How can I add a voucher to my checkout that is not registered in magento2?

My situation is as follows: I use an apiRest that brings me vouchers. Example: 20% discount for the entire purchase.

But I cannot apply it to the till and it is reflected.

I found this link that tells me how to create a custom voucher, but I don't understand how to make it dynamic:

I also found this other link that I thought would be my solution, but it didn't really work for me:

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plugins – How to use a non-existent voucher in Woocommerce

I use this code, this works perfectly until checkout.

function royal_woocommerce_filter_checkout_for_coupons( $subtotal, $compound, $cart ) {

    // Your logic to get store credit value for a user will go here
    $store_credit = 50;

    // We only need to add a store credit coupon if they have store credit
    if($store_credit > 0){

        // Setup our virtual coupon
        $coupon_name = 'store-credit';
        $coupon = array($coupon_name => $store_credit);

        // Apply the store credit coupon to the cart & update totals
        $cart->applied_coupons = array($coupon_name);

        $cart->set_total( $cart->get_subtotal() - $store_credit + wc()->cart->get_shipping_total() );
        $cart->coupon_discount_totals = $coupon;

    return $subtotal;

add_filter( 'woocommerce_cart_subtotal', 'royal_woocommerce_filter_checkout_for_coupons', 10, 3 );

However, when we pay, the voucher is automatically removed from the shopping cart.
Please help me what I am missing.

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magento2 – Magento 2: Discount voucher works ONLY on the checkout page

I have Magento 2.3.3 and found that the discount code on the checkout page does not work.
The strange thing is that it works on the shopping cart page, but it just doesn't matter at checkout.

On top of that, The buttons don't even have the text, To click the right button, I had to examine the element to see which was the cancel and which was the apply.

Here is a screenshot

Enter image description here

How can I fix it? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

magento 1.9 – Change voucher discount calculation

I am new to Magento and if someone can bring light to me, is there any way to override the calculation method when applying a discount?

Magician Version 1.9.4,

The problem is, for example, how the magician calculates the product price exl. VAT and apply VAT after deduction of a discount

//We have this rounding in Mage.
function roundPrice($price){
    return round($price, 2);

$productPrice = 61.67;
$qty = 2;
$discount = 25; //25%

$subTotal = roundPrice($productPrice * $qty);

$discount = roundPrice($productPrice - ($productPrice / 100) * $discount);

var_dump($subTotal - 30.84 (Fixed discount amount)); // Result float(92.5)

var_dump($discount); // Result float(92.51) I need to get this one cent instead of mage default calculation from convert percent into fixed 

BitVPS – VPS offer with voucher code especially for LEB! $ 8.29 / month

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Terminology – What is a flight ticket voucher?

When buying a return ticket, a single ticket and a single PNR will be issued. But I've heard that you can cancel a single leg of this outward and return journey.
How is that possible? They told me that these tickets have two "coupons" and they cancel the coupon instead of the ticket.
I would be glad if someone gives me an indication of this concept or explains it to me