Travel Greece with Italy Schengen visa

I have just learned that the return flight ticket to Greece is so cheap and I want to visit Greece for 2 days. My Schengen visa is 9 days long. I told the officer that I would stay in Italy all the time because I had planned and my hotel is non-refundable. But now I want to adjust my travel route a bit and fly to Greece and back for a few days. Do I get in trouble for this?

Travel abroad – travel to Prague with a Hungarian Schengen visa

What you do is called Visa Shopping and is frowned upon by the Schengen countries.

The rules state that you should apply for the country in which you mainly stay or where you spend most of your time. For your original plan, the Czech Republic is the place where you can apply.

If immigration officials suspect that something has really happened, they can make life difficult for a future visa application.

Nothing emerges from your question, but you seem to indicate that you have already started (and possibly completed) the process with Hungary and arranged your flights.

Changing your itinerary to spend most of your time in Budapest might be a solution, but it's a six-hour trip (longer by bus) from Prague to Budapest that goes through Austria or Slovakia along the way. It will be difficult to explain why you flew to Prague for a vacation in Budapest.

Rebooking your flights and later leaving for Prague may be a better option.

schengen – Can I leave earlier than the duration of my German national visa (also known as a long-term visa or a D visa)

I am applying for a German national D visa for 10 months. But I will probably leave Germany after 2 months.

Can there be a problem in the future? For example, you might ask why I applied for such a long-term visa when I wasn't going to stay that long.

untagged – Is the French language mandatory for the Quebec Skilled Visa?

The days of French as a world language are long gone.

Rwanda, an East African country, is currently experiencing a serious economic upswing. Rwanda also rejected French for English. At least we can start by questioning the relevance of French for the modern world, including in Africa.

I speak French fluently. If you live in California and know French, it's definitely easier to learn Spanish. Otherwise, French media based in Europe or Canada mostly sound too provincial and irrelevant.

Maiden name on woman's CR1 visa

My wife has a US CR1 visa with her maiden name. Her married name is on her Filipino passport. Should she have trouble flying to the United States for the first time because of the name difference? She takes her old passport with the maiden name and the marriage certificate for security.

Thank you very much