When is it preferable to send a warning to a user instead of making a mistake?

I write a half-complex piece of scientific software. We provide our end users with many configuration options for each job, and allow users to only partially specify configurations, with the other values ​​being set to appropriate / safe defaults.

Sometimes the derived defaults are pathologically combined with the specified options, as they are likely to cause the job to take a long time or to exceed memory or memory. However, these configurations are still well defined and partial results may be useful. It is possible to know when this is the case.

Would it be better in such cases? A warning and allow the job to continue or stop it and give one error This blocks the job until better values ​​are selected or the derived values ​​are manually set by the user (as an override).

Are there general rules of thumb when it might be preferable to spend serious errors over recoverable warnings in recoverable situations?

angle – WARNING detected in the circular dependency: src app app.module.ts -> src app app.module.ngfactory.js -> src app app.module.ts

I have an application with angular, and if I try

 ng build --prod

Always come out

WARNING in Circular dependency detected:
srcappapp.module.ts -> srcappapp.module.ngfactory.js -> 

Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

Thank you for your attention.

Security – What are the warning signs that a 51% attack is taking place or is about to happen?

I understand that this depends heavily on the method of attack. The two most likely scenarios that I can see are:

Scenario 1] New mining equipment totaling> 50% of online hashing performance to launch an attack of 51%.
This seems unlikely, as it would be difficult and costly to buy the necessary equipment and successfully hide it all.


Scenario 2] Existing mine pools totaling> 50% of the hashing force begin with an attack.
This could be due to state coercion, criminal intent, or mining mines.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what the observable warning signs of these attacks would be? For example: Scenario 2 could be preceded by a large drop in the hash rate of> 50% in the Bitcoin network. This would mean that half of the mine network started mining blocks in a parallel chain.

Warning: A non-numeric value found in theme functions.php

Warning: A non-numeric value in functions.php

I use PHP 7.1.31. I use Linux Centos Server. I also tried to write casting. but not working. If I changed the PHP version to 5.6. The same code worked.

foreach ( $product_size as $k => $w ) {
                $w = intval( $w );
                if ( isset( $width ) && $width > 0 ) {
                    $h = round( $height * $w / $width );
                } else {
                    $h = $w;
                add_image_size( $k, $w, $h, $crop );

Warning: A non-numeric value in theme / functions.php on line 165.
I am getting a problem

$h = round( $height * $w / $width );

I tried to change it

$h = (int)( $height * $w / $width );

but there is still the same warning.

autosys – A warning must be sent if a job did not start at a specific time. If the job was stopped, no warning is issued

So we have this interesting problem. Suppose we have an Autosys job that looks like this

insert_job: test_alert_job job_type: CMD
command: true
date_conditions: 1
days_of_week: all
start_times: "16:18"
must_start_times: "16:19"
owner: test_account
machine: test

The success of this order is a prerequisite for a series of further orders. Our use case is if the above job does not start before 14:15, a warning should be sent if this job was stopped, no warning should be sent, and the jobs that depend on this job should be sent Not Run.

I have tested a number of options and performed the above job ON HOLD, the job is not running, but a warning is issued when trying to:

jr test_alert_job -d

Job Name                                                         Last Start           Last End             ST Run/Ntry Pri/Xit
________________________________________________________________ ____________________ ____________________ __ ________ _______

test_alert_job                                                   -----                -----                OH 0/0             

  Status/[Event]  Time                 Ntry ES  ProcessTime           Machine
  --------------  --------------------- --  --  --------------------- ----------------------------------------
  [STARTJOB]      09/10/2019 16:18:00    0  PD  09/10/2019 16:18:00   
  [CHK_START]     09/10/2019 16:19:00    0  PD  09/10/2019 16:19:00   
  [*** ALARM ***]
    MUST_START_ALARM  09/10/2019 16:19:00    0  PD  09/10/2019 16:19:05   

So that does not behave the way we want it. I tried it then ON ICE Option, the job was not running, warning was not raised, but the jobs that depend on the job are ON ICE this is not the right result.

Does autosys support the ability to stop a job, not trigger an alarm, and not start jobs that require the suspended job to be a requirement?

magento – Warning: Missing argument 2 & 3 for Varien_Simplexml_Config :: loadString () error in system.log

I get these errors in system.log. Magento

Warning: Missing argument 2 for Varien_Simplexml_Config :: loadString (), called in /home/patoys/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Config.php on line 786 and defined in / home / xxx / public_html / lib / Varien / Simplexml / Config.php on line 507

Warning: Missing argument 3 for Varien_Simplexml_Config :: loadString (), called in /home/patoys/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Config.php on line 786 and defined in / home / xxxx / public_html / lib / Varien / Simplexml / Config.php on line 507

I tried to debug them by adjusting the loadstring function in the config.php file:

public function loadString($string,$el,$filePath)
        if (is_string($string)) {
            $xml = simplexml_load_string($string, $this->_elementClass);
            if (false === $xml) {
              //$errors = libxml_get_errors();
              echo "
";$filePath; die; } if ($xml instanceof Varien_Simplexml_Element) { $this->_xml = $xml; return true; } } else { Mage::logException(new Exception('"$string" parameter for simplexml_load_string is not a string')); } return false; }

Does anyone have any idea how other bugs can be fixed?

Setpoint for Warning – User Experience Stack Exchange

We have an induction hob with a glass surface that usually gets hot only from the heat conduction from the pan you use on it. The control panel is displayed H if a burner is hot, but not on. It has been my experience that the surface never gets hot enough to cause problems with wiping up spilled material because the wiper provides sufficient insulation and I ignore the warning. Presumably there is a temperature sensor in the element and a threshold for displaying the H,

I cooked potatoes tonight and spilled some oil when I turned them over. The oven showed properly H on the burners that had oil. I fetched paper towels and wiped the oil off. It was not burning, but it was pretty hot.

I have thought about the choice of a warning threshold. I can see that the manufacturer wants to keep it so low that nobody can burn at the lowest temperature. This makes it low enough that people discover that it is not a serious warning and ignore it. It seems to be a standard problem that should include some standard considerations about how to choose the threshold. What are you?

wordpress – How do I create a pop-up warning the user that he is going to another site?

I need a pop-up solution in WordPress that I can use for various links that says, "This section of the site is under construction. Click here to continue with the older archive site."

When the user clicks Next, he automatically switches to the link he clicked on.

I have tried Popup Maker, but I do not know how to implement the "Continue" part.