side is their enemy. We have somehow lost the ability to debate in a healthy way, and have become rageaholics. If the bad influencers only give the Americans a little air to calm down the hell, we could make progress.

How does Window Hello protect against violence?

On my Windows 10 computer, I have the ability to set up a PIN with Windows Hello (I think that's because of this program). My regular Outlook password consists of more than 15 characters mixed with uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. My PIN consists of only a few digits. Suppose I had an eight-digit password, that's just 10 only options. With something like the Hak5 Rubber Ducky, that's probably trivial, especially with a bit of social technology / research.

I did not personally try to enter some wrong PINS, but I wonder if anyone has an official source / literature explaining the security process.

Fairy Tales to Strengthen the Gender Role … (+ Link to Domestic Violence …?)

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Fairy Tales to Strengthen the Gender Role … (+ Link to Domestic Violence …?)

Is violence against women gender neutral, as feminists often claim?

A few answers already indicate that VAWA is not gender neutral in the name and how the language in the bill itself indicates that it is gender neutral, neither intentionally nor in action. VAWA was designed by the feminist organization NOW, specifically to be women. By law, they had to remove most gender pronouns, but that does not make a law written by feminists for women sexually neutral.

The Duluth model of violence used by VAWA states that men are almost always the instigators of domestic violence, despite many studies on the contrary. Obviously, it is not gender neutral to encourage the police to assume that men are likely to be the instigators when in fact the opposite is the case.

Male victims are denied access to the vast majority of VAWA-funded houses for domestic violence. Obviously this is not gender neutral. When men call DV hotlines, they are regularly denied the same help that female victims receive. This, in turn, is not gender neutral.

Conclusion: VAWA was developed by feminists for women. This is not gender neutral.