Is the concept of virtual memory storage isolation or the ability to swap? Or both?

Most of what I've read about virtual memory, such as or, Always specify this virtual memory is a concept that gives the operating system the impression that you have more memory than you actually have.

But is not that what Overcommit is all about? Is not the entire virtual memory concept primarily because each process has an isolated virtual memory pool and therefore can not read or change another process memory?

If not, what is the name of this technology of storage isolation in its own virtual storage pools?

virtual machine – mounting a Bitlocker encrypted USB drive on a Windows VM (VMWare)

I have a USB drive that has been encrypted with Bitlocker on my host computer. Unfortunately I can not mount it on my Windows VM. Although the USB drivers can be detected, the disk can not.

I tried activating TPM and encrypting my C just in case.
However, it can be detected on another host computer.
Any ideas?

Virtual Reality – Prevents objects from disengaging when the controller trigger in Unity SteamVR is released

I use SteamVR's Player Prefab for Unity.
To capture objects, I use the Throwable script, which uses the controller trigger to record and the share to throw.

Is there a way to prevent the detachment of objects when the controller trigger is triggered?

If so, how can I force the separation with code?

litecoin – Buy a small amount of Bitcoin with a virtual map

I want to buy bulk ads from and the amount is totaled to $ 1 (excluding transaction fees), but somehow they do not accept cards as a direct payment. Now I know that I obviously can not use Bitcoin for micropayments, but I can use Litcoin, but even then, how would I buy so little LTC with a ticket as if I wanted to spend $ 5, but the minimum is $ 50 most sites I just think that you buy a very unpopular old coin and then trade it against shapeshift, but even to buy Dogecoin, I need $ 50. How is cryptocurrency micro payment possible?

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Virtual Machines – Azure VM Scaling Set – Scaling during the task

This seems to be a fundamental question, but I could not find an answer that went through my head.

How do scaling sets know that a particular VM is ready and can be de-provisioned?

The scale FAQs will first remove the VMs with the highest IDs. It does not say anything about whether it's a mid-task or not.

This is important for my application as my tasks are performed long (about 30 minutes on a 1CPU / 4GB computer).

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Virtual machine – I can not find the directory structure

I have the latest version of DrupalVM installed. Everything is working well. I can access Drupal on both my local dashboard and my DrupalVM dashboard, but I can not find the Drupal directory structure in the directory.

After use vagrant sshI can see the Drupal directory structure, but not in Windows Explorer.

Please help me with this.