Web Application – Is the following javascript code vulnerable to DOM XSS?

I have the following JavaScript code in an application that marks BURP as potentially vulnerable. However, I was not lucky enough to achieve it.

var hash = window.location.hash;
if (hash) {
$ (& A)[href=”‘+ hash +'”]& # 39)[0].click(); }

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Is the above code vulnerable, and if so, with which URL fragment can it be executed?

dnd 5e – Do bullywugs have 1d6 damage and fall vulnerable on every high jump?

The PHB and the ground rules state:

At the end of a fall, a creature suffers knock damage for every 1d6 10 foot it fell to a maximum of 20d6. The creature ends up vulnerable unless it avoids damage from the fall.

The Statblock of the Bullywug (MM, p. 35) mentions:

Standing jump. The long jump of the Bullywug is up to 20 meters and the high jump is up to 10 footwith or without start.

So, if a bullywug jumps as high as possible, would it take 1d6 damage and become vulnerable?