I'm trying to find a way to get a 3-year Schengen multiple-entry visa to visit a German friend and family

I wish I could find some answers or tips that Google has kept secret. I am a student in Italy and I plan to move to the UK next year (Pakistani passport), but meanwhile I would also like to maintain a long-term Schengen visa because I travel a lot and my friend is from Germany and often go to him see. Our relationship is nowhere registered, so it is unofficial to meet the few specified criteria. I want to find out if I can fit into a category to apply for a long-term visa and not the agony to apply for a short-term visa every time in a while. Does anyone have experience with it? Basically, I'm just trying to find a way to have one leg in Schengen and the other in the UK. Many thanks.

Transit Visa – How to use the form "How much money do you plan to spend on your visit to the UK?" filled in for a child traveling with both parents?

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google – Number of unique visitors who stay 30 seconds or more and visit 2 or more pages

I have been asked to report a number based on the number of unique visitors that stay longer than 30 seconds AND call two or more pages.

My plan was to create a custom report or segment based on those criteria, but in both cases I encounter the same problem. Pages per session is a metric in Analytics, which means I can not use it as a filter. (At least in standard Google Analytics).

Do I miss something here? These seem to be pretty basic variables.

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Download all websites I will visit

Wget is a website download tool. I'm assuming you're using Windows, so you can use a native implementation like http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/wget.htm. Alternatively, you can set up a * nix environment for it, but that's a lot of work if you've never dealt with it before. I have never used the Windows version.

Wget can follow links to retrieve pages after the first one. For example, take www.example.com with the files / page1 / page2 and / page3. However, only / page1 and / page2 are linked from the start page or from each other. wget will not know to get / page3. Wget also has settings for retrieving images and other files, as well as tracking links to other domains and getting links in depth.

What documents do I need for a second visit to the UK with a multiple entry visa for C-Tourist?

My first visit was in July for a conference that lasted three days. Since I had school and work, I returned to my homeland without visiting any of the places I wanted to visit in the UK. My visa was issued on the basis of the invitation to the conference, and the organizers also organized my accommodation.
I return in October during a ten-day vacation and will live with my mother's cousin in Luton during this time. I will carry an up-to-date certificate of the safety of my work and a certificate from my school.

My question is, do I need a letter from my mother's cousin stating that I will stay with them during this time, as I have no hotel booking? Is there another document that I should expect to be requested by border control?

It may be important to note that when I applied for my visa, I did not mention a family in the UK.