drupal commerce – Warning: A non-numeric value found in alpha_calculate_primary ()

I have just installed Drupal Comerce, have not done anything yet, but it already alerts me. I have no idea what this is about, and I can not get warnings not shown on the live site. Can someone explain what's going on, how to fix it (if I can) and how to prevent errors and warnings from appearing on public pages?

Warning!! Stay away from HostKey Webhosting

** this is my warning to all here **

Over a month ago, I ordered hosting for a GPU server based on the customer's requirements and specifications. Unfortunately, they changed their minds and needed different specifications in which they researched. Therefore, within one day of the first order I have requested a cancellation from Hostkey based on their cancellation policy.

A few days later I received an email saying that my services were actually canceled and someone would receive information about a refund. When they did, they informed me that the refund would only be made by bank transfer. In my opinion, this was rather patchy, since a service that accepts payments via multiple forms, by direct debit, Paypal, crypto, etc., can only be reimbursed via a bank transfer.

After several emails with information they need to proceed, I finally gave them a reprimand and gave them a bank account that I opened that can only accept incoming payments but is blocked for direct debits. That was a month ago.

Since then, and more than 50 e-mails later, it has been an excuse after another. I.U. A crib will come in, we need more information, it has been scheduled and you will have it in three days etc.

Now, almost two and a half weeks later, after I gave them information for the refund, I still have to pay nearly $ 600.

In my attempts to recover my money, I even sent bills to all company contacts who have recurrent reminders every day until they pay me through my billing software.

For those out there who are considering using them, my advice is to stay away from these crooks.

About ten days ago, Hostkey started sending bills for my services next month to insult the injury.

My last warning about hostwinds

Hello @drjlm.

I wanted to reach you because I know your account and let you know that your cancellation has been processed and a renewal refund has been issued.

I would like to point out that this is not due to the created thread. Our billing department is happy to assist all customers whenever possible.

Hostwinds cancellation policies have changed over the years to our current version. We've updated and adjusted this policy based on customer feedback to prevent accidentally canceling incorrect services.

Cancellations are possible immediately. This ensures that the customer is confident that he wants to cancel his service. Previously, we offered cancellations at the end of billing. However, this generally caused confusion among customers. We had an exceptionally large number of customers who took advantage of this service, as the cancellation was pending at the end of their billing cycle, just to forget that this was the case and that they were annoyed that their service was no longer available upon notice was standing.

In the event of an immediate cancellation, we wanted to be 100% sure that it was the customer requesting the cancellation. Therefore, we request that this be done via the customer area with confirmation by an automatically generated cancellation ticket.

The ticket prompts the customer to copy and paste the statement indicating the particular service (specified by product ID / host name / domain name) and immediately cancel, and to understand that this removes all data from this service.

We have received great feedback on this system because customers with many similar services can trust that they will not accidentally cancel the wrong service. The final notice of the service will be canceled immediately, without further payments for this service also receiving positive feedback.

I see that you have submitted a request for cancellation, but have not confirmed this cancellation in the ticket. They responded to the ticket and received feedback that our cancellation system was not designed for this. However, you can cancel the ticket as soon as you wish or even one day before your service renewal.

Please note that the cancellation of a service is treated with extreme caution. Our safeguards to prevent potential unwanted data loss are designed to protect our customers and are not intended to be inconvenient.

I apologize if you think that is the case and I would like to inform you that this is certainly not the case.

As stated, your service has been successfully canceled at your request and the renewal has also been reimbursed.

Warning against undergroundprivate.com | Web Hosting Talk

Do NOT Log on to this company undergroundprivate.com, They are simply cheaters and thieves without any honor.

I signed in with them because they promised support, etc. around the clock. I signed up for an unlimited reseller account and paid $ 30 a month.

Immediately after logging in, I had some questions about malware bytes blocking their website due to spyware. Besides, my WHM contained only the section on Softaculous and nothing else.
I made a support ticket and looked forward to 24/7 support to get ahead quickly. But no … they took many hours to answer me and then they answered:

"You do not need to trigger the ticket all the time, as this will slow down the process, it will take some time for us to review your account and you will be activated." For this reason, not all information is displayed. Your account has just been activated Sincerely,
John Q.
Accounts – Telecommunications Specialist "

The day after I had a question about changing the domain name for my account and made a new ticket. The same as before … no answer for many hours and when I sent them another mail saying that they should refund my money, I got this answer:

"Hello ,

First of all, the tickets do not come across as it's slowly auto-creating the process, we also offer no refund and if you mention it again, you'll be friendly with the doors of the exit. "… !!

I now had enough of it and filled in a PayPal dispute in which I wanted my money back.
I received an e-mail from someone who calls himself a lawyer:

"After checking this ticket, I did not see our colleagues doing anything wrong, you acted according to the terms of service you agreed, in which case you are only rude because you have requested something in an unusual way.
Please note that legal action has also been taken in our Legal Department regarding the damages caused by this issue and the non-genuine information you provided.

If you want more information, please let us know.

Have a nice day.

Robert Johnson
Lawyer & Legal Advisor UndergroundPrivate.com "

I then sent back an e-mail asking for the attorney's business address so that my lawyer could contact him and know what …? NO ANSWER!!

And now they quit my account after two days, even though I paid them for a month.

There are a few other threads here at WHT complaining about undergroundprivate.com, and the OPs of these threads are 100% in line with what they are saying about this lousy "company".

To complete the nginx warning nginx: [alert] Failed to open error log file: open () "/var/log/nginx/error.log" failed (13: permission denied)

I'm using nginx with common user not root. I've installed nginx system-wide, but I have nginx.conf in HOME.

$ HOME / nginx / nginx.conf

worker_processes 1;
error_log /home/worker/nginx/log/nginx/error.log warn;
pid /home/worker/nginx/run/nginx.pid;
Events {Events
worker_connections 1024;
http {
include /etc/nginx/mime.types;
default_type application / octet-stream;
access_log /home/worker/nginx/log/nginx/access.log;
Server {
hear 8080;
root / home / worker / nginx / data;

start nginx

$ nginx -c /home/worker/nginx/nginx.conf
nginx: [alert] Error log file could not be opened: open () "/var/log/nginx/error.log" failed (13: permission denied)

nginx itself works, you just want to remove this warning message?

Javascript – Warning: Invalid JSON response error

I have a problem with the following code. I try to select an option from a selection and use this filter to display data in a table.
My problem would be my json, maybe it's bad, I do not understand much about the subject, but it's urgent to make it work, I'll let the code see for you.
What I find strange about other examples is the json theme, which you insert into the column, and there you put the product, the description, the size, the color and the amount of the nose, if you understand me

codProduct description size colour amount

This is the Ajax I am generating and filtering for to show it.

$ (document) .ready (function () {

fill_datatable ();

Function fill_datatable (campania = & # 39; & # 39;
var dataTable = $ (# data #). DataTable ({
"Editing": true,
"serverSide": true,
"Order": [].
"search": wrong,
"Paging": wrong,
"destroy": true,
"Ajax": {
URL: "scripts / getCampaniaCompras.php",
Type: "POST",
Dates: {
Campania: Campania

$ (& # 39; # filter & # 39;). click (function () {
var campania = $ (# campania & # 39;). val ();
if (campania! = & # 39; & # 39;)
$ (# Data #). DataTable (). destroy ();
fill_datatable (campania);
alert (& # 39; Select both filter option & # 39;);
$ (# Data #). DataTable (). destroy ();
fill_datatable ();

And now I leave my PHP / MYSQL statements here, where through the filtered ones I grab the post and filters in the MYSQL statement
The SQL works perfectly because it is being tested.

prepare ($ query);

$ statement-> execute ();

$ number_filter_row = $ statement-> rowCount ();

$ statement = $ connections-> prepare ($ query. $ query1);

$ statement-> execute ();

$ result = $ statement-> fetchAll ();

$ data = array ();

foreach ($ result as $ row)
$ sub_array = array ();
$ sub_array[] = $ row['codProducto'];
$ sub_array[] = $ row['Descripcion'];
$ sub_array[] = $ row['Talle'];
$ sub_array[] = $ row['Color'];
$ sub_array[] = $ row['sum(dp.cantidad)'];
$ data[] = $ sub_array;

Function count_all_data ($ connections)
$ query = "SELECT p.idCampania, p.activo, dp.idProduct, pro.codProduct, pro.description, sum (dp.quantity), t.talle, c.color
from requests as p inner join detail, ordered as dp on p.idPayd = dp.id
Inner join products as Pro on Pro.idProduct = DP.idProduct
inner join relaciontallecolor as rtc on dp.idRelationTalleColor = rtc.idRelationTalleColor
inner join colors like c in rtc.idcolor = c.idColor inner join colors like t in rtc.idtalle = t.idTalle
group by c.idColor, t.idTalle, dp.idProduct ";
$ statement = $ connections-> prepare ($ query);
$ statement-> execute ();
return $ statement-> rowCount ();

$ output = array (
"draw" => intval ($ _ POST["draw"])
"recordsTotal" => count_all_data ($ connect),
"recordsFiltered" => $ number_filter_row,
"data" => $ data

echo json_encode ($ output);


Public Transportation – Why did the subway bus stop at each level crossing, despite no warning of the arrival of a train?

There is a federal ordinance that obliges buses to do so.

49 CFR 392.10:

Unless otherwise specified in paragraph (b) of this Section, the driver of a commercial vehicle referred to in paragraphs (a) (1) to (6) of this Section may only cross one or more rail tracks on the gradient if he / she does so First Time: Stops the commercial vehicle within 50 feet of the track and no closer than 15 feet to the tracks. afterwards listen and look in each direction along the railroad for an approaching train; and notice that no train is approaching. If this is certain, the driver can drive the commercial vehicle across the tracks in a corridor that allows the commercial vehicle to complete the intersection without a gearshift. The driver may not shift gears when crossing the tracks.

(1) Any bus carrying passengers

The idea is probably that a train entering a bus costs many more lives than a car, so additional precautions are needed.

8 – Can I remove the experimental module warning from / admin / reports / status?

My Drupal 8 site shows a warning for experimental modules below / admin / reports / status, I vaguely remember activating them at some point, but I forgot where.

I do not use any of them. How can I remove the warning and disable the experiment modules?

I have not activated any experimental module at this time, but the warning continues to appear:
Enter image description here

Warning!!! Alibabacloud – read before you decide.

This is my first post. My English is not good. But I hope I can still tell you that you understand this warning.

Attention, that's right with Alibabacloud. I know how to use Alibabacloud from advertising programs. After a year, everything is fine. To date, I have almost lost control of my account.

I was surprised when I signed up and was asked to redirect to the "Chinese website". I never knew that Alibabacloud had two systems. One for international and one for China. Before that, I have access to Alibabacloud and use the international system. But today my account has changed from international to Chinese system.

I did not use two-factor authentication. If nothing goes wrong, you will be prompted to enter the verification code from the phone message. I lost my registered phone number (please do not mention why the loss can not be recovered). I almost lost my account, my services and my clients have no control.

Chat content and evidence.

1. My account does not use the Chinese system. I never knew it and did not use it. And the way they explain the two systems is totally different than two separate companies. => All my data lost control in Alibabacloud and passed it on to aliyun.com ???
2. There is obviously a problem with setting up the account. I have never used two-factor authentication and who has it enabled at this time?
3. They gave me the solution … to throw the account away. Please re-register me I do not need this account information. It was as if all the mistakes had been made to me.
4. If I prove that my account works in the international system. You said strange ??? And still no solution.
5. I can not speak Chinese, I do not read, write or talk. But they made me call China? And exactly like that. After I finished, I lost everything!

Sorry if I said wrong, but I learned that. Do not believe in China.

Insurance – What is a travel warning?

My travel insurance has a standard exclusion for travel warnings that reads:

We do not insure you for events caused by you or resulting from failure
follow the advice or note a warning from:

– every government; or

– an official body; or

– any publication or broadcast by a member of the mass media; or

(This seems too broad a language.) Could not you just point out a marginal government that recommends never traveling anywhere to invalidate any claim?).

As a result of the Easter terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, the Australian government has issued a consultation on the need for travel.

I understand that I can not get specific legal advice here – but is there a framework to understand / interpret travel warnings and travel insurance?