virtualmin – Failed to create virtual server : The domain x already hosted by your Apache webserver

I’m just trying to create a new virtual server, unfortunately it does not work.

I created a virtual server and deleted it.

I’m trying to create a virtual server with the same name, but I get this error message:

Failed to Create Virtual Server: The Domain X is Already Hosted by
Your Apache Web server.

I have searched for a solution and have only found a question regarding this problem with the solution to delete the alias from the virtual server in httpd.conf file, but I do not have this file and in apache2.conf I do not find the alias from the Virtual Server .

kernel – Disable virtual console hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+F7 and higher

On Linux systems Ctrl+Alt+F1 thru F6 open virtual terminals. It seems like there are only 6 of these. Sometimes F7 may also be used for the window manager but at least on my current system (18.04) it is F1 that brings me back to the desktop.

So I have some binds, and due to historical momentum I chose F10 as the key to swap with my caps lock, and so I want to set up various key combination binds with F10, e.g. Shift+F10, Alt+F10, etc. I use these key chords heavily in terminal since it’s kind of a free source of extra keys, F10 is normally out of the way and won’t get used.

So here’s the problem, I can’t really set up a Ctrl+Alt+F10 bind because on Linux it will go to a blank virtual terminal blinking cursor screen. I’d like to know if there is a way to disable this while keeping the 1 thru 6 tty’s available for troubleshooting needs. Barring that it seems like Ctrl+Alt+F10 will be completely off-limits to me.

linux – Virtual box ubuntu VM with 2 network adapters

I am running an ubuntu server 20.04 LTS image on a virtual box VM without a lot of wisdom here. There is 2 Python apps/scripts that each require a separate network adapter if running both scripts on the same machine at the same time (which I want to do). Is it possible to create a VM and define multiple virtual network adapters to use within the Linux VM environment?

I know the default is IP for inside the VM is this is what I use to SSH into the VM from my Windows environment.

enter image description here

Would I just define this additional network adapter here maybe something like which I think is a DHCP process from the virtual box? hopefully this makes sense any tips greatly appreciated…

enter image description here

networking – How can I publish a new developer portal when it’s behind a virtual network?

I’m trying to access a new project from within the associated virtual network. The url looks something like and when I navigate there from within a machine on the vnet, I get a page that says:

This is a home page of the Developer portal – an automatically generated, fully customizable website for publishing your API documentation where consumers can discover APIs, learn how to use them, request access, and try them out.

The content hasn’t been published yet. You can do so in “Developer portal” section of your API Management Service in the Azure portal. Learn more.

So I go to publish the page from the Azure Portal on my local/physical machine, except the portal is telling me

You can’t publish the developer portal, because connection to the portal couldn’t be established. This may happen if your API Management service is in an internal virtual network and the network configuration prevents the connection or if the DNS resolution fails. Use button above to open Developer portal and follow this guidance to publish Developer portal

How do you publish it? I recognize that my physical machine isn’t on the network but how else could I access the Azure Portal in order to publish it?

spam – virtual credit cards information disclosure

I own a website and I am a vendor of some digital products. I also have a free trial set for users to try and test my products, and in case they like it and want to purchase, we wait confirmation from them and charge their credit card. Before giving the free trial we take their credit card and check if it is valid to avoid fraud. I want to talk about virtual credit cards.

Virtual credit cards can be cancelled and readded by the owners and it changes the all card information. I want to ask how to prevent this kind of a spam? For example i know that microsoft azure gives free trial with the same way, they also ask for the phone number(extra security). But do they have a way to check if two different virtual credit cards are owned by the same account ? I want to implement same security.

Can the vendors see any information about the owner etc of the virtual credit card?

bridge – DHCP not working for bridged QEMU virtual machine


  • A router with DHCP server. This router manages a subnet of
  • A host with Ubuntu 20.04 installed, and it has a NIC named eno0.
  • A QEMU virtual machine running on host.


Bridge the virtual machine with host’s NIC to obtain IP via DHCP protocol.

What I have tried:

  • Setup a bridge on host, and add the eno0 interface in it:

    ip link add name br0 type bridge
    ip link set br0 up
    ip link set eno0 master br0
  • Assign IP to br0 via DHCP:

    dhclient br0
  • Run qemu machine with tap network:

         -drive format=raw,file=/path/to/img 
         -netdev tap,id=nic0,br=br0,helper=/opt/qemu/libexec/qemu-bridge-helper 
         -device e1000e,mac=52:54:00:12:34:50,netdev=nic0
  • After virtual machine booting, try to obtain IP via udhcpc command (a dhclient variant in busybox):

    udpchc eth0

Till now, the eth0 cannot be assigned a IP in subnet 172.16.x.x/16.

So, is there anything wrong with my configuration?

virtual reality – Unity emptied my Desktop and Downloads folder (MacOS)

There’s nothing left in iCloud Drive or Trash bin. I’m not in freak out mode, but I have a huge amount of work that got completely glassed from my computer.

(I’m using Big Sur 11.2.3)

I am a total noob with Unity and am experimenting with Google VR/Cardboard SDK. My “build” command wasn’t opening Xcode up, so I just tried it a few times, using my Desktop and Downloads folders as targets without thinking too hard about it. After all, this is just the demo game that I’ll delete when I get it working. Well, I look to open the newly created Xcode workspace, and both my Desktop and Downloads folders are totally wiped—nothing in trash or in my iCloud backup.

I’m honestly more curious than anything at this point—but I do have 100’s of hours of work that got deleted, so if I didn’t happen to have backups, I could be totally screwed. Does anyone know what could’ve happened here?

virtual keyboard – What is the state of the art in Morse code computer interfaces? How efficient are they?

I have periodically recurring problems with pain in my hands when typing. I’ve looked high and low for alternative methods to control my computer, and recently I’ve been thinking more and more about if using some sort of Morse code interface could be an option.

It’s probably slower than speech recognition for text entry, but for programming and editing text in a real editor something more “direct” would probably be useful. (?)

Though I’m not super proficient I’m a licensed ham radio operator and know all the symbols already. I’m practising to get quicker for radio use anyway, so maybe it could be useful for the computer as well? People on the air routinely communicate at above 100 cpm, and there is a minority that push beyond 300 cpm. In practice the limiting factor is more often how fast the other party can hear rather than how fast you can send.

As for the hardware, I consider using some kind of sip-and-puff system. Being a long time harmonica player who likes fast paced Irish music, I know I can handle quite fast breath changes with good precision. Our mouths compete well with our hands in terms of agility (it’s what we use to speak after all…) so it seems like a natural second choice if we don’t want to use the hands.

I’ve found some people who use this method to emulate every key on the keyboard, and also some hardware that can be used, but it seems most of it’s pretty old.

What I would like to know is what the situation is like today. How efficient could I expect this setup to be with a reasonable amount of practice? Are there more examples of people using this successfully? What about using it for programming and editing text?

One could imagine a few variations, for instance using pedals for modifier keys. This might be a good idea as I mainly work in Emacs.

I do some programming, but mainly write plain text or LaTeX. Some programs I suspect I would have to control using my hands, using a mouse say, but this would be ok if they could rest for most tasks. I run Debian with I3, and use the terminal when possible.

unity – Overlay the human model for virtual fit-on

I am doing a project based on virtual fit-on so, using o3n_male_female assets in unity. In the project first developing an avatar by using DNA controllers after that the 3D dress in the system have to overlay according to the body measurements and dress measurements. Ex: If user select a Medium size T-shirt if that user is an adult when he wear it that avatar should show that is tied. Any suggestions to develop it