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Study – Belgian visa follow-up

9 months ago I applied for a visa for Belgium. Despite this longer period, the answer to my application is still pending. I even filed a complaint with the SPF Interiour against the Immigration Office, but they did nothing (explanations only). Could you please help me as I can ask her after all this time to give an answer?
I really need your help.
Thank you in advance.

esta – As inadmissible for a B1 / B2 visa, what's next?

I'm a British citizen and have been planning a 6-month tour of the US for some time. I have put my B1 / B2 visa in order, but my girlfriend (British citizen like me) has complications with her. When she went to her interview, she was found to be "ineligible". We believe this was due to some discrepancies between her application and her job interview. For example, when she originally applied, she did not have a job, but has since had one who will resume her after our trip. So, we've got another appointment with the embassy, ​​and their application is up to date, but the earliest available date is two weeks before our flights. Suffice to say that we are in a panic.

What I want to know is what would be our safest bet at this time? Do we try again in the embassy for a b1 / b2 as planned? or cancel this appointment and simply apply online for ESTA. I've heard that you can stay at an ESTA for up to 90 days at a time, but this can be increased to 180 days a year, as long as it's not all at once? It's a bit tougher to leave the country for a few days, but we're ready to do so if it's our best option.

I attached the letter she received after her interview. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

** enter image description here **

Rejection notice for the Swiss visa of 2010

In 2010 I had a visa refusal from India to Switzerland. My daughter's passport was linked to my passport because she was a minor at the time. The travel agency has not given us a reason for refusal. Now my daughter will apply for a student visa for the UK. I would like a refusal from the Swiss Embassy. Please give me instructions on how to proceed.

Visa – Waiver of the visa requirement for Section 212 (a) (6) (c) (i)

In 2014 my little boy was born in Arlington Heights, USA. In 2015, I was deported from Chicago airport with my wife and small American citizen. In 2017, I applied again for a visitor's visa when they gave me green paper and asked for paid hospital bills. I paid it and sent it to the consulate, but without a visa. Then I applied in January 2019, and the consular officer told me in writing that I was inadmissible in the US under Section 212 (a) (6) (c) (i), which means I have to give it up. So, can you give it up and let me know whether I get a US visa or not after this waiver?

The US visa was rejected for the first time and would like to apply again

By my title, you probably think that my problem is similar or is a duplicate of some cases. I do not believe that. So, please share your thoughts πŸ™‚

I am Indonesian and have been living in Germany for 4 years. I have been doing my doctorate for 4 years (with a scholarship) BUT My residence permit in Germany is temporarily valid until January 2020. In May 2018 I applied for the first time a US visa with a type of (combination) B1-B2. The reason why I applied at that time was to participate in one (not scientific) Conference, so this has nothing to do with my PhD. I met all the requirements and was able to prove (in my written application submitted to the system) that I would receive a monthly scholarship with a (more than) sufficient amount for life here. During the interview, everything seemed to go smoothly until the officer asked me about (1) my Ph.D. topic and (2) my plan when I finished my PhD. I replied that (1) my topic was to develop a specific computer system (as I do here) and (2) after my trip to the US I would return to Germany and after my PhD to Indonesia. But suddenly the officer looked unhappy and said, "Well, I think there is no such system in Indonesia and you can not develop it there." I only replied that it was correct, but the applications of such a computer system can be used for the development of a danger system in Indonesia. But before I went any further, the officer said, "I'm sorry we can not issue a visa for you." I received (as usual) a letter from section 214 (b), which states

  • "… You have not been able to prove that your intended activities are compatible with the classification of the non-immigrant visa you have requested".
  • It was also written in the letter (as I think also written in most cases) that I do not have strong relationships with foreigners or those who force me to return to my homeland after traveling to the US,

Before I apply again for the same nonscientific conference this month, I'd like to have your thoughts:

  1. Would it be rejected again because my application is currently only significantly improved at the time of my doctorate?
  2. Did I advertise wrongly then that I should use only B1 instead of a combination of B1-B2? I asked that because it is implied from the first point,
  3. Did I wrongly explain my doctoral student's topic to the official, as if it were too sophisticated for a country like Indonesia, whose technology is currently increasing, so that even if I return there, it has no meaning whatsoever and the officer did not trust me? I asked that because it is implied from the second point above,
  4. I still do not understand why the letter says that there are no strong ties between me and the foreign countries (which I think is Germany here, right?). I explained that I am doing my doctorate here and it obviously shows the strong bond between me and Germany. Am I wrong?

I am just afraid that it will be increasingly difficult for me in the future if I apply again this time and it is rejected. In other words, should it be better to wait and apply when I'm in Indonesia?

PS: A friend of mine who is from China and is also a doctoral student on a scholarship (even a little lower than me), also applied for the US visa for the same conference at that time and his application was accepted.

Many thanks.

My sponsor for my Schengen visa does not have a passport, just an identity card. Is it allowed

I'm from Madagascar, but study abroad in Turkey. I travel to France in the summer for tourism. My father, who lives in Madagascar, will sponsor my trip. My dad does not have a passport because he has never traveled. May he prove his identity only with his ID card? I saw on an article that the passport number should be noted in the sponsor letter and a copy of the passport with all documents should be sent. I dont know.

US – US visa more likely with good track record?

Are you more likely to get a new approved Nichteinwanderer US visa if you have entered, and left, legally, regularly and punctually to the US several times over the years?

For example, if you've already entered the United States with the J1 visa, you have a better chance of getting a new J1, provided you're in and out of the US on time, the last time you had the J1 leaked.