Visa – How do I answer the question? Because I see the refusal indicates that the amount you specified is 3x, 4x your disposable income

1. My mother-in-law would be responsible for my housing and maintenance in the UK. Does that mean that she would pay for my visit financially?

  1. How much do you earn each month after taxes? I am an employee with a monthly income of £ 250.00 and an entrepreneur with an annual income of £ 1500.00. Should I combine the two revenues?

3.What is your employment status? Can I also choose an employee and self-employed at the same time?

uk – Apply for a visitor's visa if a visa extension has been applied for

Can anyone suggest if I can apply for a visitor's visa for my mother, who will sign me up as sponsor, when my visa / BRP expires on September 11 and she plans on September 28th?
I am on ICT T2 and my visa extension has already been submitted and the date for the bio-metric has been confirmed for the 5th of September.

Since I'm paying her entire travel expenses, I am afraid that her visa will be denied because of my inadequate BRP validity.

I have already submitted your visa application and am paused to make an appointment to receive submissions / hear similar experiences from anyone.

I can present all documents of my sponsorship (allocated until September 2021), the application submitted and all documents of my visa extension. Will this evidence be taken into account and my mother's visitor's visa approved?

Canada – Do you have to sign Form 5707e for applying for a Canadian Visitor Visa online?

Do I have to sign Form 5707e when applying for a Canadian visitor's visa online? There are fields for the signature, but I can not enter my name because the form is protected. Some sources claim that no signature is required, but I do not see any official proof. Other sources say that you actually have to print, sign, and then scan and upload the form.

The main 5257e form, completed and validated through Adobe Reader, explicitly states that online applications do not require a signature (although there is a field for a signature). However, there is no "Confirm" button for the 5707e form. So it's not clear if I have to print, sign and then scan.

After I had entered my question, I found this question, but the accepted answer does not provide a source from which to actually sign the form by hand, and so I am not sure that the answer is credible. As I said earlier, there is information that contradicts this answer.

Visa – I need help with proof of funds

I have 2 jobs.

My dad has a company where he is involved in manufacturing, importing and exporting, and I run this part-time (for the moment) job, somehow managing it as a manager in my father's absence. Now I work as a consultant for a bank as an engineer. This is the job that I do full time and I put in my account. And I also have the payrolls.

Now I would like to apply for a visit / tourist visa to Canada, I am Nigerian to visit a member of my family. I got documents for the company my father keeps (including bank statements). That worries me now. As I work as a consultant for a bank and my bank statement carries my salaries and I have payslips as proof, I also have bank statements, company registration documents and affidavits that can also be added to this documentation, which shows that I have sufficient evidence of funds to sponsor me in Canada and return home

Russia – Russian visa registration

I plan to stay 6 days in Moscow, 1 day in Tver, 1 day in Veliky Novgorod and 6 days in St. Petersburg. The accommodations in Moscow and St. Petersburg are hostels and the other two apartments at AirBnB. How do I go about my visa registration? My plan was to get the hostel in Moscow to register when I arrived, and then get the hostel in St. Petersburg to do the same. Is that OK?

Us Citizens – Do I have to apply for an Oman visa one month in advance?

I deal with this question and try to understand the procedure for a tourist visa for Oman. While my question is similar, it is a bit different.

I will take a 20-hour break from Nepal in January (14, 2020). The statement in the above question is:

The visa must be used within one month of the permit to enter Oman.

So, do I have to wait until December 14th to enter Oman to apply, as it can take a few days to a few weeks to get approved? I do not see any way to enter the arrival date during the application process.

Visa – use of the Affidavit as an additional document for registering business names for TRV Canada

In preparation for submission to the TRV (Temporary Residence Visa for Canada), I received my registration form for company names and would like to ask a clarification question. Basically, I was asked to provide a company name registration document on the IRCC website, along with other documents on the online application platform.

Now I have my registration document for the company name (company actually belongs to my father, but he used my name when opening / registering the company). Now here's what I wanted to ask if I'm on the right track. I went to the High Court of Justice today for an affidavit confirming that I am the CEO of the Company. Is there something that seems to be missing? Or do I have to present in detail some other pending documents that I have to submit, aside from business registration documents, account statements and the affidavit that makes the IRCC convincing and persuasive about its relations with the home country?

Edit: I'm from Nigeria

Paperwork – Turkey tourist visa between jobs

So here's the situation: I have my visa interview next week. I plan to travel to Turkey in the last week of September. In addition, I will change the job in September. My last working day is September 13th and the starting date for the new company is September 16th. Now neither of them is willing to tell me the employer letter that I will be on a personal leave. Has anyone faced this situation? Should I instead state that I take a break from work and are unemployed during the travel period? How risky is that?

Travel visa for a week to India

I am an American citizen and I hope to visit India for a week in October. According to the Internet, there are several ways to use the VISA route, but the online route seems to be the easiest. However, it costs a decent amount, so I want to make sure I get everything right before I apply. Do I have to remove my ticket before I apply? Is it a big deal if I'm not sure exactly Data that I will be there for (I would be absent only a day or two). What else should I consider? Thanks a lot!