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RackNerd introduces infrastructure stability, what everyone wants! RackNerd is led by industry experts who offer IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), private cloud solutions, DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), solutions with load balancing, flexible colocation, virtual private servers and advanced DDoS defense – all maintained by one Team with decades of experience in the areas of managed services, data center operations and infrastructure-as-a-service. RackNerd focuses on the success, growth and vision of its customers to expand worldwide. The company has grown steadily and continues to offer high quality hosting services at competitive prices.

We use only the most reliable hardware for corporate servers to ensure that your infrastructure is stable. Every customer engagement is unique. For this reason, we recommend that you contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and goals, and we will help you design the best environment for your mission-critical applications. Of course, including the most competitive prices!

We want to adjust the price or beat the competition. We want to work with new customers. Show us what we have to compete with and if it is sustainable we will even exceed their pricing! If you are already a customer, we are also interested in your expansion with RackNerd. Let's go!!!!

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We are not only experienced in what we do, we are a steadily growing web hosting company that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. For this reason, you should choose RackNerd as your web hosting provider. Understanding what customers want and putting them first is why we are successful.

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WRITE US AN EMAIL: sales@racknerd.com
GIVE US A CALL: 1 (888) 881-NERD

tls intercept – Is it safe to use https websites over unknown PPTP VPN?

For example, I want to create a Gmail account while connecting to an unknown PPTP VPN. Is it safe?
and my question is that the pptp vpn creator could see my gmail website information at all? (Gmail name, password or similar)?
and the last question is whether the pptp owner could decrypt our information with our private https key.

Linux – Transmission Daemon with VPN

I recently set up a home server. I tried to set up an OpenVPN on transfer daemon only. I've seen some options (Docker, network namespaces, LXC) but I'm not sure which is the best. From now on, network namespaces seem to be the best option. I've tried several tutorials, but none has worked. I know I'm probably doing something wrong, but I was hoping someone would have a clear explanation of how to set up these namespaces. And if namespaces aren't the best option, which would you recommend?

Encryption – Can I get double-layer protection if I use both desktop and browser-based VPN?

great question!

First, let's explain what browsers and standard VPN can do:

Standard VPN tunnels all data traffic via the VPN server.

Browser VPN ONLY tunnels traffic sent to websites.

Tunneling – This means that the data sent by your requests (or operating system requests) is encrypted and sent to the VPN server. The VPN server decrypts, reads, encrypts (as far as possible) and forwards your request to the original sender. After receiving the answer, he performs the same steps in reverse order.

When you ask about the additional level of security, everything depends on several factors:

Is the VPN service transparent? – Does this mean that the sender's original IP is shown or not?

Has VPN under contract blocked traffic to restricted sites? (That is, Kaspersky VPN in Russia is required to block traffic to blacklisted locations, which means that traffic sent through Kaspersky VPN must be VERIFIED.)

In general, the additional level of security depends on what you want to protect your data from.

One of the examples is: Browser VPN does not support anonymity, but standard VPN does. So you want to implement both to maximize anonymity.

Access Realization for VPN – Everything Else

A virtual private network is a tunnel, at the entrance of which a VPN client is installed on a user computer or device at the exit. There can be several VPN server exits. The VPN tunnel is responsible for the transfer of information between data source and recipient. The main purpose is to ensure the confidentiality of the session.
Inside the tunnel, VPN technology implements a technology that solves the strategically important tasks of information security. VPN technology can be classified according to three main methods: according to its implementation method according to the architecture of the technical solution and according to the operating level of the OSI model. Typically, VPN uses mixed options when all three methods are used together.
Hardware and software are installed at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, offering high protection for information that is transmitted via a dedicated private channel.
To connect to the VPN network, you need to perform the authentication and authentication process. If successful, the user is authorized to work in the network with the correct VPN access.

Metahuman VPN – VPN offers for the low-end box – from $ 1 a month!

MetaHuman recently contacted us with special sales prices for the LEB community. This applies to their VPN services, with one month off for the smaller plan below. On both plans, their discounts are valid until February 11th.

Additional details about their plans: passive ad blocking (public DNS blacklists), TLS crypt (XOR pending funding), 2FA with TOTP and Yubikey for the customer area and they are a nonprofit!

You can find their terms and conditions / legal documents here. They accept PayPal, Stripe (credit / debit), Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and cash / mail-in / offline as payment methods.

Here's what they had to say:

“Started in 2017 as a record company / event company and expanded into the technology services market, which offers web hosting, VPS / dedicated server hosting, web design and VPN services. We are a registered nonprofit in Oregon (waiting for 501c3 from IRS) and our goal is to help tech-oriented community programs in Portland Oregon. We not only want to provide high quality services, we also want to inform and have access to equipment who have had no chance or are less fortunate. "

Here are the offers:

Mutant Hatchling LEB

  • Up to 5 devices / connections to any VPN server
  • $ 1 / month – +1 free month, +1 device (up to 5 devices)

Mutant Army LEB

  • Up to 25 devices / connections to one of our VPN servers! (The maximum connection to each node is 10 clients.)
  • $ 3 / month – ($ 1 off regular price for up to 25 devices.)

Data center locations and test files:

Los Angeles, California, USA
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

San Francisco, California, USA
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Seattle, WA, USA
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Portland, OR, USA
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Miami, FL, USA
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

New York, NY, USA
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Hong Kong, CN
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Tokyo, Japan
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Vienna, AT
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Frankfurt, DE
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Paris, FR
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Bangalore, IN
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Zurich, CHE
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Toronto, CAN
Test files: 100MB test and 1GB test

Each VPN node is:


– Single Core 2.2-3.3Ghz Xeon CPU

– 1-2 GB RAM

– 10-25 GB SSD

– 100 Mbit / s 500 Mbit / s uplink (dedicated plans are 100 Mbit / s +, shared servers 200 Mbit / s +, depending on location and DC)

As always, we want to hear your feedback. So if you decide to buy a VPN from Metahuman, please share your experience with us!

Please let us know if you have any questions / comments and have fun!

vpn – Toggle to disable background data

In a public WLAN I use my personal VPN server. Before my VPN server can create a secure tunnel, GMail and WhatsApp can be synchronized.

Is there a way to do the following?

  • Allow background data in certain WiFi networks (e.g. my home / work network)
  • Prevent background data on all other WLANs unless the VPN tunnel is active
  • Prevent background data in the cellular network unless expressly permitted (to reduce data usage).