– How can I send Bitcoin from my Bisq wallet?

I feel terrible to ask this question because it's so basic that I feel stupid when I ask it, but I've been searching the internet for days and can not find an answer.

Here is the situation:
I have a Coinbase account and understand that Coinbase can not use different / multiple wallets, but has a wallet that can not be changed.
I also use biscuit and bought a bit bitcoin without any problems. But Bisq has distributed my bitcoins to several wallets for reasons I do not understand. It has generated countless purses, most of them are empty, but there are still 3 purses each with a little money.

Now I want to sell my bitcoins, but BISQ has a number of disadvantages for the sale of BTC:

  • I have a limit of 0.06 BTC. I do not understand why, because I have been installing BISQ for ages and I thought the restriction would start at 0.25 and grow over time, but BISQ tells me that I can no longer offer at the same time.
    It would take ages to sell all my coins to this course!
  • Since I have two small children now, I can not run the computer all the time (to shield it from the kids) and be there when a buyer comes

I want to sell all my money. The easiest way I see now would be to transfer all funds (0.49 Btc) to my purse, since I can sell a lot of Btc from Coinbase whenever I want.

But … I have not found a way to transfer the BTCs to Bisq. Coinbase has a "receive bitcoin" feature, which only gives me the wallet ID. What is the best way to transfer (all) funds from the 3 BISQ-generated wallets to the Coinbase wallet?

Of course, if you have another suggestion on how to sell the money easily than through Coinbase, I would be open to it as well.

By the way: I tried to include the tag "bisq" but could not because it was a new day

Transactions – My unissued Bitcoin is not in my wallet

I have a receive transaction that has been processed and is displayed in the blockchain. It appears as an undelivered transaction. My problem is that my wallet reloaded the transaction file during transaction processing and my coin never appeared in my wallet.

Is there a way to restore my Bitcoin? I'm new to this area so any help you can afford will be appreciated.

bitcoin core – hash of the secured wallet file does not match the currently used hash of the wallet

I had a few months ago Secured the wallet.dat (I use Bitcoin-QT) file and saved it in a different location.

Recently, I opened the data folder for the currently running node (also bitcoin-qt) and compared the md5 hashes of both files and they are different.

What caused that? Certainly my private keys have not changed. Why does not the file wallet.dat exactly match the saved version?

Many Thanks

Bitcoin Wallet QT – Passphrase

Hello, when the Bitcoin Core Wallet loads, you will see the following: Bitcoin Core Version 0.14.2. If the wallet is loaded, the headline is still Bitcoin Core wallet. however below it shows Qt version 5.7. I have not used the wallet since 2017 and I'm sure I'm using the correct passphrase (note it down), but the passphrase does not work. For suggestions and help grateful.

Bitcoin Cash in my Blockchain wallet was accidentally sent to my Bitcoin wallet with Coinbase

I have now read about 100 questions here, with no clear answer or update after being given advice. I had money in my Bitcoin cash wallet at Blockchain. I wanted to send the money to my Coinbase account / wallet. No idea how I messed this up, but I accidentally used my Bitcoin wallet address instead of the Bitcoin cash address. I am the owner of both accounts / wallets. It shows the confirmation with Blockchain that it has been sent (52 acknowledgments). I'm not familiar enough with the process with Blockchain and Coinbase to understand what people write as answers. I found the exact "address" I mistakenly used to transfer Blockchain to Coinbase. I called Coinbase and they basically said I'm dead water and it's gone (as most of the posts I read here say). Is there a solution please help.

Wallet – Bitcoin Stack Exchange


I'm not sure what to do, and I do not want to accidentally overwrite my drive. Maybe I have already done that.

After browsing the Web History, I found the BTC address my BTC refers to, but obviously I can not access my wallet. Before I formatted my hard drives, I used the Easyus disk clone and cloned it on two, maybe three separate disks. But it did not seem to work properly. I scanned these drives and found that, in my opinion, this is the file my wallet is in. However, when I copy / paste my wallet.dat file, Bitcoin Core will not load, and I'm not even sure it's the right file. I have a lot of money in this wallet and I really have to get it back.

Wallet Recovery – How can Trezor recover all public keys from different blockchains?

Trezor follows (and helped design) BIP44.

BIP44 describes how a single mnemon can be used to create individual keychains for different blockchains and how multiple accounts can work within those keychains.

This is not a foolproof system. If you deviate from the expectations of BIP 44 (for example, if you use addresses that go beyond the 20-address gap limit), the automatic recovery software can not find all the addresses used, as most companies and exchanges address without assuming that they will be used consecutively.

For some purses this is a safe assumption that Trezor makes.

2. Computer / cold wallet configuration with air gap for travel

This seems to be an XY problem. For the vast majority of users, the threat model simply does not need more guarantees than a solution like Ledger.

Of course, if you are dealing with very large quantities, it is advisable to take better steps to secure them. But something like a ledger that parses the text to be signed and displays the output on the ledger itself before signing should cover most use cases.

As Chytrik mentioned earlier, you also have purses, such as the Cold Card, that can be operated without direct connection to a computer and that transmit partially signed Bitcoin transactions via an SD card.

In addition, if you really need the security benefits of a completely offline computer, consider buying a cheap netbook or laptop, sticking the connectors, removing network hardware, and checking it as much as possible. Safe Condition – When When traveling, in fact, to move amounts that earn this kind of security, it is best to take the extra 800 grams on 1 kilogram of weight.