lore – Can World of Darkness vampires drink water?

Vampires in “Vampire: the Masquerade” can’t eat normal food. Not only do they not get any nourishment out of it, it tastes foul to them and if they swallow it they’ll immediately vomit (unless you bought the “Eat Food” advantage for the character, in which case they still don’t get anything out of it but can eat and taste it, but I’m talking about ones that don’t have that, here).

Does this apply to plain water?

If not, how does that interact with swimming, or falling into water, and accidentally getting water in their mouths? And there’s an entire bloodline of them, the Mariner Gangrels, that can turn into water creatures and spend most of their time out at sea, so evidently that’s no problem. So I’m thinking it would hang together better if they could drink water, but is there any mention of this question either way in any of the books?

motherboard – dell xps water damage – keyboard not working

My daughter spilled a small amount of water on her XPS 13 9360 keyboard a few weeks ago. The keyboard stopped working the next day. The backlight comes on, but none of the keys work. I purchased a new keyboard and did some significant surgery to replace it. Unfortunately, the new keyboard still does not work. I’m tempted to purchase a new motherboard (returnable if it doesn’t solve the problem). Any other ideas? Appreciate any advice. I’m reasonably technical.

dnd 5e – Where does a creature – flying low over a large body of water – descend when subject to the Earthbind spell?

In looking at the question Can the Erupting Earth spell be cast somewhere that isn’t on “ground”? other examples of spells involving the “ground” could be useful. Or not. Which lead to the question, where does a creature – flying low over a large body of water – descend when subject to the Earthbind spell?

According to the description of Earthbind:

An airborne creature affected by this spell safely descends at 60 feet
per round until it reaches the ground or the spell ends. (XGtE pg

Assuming the creature began its turn 60 feet above the water and failed its Strength saving throw, would the spell end:

a) when the creature reaches the water’s surface after 1 round (in other words, is the surface of the water “ground”?), or

b) would the creature continue to descend for the remaining 9 rounds for as much as 540 feet to the earthen bottom of the body of water (see note below), or

c) would the spell fail altogether, or

d) would the creature be forced essentially sideways for the duration of the spell, towards the nearest point of land, or

e) other?

Note re being forced towards bottom of large body of water:

Given a creature with 10 Constitution, 30 ft movement, and no innate swimming speed, its movement in the ocean would be 30 ft using both its Movement and Action to “Dash” (or 20 ft in difficult terrain).

540 ft of total movement would take 18 rounds (27 rounds in difficult terrain) and the creature – assuming it can’t breathe underwater or teleport in some fashion – would be unable to hold its breath after 10 rounds and would drop to 0 hit points after the next round.

’cause if the surface of the ocean is ground, guess what might . . . erupt?

Traveling to Canada in less than a month and have slight water damage on my passport

my boyfriend and I are travelling to Canada on an IEC visa next month and we got caught in the rain the other day. His passport has slight water damage (it’s barely noticeable but it’s noticeable) we don’t have time for him to get a new one. How strict are Canada with that? Would he be admitted in or is it a lost cause?

Hi, i have a Galaxy J3 Orbit phone that i had dropped in water. Everything still works fine and it still charges but now it says the temp is low. Help [duplicate]

i have a Galaxy J3 Orbit phone that i had dropped in water. Everything still works fine and it still charges but now it says the temp is low. help me out please, will I need a new battery or something?

prints – How to remove a water stain from printed photo?

I would suggest that you take some other photographs printed on similar paper, and experiment. Sweat onto them, let it dry, then try different techniques.

A: Put a puddle of distilled water on a stain, swirl with a Qtip for N minutes, then pull the water off initially with a paper towel, and finish with a piece of lens tissue. (The water wicking into the paper towel won’t shed onto the print.

B: Same idea, use distilled water mixed 200:1 with photoflo.

C: Start with 1 liter of warm water and 2 drops of uncoloured dish detergent. Swirl, blot, and immediately rinse with B, above. The idea is that detergent will remove residual skin oils.

D: If any of the above worked, try repeating it. If it worked slowly,wet it repeatedly, then dry it by putting down a piece of lens tissue backed up with a paper towel. (A towel by itself will leave towel lint embedded in the gelatine.)

E: is the stain lighter than the print? If so you may be able to use retouching colours to fix it. Get lots of practice first. It’s an acquired art.

Examine with a 10 power jewelers loup. You are looking for the following:

  • is there an actual change of colour between inside the ring and outside the ring?

  • is all the discolouration just in the ring itself? (Surface tension favours junk collecting at the point where the liquid meets the solid surface. Coffee stains are rings, not spots.

  • is there a height difference between inside and outside? (The gelatine has swollen and not shrunk back. You may want to use a very low angle illumination to check this. An LED flashlight laying on the table works well.

  • is there stuff stuck to the print?

After working on it, do you still have a stain? Have you moved the stain? If it’s a ring stain, not a spot stain, can you move the edge of the stain to an inconspicuous location?

qatar – Where can I refill my water bottle at Doha (DOH) airport during the covid-19 pandemic?

The typical water refilling stations near the restroom appear to be closed:

enter image description here

I don’t know whether that’s the case for all water refilling stations or just the one I saw, and whether there exist other solutions to refilling one’s bottle without having to purchase a new water bottle.

Where can I refill my water bottle at Doha (DOH) airport during the covid-19 pandemic?

spells – Can Dungeon World’s sanctify make salt water drinkable?

The description of Sanctify is,

Food and water you hold in your hands while you cast this spell is consecrated by your deity. In addition to now being holy or unholy, the affected substance is purified of any mundane spoilage.

I’m curious as to whether this can be used to desalinate a cup of water the cleric is holding. From what I can tell, that is dependent on what is included in mundane spoilage

Mundane has two definitions, one being a synonym to “dull, boring,” and one being

of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one

Using the second definition, desalination would be considered “mundane”. I’m not sure if salt water could be considered spoiled, though.

bogota – Do Water Chestnuts Exist in Colombia?

Do water chestnuts grow in Colombia? Or is it possible to buy them there? I’m assisting a film crew that’s on location for a cooking documentary, and they would like to blend an asian fusion dish with local Colombian ingredients. Unfortunately, they do not speak the local language and are having a hard time finding water chestnuts in Bogotá.