How to disable wallpaper blur effect on Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.0

so, I went to change my homescreen wallpaper on my samsung galaxy tab a8.0(sm-t290) and every wallpaper comes out as blurry.

in the gallery they work all well and fine, but as a wallpaper? nope.

lock screen looks good.

but the homescreen? well, the astronomy wallpapers I like..look like something my cat yarked up.

how do I fix this?

macos РWallpaper Not Showing Behind Mission Control/App Expos̩ or resized Window on only one Desktop

No clue why this is happening (screen recording link):

For whatever reason, the desktop wallpaper only shows up when I use the Hot Corner (cmd + bottom right), but not in the background of Mission Control or App Exposé or even when I resize the Chrome Window. Desktop 2, however, shows the wallpaper anytime it should.

I moved all the windows onto Desktop 2, and deleted Desktop 1, and it showed the wallpaper as normally for about 30 seconds. Then Mission Control started showing an empty black square in the spot where Desktop 2 would have been.

Currently running the newest macOS.

python – Wallpaper engine – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

I’ve been reading about software that goes by the name of “Wallpaper-Engine” which can be found here. I don’t really understand how the software can run a video as your wallpaper and I’ve been trying to reproduce this affect by passing frames of a video as my wallpaper but I can’t seem to get the same effect.

I’m using python for this project and my problem is that it doesn’t run fast enough and the images lag behind. I figured this could be because python is a high level language so I ended up using a low level library called aem. I still can’t get the same effect so I’m thinking that im not using the correct method.

I’ve looked all over the internet but I can’t find a forum that explains how wallpaper-engine actually works. Can anyone point me to a website that explains the concepts or explain it themselves?

equipment recommendation – What is needed in order to produce good quality photographic wallpaper for a smallish room?

I am not a regular photographer. I’m interested in the idea of having a photographic harbour scene as wallpaper on my study wall. It may or may not be required fill the whole wall: I’ve given approximate dimensions below.

My understanding so far

An old-fashioned photo has resolution at a molecular scale and so, in my imagination, it could be blown up to be projected on the side of a building without noticeable loss of quality. Ergo, my study wall would not be a problem wrt resolution.

A digital photo is obviously limited to the number of pixels it can capture.

The printing process also has a limit to its resolution.


If I go along to my local harbour, what sort of camera do I need to hire or borrow in order to get a photo detailed enough to make wallpaper that will stand up to fairly close scrutiny?** Do I need analog or digital. What printing process can handle such large sheets?

Is there anything else I need to know?


**Note – The area in question is approximately 7ft 6inches (2.3m) high by 10 ft (3m) wide. I don’t want noticeable pixellation when viewing from 2 feet away.

mojave – How to set font size or location for wallpaper filename displayed on the desktop?

I’m using the command

defaults write desktop-picture-show-debug-text -bool TRUE;killall Dock

to have the path of my current desktop picture displayed on the desktop. This works fine, but I wonder if there is also a setting, where I could specify the font size and/or location of this text. Currently it is writted centered on the desktop.

(crossposting note: I have asked this question also at, but did not receive any response there).

Where were the rock formations in the new wallpaper backgrounds from iOS 14.2 and macOS Big Sur photographed?

With the release of macOS Big Sur and iOS 14.2 apple put new backgrounds with different rock formations as options for wallpapers (in macOS they are called dome, peak, and valley). Does anyone know where they were photographed or where around these rock formations are? I am thinking Utah or Arizona. Anyone know?
I tried looking to see if there was any exif data for a few of the backgrounds but there wasn’t any. Below is one of the wallpapers: enter image description here