I missed my medical visit for my carte de sejour in france due to COVID-19. Can I still re-enter the country on my work visa?

I missed my medical visit for my carte de sejour in france due to COVID-19. Can I still re-enter the country on my work visa? I recieved my visa in November. My medical appointment to receive my carte de sejour was scheduled in mid March, but since all the craziness happened with COVID i returned to the US and couldn’t attend my medical appointment. Will i be allowed back into the country on my work visa, how does one go about rescheduling the medical appointment?

weather and climate – Which is the best time of year to visit Bali?

It is a tropical area, other than the density of the rain there is no much difference in the weather, temperatures are from 28-30C around the year.

Dry season: April – September. With May, June and July being the coolest months when temperatures ‘drop’ to 28C.

Monsoon season: starts in October and ends in March.

Source: indonesiatravelplan.co.uk

Customs and Immigration – Termination to visit my British friend longer

So I'm in a long-distance relationship with a man from England. We have been together for a little over a year now. He visited me here in the U.S. for two weeks in April 2018, and I visited him for two weeks in October and November 2018. My goal is to visit him again in a few months after saving some money. I hope that I can stay a little longer than 2 weeks, about a month.

But I'm honestly not sure if my boss will give me a month off to visit him, so I'm considering the idea of ​​quitting my job to see it and just use it as an opportunity a better job to look for when I get home. Obviously I understand that it is frowned upon not to have a job as a tie at home, so I just hope that you can give me some advice on what some of my options might be to be able to see it without causing complete control on the border.

I've read about some people who advise lying a little bit about my reason and so on, and I'm absolutely not interested in lying. Do you all think it would raise too many questions for me to visit him for a month with adequate resources but without work? He is employed and would also help with some financial burdens. We are discussing a weeklong trip in London to see if I can stay a whole month. Would proof of accommodation there help me or not? ?

I'm sorry if I'm stupid for my questions. I only know that I miss him terribly and am ready to visit him again, but I want to do things right. Thanks for all posts in advance!

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Apply for a visa with my family to visit the UK

I am a Nigerian citizen and I am applying for a visa with my spouse and my only toddler to visit the UK. I work for a shipping company in Nigeria but my salary is transferred to my bank account by my employer via a cash payment (not a transfer from the company account). We also have a registered joint company, my husband has 2 part-time jobs. We both have no travel history. We have enough money in our business and personal accounts to cover the cost of the trip for 10 days. What are our chances of rejection.