18.04 – vlc stutters in the gnome flashback session but not in the unit

I have reinstalled Ubuntu 18.04 and added gnome-session-flashback. When I play a video with the vlc player in my Metacity Flashback Session, it starts to jerk. But when I start a unity session, vlc plays my video perfectly.

I also have gnome-mplayer installed and it plays my video in a Flashback session without problems.

What could cause my VLC player to stutter during my Flashback session?

Driver – VLC SDR 10 bit 4k video stuttering in Ubuntu 16.04 on ThinkPad P52 with NVidia Quadro P1000

I've installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Windows 10 on my ThinkPad P52.

Hardware configuration is –
Processor: i7 8750H (6 cores, 12 threads)
RAM: 16 GB 2400 MHz
NVME drive: Samsung NvME EVO Plus 500 GB
GPU: NVidia Quadro P1000 (Mobile)

Enter image description here

I think the hardware configuration is more than enough to play 4k SDR videos with 10-bit encoding.

When I play SDR 4k 10-bit video with VLC 3 on Windows 10, it works fine. But when I play the same SDR 4k 10-bit video with VLC (both VLC 3 and VLC 4) on Ubuntu 16.04, it jerks continuously.

The NVidia video driver on Ubuntu is already installed and available in the official repository. The version is 384.

Enter image description here

Does anyone know what the problem is and how can I fix it?

VLC for Android – The search function does not work for files on an external SD memory card

I have VLC for Android v2.06. The Android is v7.1.1

This screenshot shows the screen I get when I tap on "Settings". Next, I'll click on "Directories" to select which directories to add to my media library (just so they can be accessed through the search for the included files).

Enter image description here

Next, I see the screen below. None of the directories will be checked because I have selected subdirectories under these directories. The directory "8624-1207" is the only external SD memory card in my phone.

Enter image description here

If I click on the previous screenshot of the directory "8624-1207", you can see that I have selected some subdirectories. However, files in these subdirectories will not be displayed when I use the Search field in VLC for Android. Files in my internal directories (ie non-SD card directories) are displayed. Any thoughts on how to fix it?

Enter image description here

Can I save the video filter settings in VLC for IOS?

When I transfer a video from my computer to the iPad to watch in VLC, the color of the video on my iPad appears darker. Why this? Is there a way to save the video filter settings in VLC for IOS because the video will look better / brighter when you start the gamma setting than when I watch it on my computer?
I just want the video quality to be the same when I transfer a video to VLC on my iPad.

Audio – Edited song information in VLC – will not open in any other player

Basically, it says in the title. I ripped a Windows Media Player CD to WMA, which I opened with VLC Media Player to edit the track information. Apparently, it uses an unusual file format because Windows now no longer displays title information for these files, as it does for other files (columns are empty for those files), and they will not play in Windows Media Player (The other Player that I thought was most likely to play WMA files) or Winamp (my music player of choice).

Is there a way to convert the metadata back to a more readable format? Or another way to play these files in something other than VLC?

Windows 10 – How to force Win10 to use VLC as an option to open FTP log files

Similar to how we force certain apps to be included in order to open certain file extensions, I want to be able to open FTP log files / redirection with VLC.

I have some video files on my FTP server and the server is added to Windows Explorer as the network directory. When I browse the files and try to open a video file, I can only select from the browsers (the location of the file in the properties looks something like this: ftp: //host/path/to/file/360_NO_SCOPE.mkv )

Many Thanks.

Video as wallpaper in multiscreen and dual monitor with VLC?

As you can see in this question, you can use a custom video as wallpaper over the resourceful VLC. And it works great. On a screen.

Now I start Ubuntu 19.04 Disco with the usual vertical multiscreens and also use an external monitor to work.

I've found that VLC just "opens" one video and puts everything else behind it to emulate what a normal background does (except that the icons are hidden, but I have none, so that's fine).

I think it's too much to expect that I can have the background video on every screen and monitor.

If so, which alternatives? The best way I've found so far is Komorebi, which manages to start the video on any screen / monitor, but crashes with segmentation errors or other errors within minutes.

Any help?