astrophotography – Do I need to wait for new moon to get a Milky Way photograph?

I think this is based on a false premise.

Without needing a degree in astrophysics, this simple explanation will do…

Pretty much by definition a new moon is at its zenith at noon & behind the earth at night.
To create a new moon, the sun has to be behind the moon from our perspective, so its visible face is in shadow to us. This means they have to be ‘up’ at the same time.

A full moon, by the same token is at zenith at night… right where you don’t want it if you need darkness.
A full moon is when the sun is shining right on its visible face, which means they have to be on opposite sides of the earth.

See – London, England, United Kingdom — Moonrise, Moonset, and Moon Phases, June 2020 for an example.

So, if you wait for a new moon, it’s never going to be in the sky at night.
Problem solved.

By this token you could probably get away with anything before the first quarter, or after the last quarter, though you will probably get some internal reflection in the atmosphere. To know how great an effect that will have on any given phase, you probably would have to ask an astrophysicist ;]

front end – Frontend/Backend Integration: Wait for a Google Cloud function to run and then return result

I am trying to create a tool that receives a user input on the front end, uses that input to run a Google Cloud function and then returns a link to the output, hosted on Google cloud as well.

How can you give updates that a process is being performed, and update the page when it is finished?

apache 2.2 – Process blocking or disk corruption? Very high load + wait times, but low CPU/memory use

I am using a vServer that is suddenly experiencing very high wait times (10/20/30 seconds) or even timeouts on basic requests since yesterday after being in use for over a year without any problems. This is my configuration:

  • 8 CPU vCores, 32 GB memory, 800 GB SSD
  • Standard Plesk Obsidian with latest updates

The server runs a couple of websites with PHP and MariaDB via Apache, nothing too fancy, not a huge amount of in-going or out-going traffic, not too much processing on the server. While the average load on this vServer has usually been between 1 and 3 now it is suddenly 20-100… once I start either the Apache or MariaDB service.

Via htop I can see:

  • up to 30 processes in the “D” state (Uninterruptible Sleep)
  • very low CPU use (<5% or even 0% on most cores)
  • plenty of free memory available (disk space is available as well)
  • no unknown/unusual processes (mostly Plesk-related, MariaDB and Apache)

Via iotop I can see:

  • very limited disk activity, both read/write are 0 or close to 0 most of the time

And vmstat 1 5 gives me the following output

procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- --system-- -----cpu------
 r  b   swpd   free   buff  cache   si   so    bi    bo   in   cs US SY ID WA st
 1 13      0 1055820      0 25834552    2    2   128    59    0   93  8  1 90  0  0
 2 14      0 975180      0 25870484    0    0    16     0    0  586 31  4 65  0  0
 1 16      0 910584      0 25873184    0    0   100    48    0  374  7  2 92  0  0
 0 16      0 920048      0 25883484    0    0    16    64    0  415  8  1 91  0  0
 0 15      0 954344      0 25883472    0    0    96  1432    0  383  1  0 99  0  0

So it looks like something is blocking these processes from being executed until every minute or so they are executed. I can then load a few pages on one of the websites, theses processes don’t show up in htop anymore but a few more clicks and suddenly the same situation…

Interactions with this vServer via e.g. SFTP or SSH are also considerably slower than before due to the high average load. I have checked the health of the MariaDB databases already and couldn’t find any problems and the load issue also happens when the MariaDB service isn’t running.

My questions:

  • What can I do or use to find the specific reason why these processes cannot be executed / what is blocking them?
  • Is it possible that either the memory or disk has a problem? Should I run fsck (this would require taking the server offline)?

My hoster will only provide support if it is hardware related, so anything to document such problems would be really helpful. I have checked other posts about a high load average but couldn’t find a solution for my problem.

covid 19 – Should I take any further action to get a refund or is Ryanair telling me I just have to wait?

Follow up on this question of mine.

I have received an e-mail from Ryanair informing me of the cancellation of the flight.

This e-mail, invites me to accept a 12-months valid voucher (which could be however converted to a full refund after those 12 months anyway), but is also reads the following:

If you do not wish to accept this voucher option and wish to move your flight or request a refund, please click here to contact us.

That link, however, only relates to the voucher, and not to the plain refund. (The Chat bot doesn’t help, as it never answers.)

❓ASK – Invest in BITCOIN now or wait for falling prices? | Proxies-free

With the previous halving of the Bitcoin price, it has increased. It has fallen behind since the last one, so it can rise temporarily due to the halving. Then the market forces will decide on the price.
Bitcoin stocks are not getting smaller, although there is a limited amount of Bitcoin available, the rate of mining rewards will be lower. If you don't have access to cheap electricity, it may not be worth keeping mine going.

Unity – How can I get one of the agents to wait X seconds before moving?

The same script is attached to multiple agents. On one of them, the waitToMove flag is set to true. And it comes down to the line:


However, all agents, including the agent whose flag is set to true, move at the start of the game.

How can I make agents wait X seconds with the script that the waitToMove flag is true, one agent waits 5 seconds, the other waits 3 seconds and this 10 seconds?

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.AI;

public class AgentControl : MonoBehaviour
    public List points;
    public bool waitToMove = false;

    private int destPoint = 0;
    private NavMeshAgent agent;
    private Transform originalPos;

    void Start()
        agent = GetComponent();

        // Disabling auto-braking allows for continuous movement
        // between points (ie, the agent doesn't slow down as it
        // approaches a destination point).
        agent.autoBraking = false;

        originalPos = transform;

        if (waitToMove == false)

    void GotoNextPoint()
        // Returns if no points have been set up
        if (points.Count == 0)

        // Set the agent to go to the currently selected destination.
        agent.destination = points(destPoint).position;

        // Choose the next point in the array as the destination,
        // cycling to the start if necessary.
        destPoint = (destPoint + 1) % points.Count;

    void Update()
        // Choose the next destination point when the agent gets
        // close to the current one.
        if (!agent.pathPending && agent.remainingDistance < 1f)

    IEnumerator WaitToMove(int WaitTime)
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(WaitTime);

Usually wait several days for the manufacturer to contact you?

  1. mfalmog

    December 6, 2013
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    I'm on the edge of my seat because I finally skipped the wholesaler and had a very good conversation with a manufacturer. Your home base is in Hawaii, so the representative took my contact information and told me that another representative who lives in a nearby state will contact me. It's been about two days. I am at the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. Is this a normal event behind the scenes of the business world? Does the company matter?



  2. Marcosa

    February 27, 2020
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    It is quite normal to wait for the manufacturer to contact you. Just like it was the case with me. Again, make sure that every communication is well secured to avoid losing your hard earned money.

How can I assign a "document" to a SharePoint list and let the workflow wait until the document is checked in?

I have a SharePoint list workflow that runs on the latest / best SharePoint OnLine. I'm using SharePoint Designer 2013. Unfortunately, PowerApps Flow is not an option.

I want to add some new steps to the workflow:

  1. The workflow should start a process task for the sales employee ("Current article: Created by"), in which he is asked to fill out a "customer form".
  2. An MS Word document "CustomerForm Template" is available in the document library.
    The email that sends the process task to the sales representative contains a link to the template.
  3. The sales representative must complete the "Save As" template in a new DOC and forward it to the company's DocuSign team for signature by the customer.

Q: Is there a way to make it easier for the sales representative to save the completed form in the document library (instead of "Save As" in a DOCX file on their hard drive)?

Q: If so, how can I link the finished DOC file to the list item of that particular workflow?

Q: Are there any SharePoint workflow actions or events that I can use to automate some or all of these steps?

Q: Can I use the SharePoint versioning somehow (e.g. trigger when checking in documents to automatically send an email to the DocuSign team)?