sharepoint online – New notebooks not visible for other members (office 365)

When I go to we have a default sharepoint team site.
This contains also a default Notebook, which I renamed “Klad”.

Now we would like to create additional notebooks for our team. However my team members don’t see the newly created notebooks. They only see “Klad”, which was the default one that I renamed. but they don’t see “Cases” and “Support”. I am the only one who is seeing these newly created notebooks “Cases” and “Support”:

enter image description here

Here is how I created the notebooks:

  1. I went to signed in with my account (added myself to the administrators)
  2. Clicked the Settings gear icon and selected “Site contents”
  3. Went to “Site Assets” and did “New” –> “OneNote notebook”.

I compared the default notebook “Klad” permissions with my permissions and both have “Team Site Members” and “Team Site Visitors”:

the default which I renamed “Klad”, which is visible to all team members:

enter image description here

my newly created one “Cases” isn’t visible for my colleagues but seems to have the same permissions:

enter image description here

now what am I doing wrong? both seem to have the same permissions, but still the one I created in Site Assets isn’t visible for my other team members when they go to the TeamSite, and click NoteBook and click the Notebooks icon. They only see their personal one and the default Team Notebook.

When I try to see which users are in “Team Site Members” I only see “Everyone except external users”.

How can I create additional team notebooks and make sure that my colleagues see it? As I thought I’ve done it correctly.

What is your process for helping a local business become more visible in search results? – SEO Help (General Chat)

3 ways to ensure that my local business shows up in Google

1. Google My Business
-Provide all necessary information
-Build stellar reviews
-Respond to bad reviews
-Ensure that you have a precise geocode
-Give details

2. Local SEO (search engine optimization)
-Targeted content
-Optimize title tags and headers
-Include a map on your website

3. Web design
-Custom CTAs
-Include multimedia
-Great site navigation
-Mobile friendliness
-Client testimonials

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visas – Is a sub 90 rates criminal record issued in Germany visible by foreign EU officials?

Last year, I got a criminal record in Germany for riding a bicycle drunk, having a car accident (broke a car’s mirror), and fleeing the scene (I left a note, but someone called the police, and they found the note).

This resulted in me getting a Strafbefelh, 40 daily rates. As my lawyer explained it, this criminal record is considered non-public since 1) it’s the first offense 2) it’s sub 90 daily rates, and can only be seen by courts and prosecutors should I commit another crime, so I can freely claim that I don’t have a criminal record as for now.

I am applying for a skilled migrant visa in another EU country, and in the application form, they specifically ask whether or not I’ve been charged with anything anywhere ever.
I’ve been told that I specify that I have a criminal record, my chances of getting the visa are none, so I am not going to do that.

Is there any chance the information about my criminal record would pop up during the background check?
Do foreign EU agencies have access to such information despite the criminal record not being considered public by german officials?

How to keep a custom map visible during a regular google maps search?

I have a custom map saved. On the computer, I view it by going to [Hamburger Icon] > Your places > Maps. When I click on the map, I can see the places on that map. But I want to search hotels near some of those places, and I can’t figure out how. When I hit the back arrow, the map disappears. How can I keep my custom map visible during a normal Goole maps search? Surely this has to be possible…

H1 tag – Visible i at the top in mobile, but is under all content

So this is the dilemma we are having:
We used to have two H1-tags that were the same. Now we are having just one H1 tag since we saw no need of having two.

  • On desktop, it looks great. H1 tag is in the top, both visible and in the code.
  • On Mobile the H1 tag is in the top for the user, but after all content for the crawler.

What is the best solution to go with here? Keep the H1 at the end of the code or go with two H1 tags that are the same?


sharepoint online – JSON view formatting [$Editor] en [$Modified] not visible

Try this JSON for test (it is working for me):

    "$schema": "",
    "hideSelection": true,
    "hideColumnHeader": true,
    "rowFormatter": {
        "elmType": "div",
        "attributes": {
            "class": "sp-row-card"
        "children": (
                "elmType": "div",
                "attributes": {
                    "class": "sp-row-title"
                "txtContent": "($Modified)"
                "elmType": "div",
                "attributes": {
                    "class": "sp-row-title"
                "txtContent": "($"


In order to access the Modified By and Modified columns in JSON, it should be included in the list view.

You can include the column in list view from view settings like:

enter image description here

official documentations:

  1. Use view formatting to customize SharePoint
  2. Use column formatting to customize SharePoint – You can find supported functions and guidelines for JSON formatting in this link

The people field object has the following properties (with example values):

   "id": "122",
   "title": "Kalya Tucker",
   "email": "",
   "sip": "",
   "picture": "",
   "department":"Human Resources",
   "jobTitle":"HR Manager"

Also, to convert the date columns in other formats, you can use toLocaleDateString() or toLocaleString() functions.

magento2 – Custom Layout update not visible in admin in single store mode

So I’m well aware that the Custom Layout Update changed with update 2.3.4 so that you now need to create an XML file. 

My Problem.. 

When Single Store Mode is switched to YES,  the file is not visible in the Category admin menu under Design: Custom Layout Update. 

Switch Single Store Mode to NO, and the file is then able to be selected in Design: Custom Layout Update. 

I am using the Olegnax Athlete 2 theme and the theme developer assures me there is nothing wrong with the theme. I’m including two screenshots of the stores config in Single Store mode below. 



Notice in single store mode the store and store view are blank in the Content:design:configuration.  I believe this is normal in single Store mode. 

Any help would be appreciated.