Switch the visibility of the table contents in the sidebar with the table of contents and the plugin

I use table of contents plus Plugin for displaying table contents in the sidebar and before the first headline.

Currently, I think users can toggle the visibility of the table content in the sidebar as well as the table content before the first headline

Can someone tell me how to do it?

If a Facebook site is no longer tagged as spam, is visibility on Facebook still limited and can this be prevented?

Two of my posts linking to my site were tagged as spam yesterday and restored after my appeal. Then I posted another link and today all my posts have been withdrawn. All posts that I share are academic and sell nothing. I just post it in different groups (maybe too many), but still everyone likes it. Now all releases from others (which are real) are gone.

Is there a way to increase the likelihood that it will be accepted in the future and will no longer be marked as spam? I've heard that the reach of my page is reduced by up to 80% on successful appeal. And I have to fake the link to prevent this in the future. Is that correct?

I have read the community standards, but there is no helpful information.

The domain of my website contains Unicode characters (quảcảu.com). After being encoded in punycode format, it may look spammy (xn--qucu-hr5aza.com).

Visibility and Index of Products – Magento Stack Exchange

In Magento 2, one of the products on the front was not visible. If the command-line indexer is running: The product is re-indexed. Why do I need to run indexer: reindex? In the system -> index management, settings are already "update on schedule", cron is running and in colmn updated data is changed. The product should be displayed automatically?

But … in the database in the indexer_state table, there are different data, and that data changed when I ran indexer: reindex. So what is this table, why does it have different data than in admin (System -> Index Management)?

Thanks for any help

unreal 4 – Problem with the visibility of the progress bar

I have a code with several elements. One of these elements I want you to initiate hidden.

So I have set the progress bar to disappear. It started to go wrong when I called its visibility (bond).

I ran a test with this problematic progress bar, and another one created on time:

Enter image description here

The progress bar with the visibility setting feature will be displayed, even if I have hidden the start:

Enter image description here

As I said, I believe that this strange behavior is solely due to the fact that there is such a function:

Enter image description here

Although I have created a Boolean variable that imposes a condition, the bar insists that the following is displayed:

Enter image description here

The variable enclosed in quotation marks is introduced as false by default:

Enter image description here

I thought the blame might be with the return node, but as you can see in the fourth picture, the progress bar will still be displayed, even if you put "hidden".

python 3.x – How does the life cycle and visibility of the Flask.g object work?

In Flask there is an object called G or Flask.g which according to the documentation is used for data storage. And this object is used to assign something to it.

For example:

def get_db ():
if & dgr; db & # 39; not in g:
g.db = sqlite3.connect (
detect_types = sqlite3.PARSE_DECLTYPES
g.db.row_factory = sqlite3.Row

return g.db

Top in g.db A database access instance is stored. However, I have some doubts about the visibility and life cycle of this object G during its use.

  1. The object G is visible only in the scope of the request and it is
    Memory as soon as the request is completed?
  2. The object G is visible between blueprints?
  3. The life cycle of G is it for the entire context of the application?

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8 – Add a hidden facet query parameter to the visibility filter for search_api_solr

I have a solr database of books that use facets and a filter for the search form. That works great.

I have a node type "book" on which I want to place a search form that does a keyword search in the solr database, but is limited to this single book and not to the entire database. The contents of each book are retrieved from a .txt attachment attached to the node and extracted with search_api_attachments.

I've created a facet with the node title so each book node has a single facet to limit a search to that one book. However, I can not figure out how to create a search form that sends the query to my book search page with this selection.

I've tried using filters, facets, form_alter hooks, trying to append the facet search parameter to the URL, and every approach I try causes something to not work in time. I think I either have another one create exposed filters with various options or incorporate and modify the existing form in the book nodes.

I'm not asking for work code – please point me in the right direction, which hook should I examine? Can it be done in views? Should I use filters, facets or change the Solr query directly?

Many Thanks 🙂