customs and immigration – UK Visitor Visa: Is the fact me and my girlfriend are planning to get married in her country good evidence she will leave again

I am a UK citizen and my long-time girlfriend is a Russian citizen. She has visited the UK once before a year ago on a visitor visa for a month.

In around 6 months we plan to get married in Russia, and then to apply for a family visa to stay in the UK. Until that time, I would like for her to stay with me for a few months on a visitor visa (I can’t go to Russia right now due to lockdown rules, and the family visa is too expensive right now — I’m starting a PhD in October which would give me the funds). Would it be sensible to be upfront on my visa application about my plans, and are these plans sensible?

Thank you

UK Visitor Visa Application

I am a student currently studying in Hungary and will like to visit a family friend in the UK for the summer holidays for a period of 2 weeks.

The documents I will be providing are:

I] My uncles Bank Statements
II] Permission letter from School
III] Bank statements and sponsorship letter from my uncle
IV] Translated Letters
V] Residence Permit and Passport

Is there anything I will need?

Restoring original visitor IP | Web Hosting Talk

Hello guys

I am using Cloudflare as revers proxy and LiteSpeed as web server, I’ve enabled restoring original visitor IP in LiteSpeed console, Now i can see original visitor IP in access log (Raw access in cpanel) but when i run following command it still show cloudflare IPs instead of original IPs


netstat -anp |grep 'tcp|udp' | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

How can i check original visitor IPs by command line as live ( I mean while visitors are browsing or sending request to my websites)?

usa – Accompanying my wife (who is student) as a visitor

My wife is going to start her studies in the US. We are both Canadian citizens, and I’m working for a US-based company, that has an office in Canada (so it’s basically registered as a Canadian company)

I would like to accompany her to the US, and help her in finding a place, starting her day-to-day life, etc.

We both have I-20’s, and I intend to continue working for my company (the entity that I’m working for right now) while I’m in the US for a couple of months. I read another thread where people suggested to no to mention that you work remotely when your are visiting the US.

Now I have a few concerns:

  1. Will I have a problem at the border? when accompanying my wife? is there a chance that they say “you won’t come back to Canada, because your wife is going to stay there for a long time, so you will as well?”

  2. Should I go there as a visitor or with the I-20? Considering the COVID-19 situation I’m not sure they will even let me in as visitor.

  3. Should I mention that I’m working while there?


UK Visitor Visa for PLAB exam expiring and exams cancelled due to COVID

I’m currently in my home country. I applied for the visit visa in February and was granted a six month visit visa. I was planning to travel in third week of March for the exam when things locked down and exams got cancelled. I applied for another date in first week of August, but that was cancelled, too. My visa expires in 2nd week of August but the exams will resume in September or October.

What are my options now apart from letting the visa expire and applying again? I was rejected once before and my PLAB 1 expires in November.

driving – Can I insure a US visitor on my UK Vehicle?

I’m a UK Citizen and own a car registered and insured in the UK. I have a friend who is planning on visiting from the US, entering as a tourist. They have a US driving licence.

We would like to take a road trip through Europe; I’m insured to do this in my vehicle but we would like to share the driving. I have already emailed a help request to my insurance company to ask if I could add them as a temporary driver, however I don’t hold out much hope as they say on their website:

We can’t amend your policy to cover a driver or vehicle on a temporary basis.


You must have a valid UK or EU licence.
You must be a resident of Great Britain (not including Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands).

I have also tried some temporary insurance companies, but all seem to want a UK or EU Licence.

Are there any other options to allow my friend to drive my car, or should we be looking at rentals?

uk – Visitor visa application

I applied for a visitor visa on behalf of my nephew, who’s in Italy. This was refused as it states he did not disclose the fact he already had an application rejected. I thought the question meant had he applied from Italy before, so ticked no. When my nephew pointed out that he had applied for a visa when he was in Pakistan, I stupidly told him that of course the home office would be aware of this and not to worry. If they queried then we would clarify. They didn’t query but outright rejected his application and as they thought he was trying to deceive them, he’s had a ban put on for 10 years. It seems harsh for something that was a] my fault and b] a misleading question.

I can understand if we had changed his details then he could be accused of deception, but everything else was correct. What can I do, if anything? I feel so guilty that he will suffer from my stupidity.

visas – 90-year old Peruvian citizen’s US visitor status expiring soon, can she stay in the country during the Covid-19 pandemic?

My Peruvian 90-year old mother has a valid visa up to 2023. Her stay is ending June 19 of this year 2020. We feel it is not safe to go back to Peru and there is nobody who could take care of her there.

If she applies for extension of stay I-539 and the extension is denied OR if the extension of stay is approved but ends, what could we do? Can she apply for an humanitarian case?

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