Windows 10 – How to force Win10 to use VLC as an option to open FTP log files

Similar to how we force certain apps to be included in order to open certain file extensions, I want to be able to open FTP log files / redirection with VLC.

I have some video files on my FTP server and the server is added to Windows Explorer as the network directory. When I browse the files and try to open a video file, I can only select from the browsers (the location of the file in the properties looks something like this: ftp: //host/path/to/file/360_NO_SCOPE.mkv )

Many Thanks.

Video as wallpaper in multiscreen and dual monitor with VLC?

As you can see in this question, you can use a custom video as wallpaper over the resourceful VLC. And it works great. On a screen.

Now I start Ubuntu 19.04 Disco with the usual vertical multiscreens and also use an external monitor to work.

I've found that VLC just "opens" one video and puts everything else behind it to emulate what a normal background does (except that the icons are hidden, but I have none, so that's fine).

I think it's too much to expect that I can have the background video on every screen and monitor.

If so, which alternatives? The best way I've found so far is Komorebi, which manages to start the video on any screen / monitor, but crashes with segmentation errors or other errors within minutes.

Any help?

smart tv – VLC crashes when playing a video file in a Xiaomi TV box

I have a Xiaomi Tv Box International version. But I have a problem that I can not understand and fix. If I play a video with more than 3.5 GB ~ in the VLC app. The movie crashes more or less in the middle of the duration and crashes me. The experience is not satisfactory. When I try to change the video player, the error persists.

  • What is the maximum video file size that can be used to manage the Xiaomi TV Box?
  • Alternative of another player?
  • Does anybody have the same Problem?

Any idea?

VLC player does not respond to Mate 18.04

I ask for advice on how to fix my VLC player.
Which is "the latest version" of my "sudo apt-get upgrade".
At least a couple of times, the player stops (black screen) during a movie of average length and responds only to a double-click on a space bar.
A volume level is difficult to regulate even from a keyboard.
VLC was installed from the terminal.
Many Thanks. Igor

makefile – VLC Build Issue: Bison does not accept "-W"

Create all in modules
YACC codec / webvtt / CSSGrammar.c
/Applications/ invalid option - W
Try `/Applications/ --help & # 39; for more information.
do[2]: *** [codec/webvtt/CSSGrammar.c] Error 1
do[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
do: *** [all] Error 2

I was just trying to build VLC before Github, and that's exactly what happened. Well, I would normally have submitted a problem in their Github repository – but they only have a bug tracker, so I was not sure where to put this report and decided to ask how to handle it ,

The used BISON version: 2.3

Bison (GNU bison) 2.3
Written by Robert Corbett and Richard Stallman.

Copyright (C) 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software. See the source for the copy conditions. There is no

It's the biscuit used by XCode, so I'm assuming the version is too low. Should I use another version of Bison? Or what else can I do?

Permissions – Opening the music file in caja opens VLC as superuser

Run Ubuntu-Mate 4.18.0-16 generic
When I double-click on an mp4 with Caja to play some music, the mp4 will open in VLC, and on the window tile will display a vlc icon image and then the text "(as superuser)".

Installed with sudo apt install VLC, checked / etc / sudoers etc groups, shadow and passwd. Nothing in order. I am a single user with sudo permissions.

So how is VLC running as superuser?

Any explanations or instructions for examination are requested.

To prevent the VLC Media Player from closing automatically after the video ends

My VLC Media Player has started close automatically after the end of a video. It has never done that before and it seems that the setting was set after the last update.

I checked the settings but found nothing. Does anyone else have the same experience or does he know how to fix it?

My VLC media player version is 3.0.6 Vetinari, I use Windows 10 OS.

VLC does not play all songs

I've copied a couple dozen MP3s to an iPhone via iTunes. I used VLC to play them, but VLC Not play the next song. How can I play all the music on the device with VLC without having to constantly remove the phone, turn on the screen and manually play the next song?