usa – Canadian Citizens residing in the US on an E2 business visa wanting to travel to Canada to visit sick and elderly parents and children

These are the rules for Canadians without Covid symptoms returning to Canada as of August 2020.

You MUST quarantine for 14 days, provide contact information and
monitor yourself for symptoms subject to the Minimizing the Risk of
Exposure to COVID-19 in Canada Order (Mandatory Isolation) No. 3.

Ensure you have a suitable place of quarantine that has the
necessities of life. Go directly to your place of quarantine without
delay and stay there for 14 days from the date you arrived in Canada.
You must wear a suitable mask or face covering while in transit.
Practise physical distancing at all times.

Note that quarantine means not having contact with anyone outside your household. (your household being people you live with, i.e. you and your wife). So you need to spend 14 days in quarantine in your home before you visit (or are visited by) your close friends and family. You would want to do this anyway because your 92 year old mother is exceptionally vulnerable to Covid.

You need to convince border guards that you have a plan to achieve this and will follow it before they allow you in.

I’m UK national my new non-eu wife has schengen Residency card for UK (family member via son in-law) does she need a visa to visit other eu country?

I have tried to ask Traveldoc and it seems that I was correct!!!!

Your wife has a residence permit in a Schengen country you did not mention. Schengen countries act as a single territory in terms of borders, so if she can enter that country, she can move across the Schengen area.

United Kingdom (UK) (GBR) – Greece (GRC) 23 Jul 2020

Visa is not required for passengers holding valid residence permits issued by either a Schengen Area member state or Monaco. Maximum stay of 90 days.

I have simulated a Traveldoc trip assuming that your wife has a Spanish residence permit (to pick a random), and that you are leaving from the UK.

It is noteworthy to tell that when you enter Greece from any other Schengen country, there is no immigration control. Nobody is likely to ask anything on disembark at the ariport or seaport. At departure, your wife must still show the valid residence permit.

Instead, when arriving from the UK, you will both be stopped at immigration control. The peculiarity of the Schengen area as a single territory is that it is absolutely normal for someone living in Spain to catch a connection in Greece, as flights, trains and cruises from Greece to any other Schengen country are domestic at all effects.

uk – Where can I park to visit Wast Water in the Lake District, North England?

I am planning to visit Wast Water in the Lake District (North England) as it is England’s deepest lake.

On the National Trust website, it says the nearest parking is:

  • Pay and display parking at Lake Head (OS: NY 182075). NT members can scan their membership card at the machine. Non members, please note this machine takes cash only

I noticed this is quite far from the actual lake:

enter image description here

Is there anything closer? Maybe even for free?

safety – In Poland, is/are there any region dangerous for non-white people to visit?

From 2016, Poland saw the rise of right-wing nationalists.

In Poland, are there any cities or special regions in cities which are dangerous for non-white people to go to?

I mean, are there any cities or areas in cities in which predominantly white supremacists live and they are antagonistic to non-white people, and which are dangerous as a result?

usa – I am a Jamaican citizen granted asylum in the United States. May I use my refugee travel documents to visit the Bahamas?

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Visit Los Angeles, California without leaving your couch :)

There’s a cheap way to see Los Angeles, California — and it can be done with the click of a button.

Something for fun if you can’t go outside because of COVID-19 :very_drunk:


usa – Do I need a Visa or Passport to Visit the Caymans?

US Citizens can enter without a passport provided they can show an original or notarised birth certificate to prove their citizenship, and that they have a return or through ticket to a country that will accept them. (Source)

Whilst it might be technically possible to fly without a passport, returning to the US with just a birth certificate might lead to delays at US immigration.

A passport is the way to go.