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electronic items – How can I get a 220 V European plug into a 220 V wall outlet in Taiwan?

I have to help someone plug a European built electronic device into a 220 volt wall outlet in Taiwan. Right now they have a cord with a two round pin type-C plug.

We’re in northern Taiwan, Hsinchu and Taipei are both easily accessible. Is there any chance that there is a “weird plug store” in northern Taiwan, or some other way we can do this without cutting cables or using an ugly series of adapters? Something that is safe and safety people won’t frown upon? I’ve combed local 3C stores and can’t find anything reasonable.

FYI, Taiwan plugs and codes generally look similar if not identical to those in the US.

3C an abbreviation often used in Taiwan for “computer, communication, and consumer electronics”

Enter image description here enter image description here

Enter image description here enter image description here

facebook – Why can only mutual friends see my posts on a friend's wall?

I'm trying to share photos on a friend's timeline and / or wall. This person wants me to post something and doesn't intentionally hide the posts. After posting, the post title is:

MY_NAME added a new photo to X's timeline.

After posting on the pinboard, the privacy icon shows the icon for multiple people and says when hovering:

Shared with: X's friends from friends

I would at least expect the person's friends to see this post on their wall.

After posting, however, the post only receives likes / comments from people who are each other Friends of mine and the wall owner.

So a small number of people, everyone my Friends, can like and comment on the post. But apparently none of the wall owner's friends Who are not my friends can see the post. (This person gets a lot of interactions on all of their posts, so it definitely won't be seen.)

Some of my photos only got 5 likes. You then "shared" the post on their own wall. In my opinion, these posts are shown twice and duplicated on their timeline. But the 2nd "shared" version of the post immediately gets likes / comments from their non-mutual friends. So something clearly prevents the first post from being seen.

You definitely have not blocked or hidden or restricted me, although they may have a setting that applies to all posts on their wall. They don't know why their friends can't see the post.

My Facebook privacy settings are generally severely restricted, so this could be a problem for me. Although I'm not sure what attitude this would control. I would think by posting on her Wall would use it her Privacy settings.

The entire posting point on her wall is that her friends see the photos.

It's called "Shared with: X friends of friends". Why don't X's friends see the post?

2d – wall shift in JavaScript; works, but gets stuck at corners

This is a continuation of this other question: How do I deal with a player collision with corners of a wall?

I tried to write new code based on the code given in the answer.

Basically, wall sliding works very well on the inside of the walls in the original, but I wanted it to work on the outside, so I modified it a little (lines 271 and 272, toggled "-" sign at the end of the line for everyone) to try, but the result is that it almost works even though it freezes on the corner when stuck on a corner.

Any ideas on how to fix this – without using external libraries etc. (only what is available in the violin)?

facebook – What's the fastest way to get to a friend's wall?

The quickest way to get to a friend's wall is to search for their name in the Facebook main search bar. However, this shows me a search results page with people, posts, etc., and I have to click on the profile to go to their wall.

It seems like there should be a shorter way. If I type in her name, I should be able to jump straight to a wall without any intermediate steps. In the end, I keep looking for the same person who cuts my search history.

I can go to my friends list too, but it seems to take more steps, not less.

dnd 5e – Can a Wall of Force be made portable?

Grog the Conqueror wants to loot an enemy city. He has his battering ram ready and wants his wizard to use it Wall of power to create a roof over the ram by placing the spell on the frame.

The part of the Wall of powerThe magic description in question here is:

It can be levitating or rest on a solid surface.

Nowhere in the description of the spell does it expressly say that the Wall of power is inherently an immovable object. Since a frame certainly counts as a "solid surface", casting Wall of power that way the ram would not be prevented from being rolled to the gates – right?

Can a Wall of power be made portable?

dnd 5e – Is there a salvation if I work Wall of Force as a dome around an opponent?

There is no storage. In the worst case scenario, catching an enemy will remove that enemy from combat until you lose focus or the spell expires. I used this as a player to escape a very strong opponent. 10 minutes is a long time to run at full speed, and the spell does not indicate that if you move too far away, it will be banned.

I also allow this as a DM. I'm pretty sure that this is an intention of the magic design.

Physics Unit 2019.3 – Player hangs on the wall

I created a wall with a Tilemap and a Tilemap Collider 2D. Sometimes when the player jumps against the walls, it seems to get stuck. You don't have to press the direction button when you press the jump button for this to happen. If you just press against the wall and then just press the jump button, the error will be reproduced.


I used a physics collider with friction set to 0 on the walls. This did not solve the problem.

Physics material

    Material applied to the tilemap

This is the player controller for the movement. Note the FixedUpdate method to see how I control the speed of the Rigidbody2D.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.InputSystem;

namespace Notan
    public enum Direction3 { Left, Right, Still }

    public class PlayerMovement : MonoBehaviour
        (SerializeField, Range(0f, 100f)) float speed = 10f;
        (SerializeField, Range(1f, 20f)) float jumpForce = 3f;

        Rigidbody2D body;
        Direction3 direction;
        bool jumpScheduled;

        void Awake()
            body = GetComponent();

        void Update()

        void FixedUpdate()

        bool LeftPressed() => Keyboard.current.leftArrowKey.isPressed;

        bool RightPressed() => Keyboard.current.rightArrowKey.isPressed;

        bool SpacePressed() => Keyboard.current.spaceKey.wasPressedThisFrame;

        void UpdateDirection()
            direction = LeftPressed() ? Direction3.Left : RightPressed() ? Direction3.Right : Direction3.Still;

        void UpdateJump()
            if (SpacePressed()) jumpScheduled = true;

        // Left is -1
        // Right is 1
        // Still is 0
        int GetHorizontalDirection() => direction == Direction3.Left ? -1 : direction == Direction3.Right ? 1 : 0;

        void UpdateVelocity()
            var velocity = body.velocity;
            velocity.x = GetHorizontalDirection() * speed;
            if (jumpScheduled)
                velocity.y = jumpForce;
                jumpScheduled = false;

            body.velocity = velocity;

This is the configuration of the Rigidbody2D player

Enter the image description here

I'm using Unity 2019.3.9f1.

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Java – Slipping on a wall is "sticky"

I am trying to implement a ball slide mechanism in my game. If the ball collides with a wall, it bounces off. However, if it is close enough (after many jumps), it starts to slide. But my implementation is not really good: it looks sticky and the new speed vector (parallel to the collision surface) is too small.

If the ball falls on a surface that is almost vertical but has a slight angle, it not only descends almost as quickly, but stays there and moves very slowly.

My implementation is this (I don't understand 100 percent):

public static Vector slide(Vector normal, Vector velocity) {

    double tmp = Vector.dot(velocity,normal);
    Vector projected = Vector.multiplication(tmp, normal);
    Vector new_velocity = Vector.substraction(velocity, projected);
    return new_velocity;

How can I implement the feeling of gliding "more naturally"?