windows 7 – Installed programs hidden after virus

I got a new windows so it didn’t have antivirus yet
I was browsing and I got few viruses but I think I destroyed them with every program in the internet
But I got the installed programs hidden
And my service pack 1 got removed and windows update service got hidden
And I can’t install any thing cuz I don’t have .net and I can’t install it I think because of those things

Moreover I think finding hidden installed programs will help me
So any ideas?
IAM windows 7
Sorry for the bad language

malware – How can your BIOS be infected or hacked and Can a BIOS virus be used to “steal data”?

I know that BIOS can get virus but it’s very rare, but it seems to me it’s pretty impossible or improbable for a virus to creep into your BIOS via normal computer use.
Let’s say I’m using windows 10, even if I go as far as downloading a malware on my windows 10, it would seem that the worst damage it can do it to my windows 10 itself, not the BIOS, is that accurate? (Or at least, it’s incredibly difficult).
If I don’t deliberately take a usb drive, and go into BIOS to m-flash it, how can I possibly infect a BIOS? So similarly, since your network would only work in the OS level, how can anyone possibly modify your BIOS by hacking your operating system?

And in the other direction, Supposed by some means my BIOS was infected with some virus, how can anyone possibly steal information on an operating system using the BIOS when the BIOS itself cannot be connected to the internet?

It seems to me the damage a BIOS can do is very local.

virtualization – Is it safer to run executable file (not safe, may contain virus) on VBox

I have a host system (Windows 10) with premium antivirus and running a Windows 7 in Virtualbox with no antivirus. I have installed sandboxie and try to run executable files that may contain virus. Is it safe to run those applications? and what will be the effect if the virus slips out. I know this is a dumb question even after knowing about sanboxie. But I would like to know the consequences that occur.

Also, I would like to know how it affects the host machine if I run that exe file without sandboxie on Virtualbox.

Since there are many viruses and trojans that silently triggers even without running the exe file. Just want to learn the consequences that virus can damage. (P.S that I still having the antivirus on on the host machine).

Should we all get the coronavirus? I heard on the news that herd immunity is all that can make us immune to the Chinaman virus?

What you heard is wrong and stupid. Right now, at most 15% of the people in the US have been infected. It could also be as low as 5%.

To get to herd immunity STARTING to kick in, assuming that it works with Covid 19, which we do NOT at this time know if it will, you’d have to infect *at least* 60% of all Americans.

There are now 1.5 million cases and 93,500 deaths. If the rate is 15%, to get to herd immunity, *at least* another 280,500 people would DIE. But, if the rate is 5%, that number would be ONE MILLION MORE deaths.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Virus Scan Engine

We have a requirement to integrate an antivirus solution with the Sharepoint server programmatically.

When a user adds/updates a document perform a scan using SDK of the antivirus and based on the result allow/block the document. So we are expecting to receive a callback when a user uploads/downloads any documents. This does not apply to the Sharepoint online. We have to achieve this programmatically(C# is the preferred language).

We are struggling to find enough documentation regarding the same.

The documentation we can find so far is mentioned below but it doesn’t seem to have enough information to get started and also we are not sure if it is still relevant,

We would like to know possible approaches/documentation related to this.

Why could Sweden stay open and have no major virus problems?

"However, panic is exactly what many in the Swedish scientific and medical community are beginning to feel. A petition signed by more than 2,000 doctors, scientists and professors last week – including the chair of the Nobel Foundation, Prof. Carl-Henrik Heldin – urged the government to introduce stricter containment measures. "

We don't test enough, we don't follow, we don't isolate enough – we let go of the virus, ”said Prof. Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér, a viral immunology researcher at the Karolinska Institute. "They are leading us to disaster."

[ Politics ] Unanswered question: Seriously, what about Obama, what all Republicans have to offer, regarding the virus? Why does Moscow tell Mitch lies? Again?

McConnell said that Obama's government "has not given this [Trumps] government any schedule for anything like [the coronavirus pandemic]".
"We literally left them a 69-page pandemic playbook … which they ignored," tweeted Ron Klain, who oversaw the Ebola response under Obama. This document is entitled "Playbook for the early response to emerging threats from infectious diseases and biological incidents". "Obama left them with a WH pandemic bureau, literal playbook, cabinet-level exercise, and global infrastructure to deal with that," tweeted former Obama advisor Ben Rhodes. The game book in question can be seen here: @NPC, did you actually read the game book? Of course you haven't read it. So how do you know what's in it? But thanks for unwittingly admitting to Obama I left a game plan and Moscow Mitch is lying, which was the question. Seriously, between Moscow Mitch Lies and the idiotic non-responses of Trump campaign roles like you and @Dze, do you really think Trump has a chance to win at all? LOLOLOLOL !! Keep dreaming.



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