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macos – How do I create a custom dynamic wallpaper in Catalina?

I tried to set a custom dynamic wallpaper in Catalina, as I did in Mojave (which worked well), but my dynamic wallpaper displays the following option because you can see the image (broken).

Enter image description here

and if I want to change it the "Dynamic" option is not there!

Enter image description here

I tried to find the path of the default dynamic backgrounds and I could not paste the ".heic" files where the background image of Catalina is located. I also tried setting a default dynamic background image first and in dynamic mode. Then I switched to the custom wallpaper and did not work.

Has the dynamic background image format changed in Catalina OS?

How can I set a custom wallpaper in Catalina?

Link to the custom wallpaper

Desktop Customization – Windows changed my wallpaper

This is not a problem, just confusing. I just do not understand how it could happen and wonder if anyone could suggest what Windows 10 is up to. I own five computers running Windows 10 in 1903. (And a Linux computer!) I'm not a naïve Windows user or a naïve network user, but that's gotten around.

I have made a remote connection (RDP) from my personal account on my regular computer to my media computer. The media computer has only one user, my administrator account. When I logged out of the media computer, my background image changed to that of my daughter's account on a third computer on my home network.

I have read some other answers and here is how my situation differs.

Nobody logs in with Microsoft accounts. Custom sync has its default settings, with which everything is synchronized. However, I've set up each user on each computer as a local user account. Each user on my local network logs in to their local account only. I've installed Microsoft OneDrive on each computer, but it will not run when Windows starts and nobody logs on.

I'm an Office 365 subscription user, so all five of my computers log in to the same Office 365 account for licensing. I worked on a Word document just before I used RDC, and my daughter opened a Word document on her computer. I know Word is eager to force all documents through Office 365 to OneDrive, even if OneDrive is not running.

Why and how has Windows 10 synchronized the wallpaper between two different user accounts on two different computers? I'm at a loss for suggestions?

Set enforce BlueStacks WhatsApp wallpaper / location of WhatsApp wallpapers

I am using the latest version of Bluestacks & WhatsApp.
I have a landscape graphics problem – WhatsApp does not scale the background image at all and always saves it as a vertical image. So I get a pixelated mess.

I thought that I can force this image with the correct aspect ratio, so the landscape mode is not that strong.

But here's the first problem: BlueStacks hides all its data and makes it inaccessible even to applications with root privileges. For example, the SDCard folder appears blank even though the location of the Wallpapers file points to the SDCard folder (sdcard / WhatsApp / Media / WallPaper / number.png).

So I threw graphic Explorer overboard and installed Termux. With tsu I could then see the contents of the SD card. I then deleted the background image of (sdcard / WhatsApp / Media / WallPaper / number.png) displayed in the gallery, but WhatsApp still had the background image after rebooting.

So, to sum it up

  1. Can I force a different aspect ratio on a background image?

  2. Can I replace the background image with another image and will Android & WhatsApp point it out anyway and take that as the new one?
    Background image?

  3. Where can I find the background image / how can I search for it?
  4. Can I also show the GUI Explorers the files that only Termux could display? (Root permission did not allow / prompt the ad

How can I temporarily hide icons to display the wallpaper?

I've just changed my wallpaper into one of the daily wallpapers that change every morning. Normally, I only want to look at the photo to check it, but I can not easily figure out how to display only the background image without icons. Is there a way to do this from the home screen, or do I need to open the background settings to display them unhindered?