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Annil Chauhan

Biometric technology is a secure and cost-effective method for online businesses to reduce losses they suffer as a result of identity theft and online fraud. With online sales and digital presence leading to millions of dollars of investment, businesses are always looking for ways to stem the flood of users with fake credentials. Biometric authentication provides companies with a competitive edge in the fight against stolen identity online identity thieves and manipulated credentials.

What is biometric technology?

Every person in the world has unique identities due to its biological profile.

Biometric technology tracks these biometric markers to create a unique identity profile of a person that online identity thieves can hardly counterfeit or fake.

How does biometric authentication work?

There are many ways that biometric authentication technology works, but the type of equipment required for biometric authentication depends mainly on what biometric information is used for verification. A company that uses fingerprint scans needs a different biometric technology to verify users.

The company that chooses facial verification as the source of identity verification is best placed to benefit from biometric verification. All you need to do is receive a live selfie or live stream of a few seconds from the end user for review purposes. Facial Verification Services authenticate end-user biometric features using assistive technologies such as face detection, 3D depth analysis, and liveness detection. Some companies even use a retinal scan for biometric identification and authentication, but such KYC software is not available for online identity verification services.

Ideal biometric verification

Shufti Pro is viewed by businesses around the world as the ideal identity verification service for their users' digital KYC. Shufti Pro's facial biometric authentication is trusted for its real-time validation status and the AI-based validation process. Fraud prevention becomes a breeze for businesses when they integrate Shufti Pro biometric authentication services because the RestFul API does not require any additional integration programming for existing software, applications, and Web platforms.

Online fraud is mostly committed by fraudulent users, using still images of unrelated personnel claiming their identity for their sinister conspiracies. Shufti Pro has a 99.6% success rate in such spoof attacks, protecting companies from cyber-attacks with its innovative yet simple verification services. Shufti Pro's artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms protect its customers from frequent attacks by stolen identity users. Human Intelligence for KYC review services by Shufti Pro also determines the validity of identity checks performed using biometric authentication protocols. Shufti Pro Back Office provides users with an authentic proof of verification, especially for the face check, where customers can see the end-user facial images that have been reviewed or disapproved after properly applying the face recognition protocols. The face profile of a user used for face validation is a more reliable and cost effective method of performing biometric authentication than any other form of identity verification or KYC validation.

GUI design – Different ways to rotate an object. Which is the best?

I am a developer on the long road to learning design. Forgive me if I'm not into design.

I have to design an interface to rotate a 2D object. The rotation takes place in defined steps: The object can be rotated by 0 °, 45 °, 90 °, …, 180 ° (in this example, the step is 45 °, but can be configured by configuration).

I have few ideas and would like to discuss which ones could be the best.

Standard slider:

Enter image description here

Standard Sliders are everywhere, easy to implement, easy to use.
There, the user can use a slider over the object to control the rotation of the object.

Handle of circular arc slider

Enter image description here

The object is surrounded by a circular arc slider with a handle that allows the user to rotate.

I think that the circular shape of the slider can be used to determine the purpose of the slider (one rotation), but I think that moving in fixed increments can not be as intuitive in both implementation and use.

What can be the best? Considerations / Ideas / Advice? Are there other options? Maybe easier ways?

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Elliott used the word "error" to describe a situation in which the fifth wave does not move beyond the end of the third wave. We prefer the less connotative term "cut" or "fifth cut". A cut can usually be checked by determining that the assumed fifth wave contains the required five sub-waves, as shown in Figures 1-11 and 1-12. Cuts often occur after an excessively strong third wave.

The US stock market provides two examples of sharply reduced fifths since 1932. The first occurred in October 1962 at the time of the Cuban missile crisis (see Figure 1-13). The crash followed as Wave 3. The second occurred at the end of 1976 (see Figure 1-14). It followed the rapid and broad wave (3), which took place from October 1975 to March 1976.

Diagonal triangles

A diagonal triangle is a motif pattern, but not a pulse, because it has one or two correction features. Diagonal triangles replace pulses at certain points in the wave structure. As with pulses, no reactionary sub-wave follows the previous shareholder sub-wave completely, and the third sub-wave is never the shortest. However, diagonal triangles are the only five-wave structures in the direction of the main trend, in which the fourth wave almost always moves into the price range of the first wave (ie, overlapped). In rare cases, a diagonal triangle may terminate in a crash, although in our experience such crashes occur only at the narrowest edge.

Finish diagonal

An end diagonal is a special type of wave that occurs mainly in the fifth wave position when the previous move has gone "too far too fast," as Elliott put it. A very small percentage of the final diagonal appears in the C-wave position of A-B-C formations. For two- or threefold threes (to be dealt with in Lesson 9) they only appear as the last "C" wave. In all cases, they are at the endpoints of larger patterns, indicating the exhaustion of the larger motion.

End diagonals assume a wedge shape within two converging lines, with each sub-wave, including waves 1, 3 and 5, being divided into a "three", which is otherwise a correction wave phenomenon. The end diagonal is shown in Figures 1-15 and 1-16 and is shown in its typical position for larger pulse waves. Figure 1-15 Figure 1-16

We found a case where the boundary lines of the pattern diverge, creating an expanding wedge instead of a contracting one. However, it is analytically unsatisfactory that his third wave was the one

At the shortest action wave, the entire formation was larger than normal, and a different interpretation was possible, if not attractive. For these reasons, we do not give it as a valid variant.

End diagonals have recently appeared in the grades Minor (early 1978), Minute (February-March 1976) and Subminuette (June 1976). Figures 1-17 and 1-18 show two of these periods and illustrate one up and one down a downright "real" formation. Figure 1-19 shows our real potential expanding diagonal triangle. Note that in each case an important change of direction followed.

Although not shown in Figs. 1-15 and 1-16, fifth waves of diagonal triangles often end in a "rollover", i. H. A short break in the trend line connecting the endpoints of waves one and three. Figures 1-17 and 1-19 show practical examples. While the volume tends to decrease with the progressing diagonal triangle of small extent, the pattern always ends up with a peak of relatively high volume when a wrap occurs. In rare cases, the fifth sub-wave will miss its resistance trend line.

A rising diagonal is bearish and is usually followed by a sharp decline that goes back at least to the level at which it began. A falling diagonal is bullish and usually results in an upward push.

Extensions of the fifth wave, cut-off fifths and ending diagonal triangles imply the same thing: a dramatic reversal. At some turning points, two of these phenomena have occurred to varying degrees, reinforcing the violence of the next turn in the opposite direction.

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Combine cryptocurrency mining with travel

You've probably heard of the cumulative prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but you probably know something about it. Understanding how bitcoin and blockchain technology works can be a bit daunting and overwhelming for new users. But hey, I'm not an expert either and just try it out to know enough not to miss it.

As someone who strives to become a digital nomad and travel the world, consider whether to start now. And here I can show you how easy it is to start without knowledge of bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

If you know how to download an app to your smartphone or tablet. Then you are ready to earn cryptocurrency. You use your smartphone for just about everything, from communicating, paying bills, watching videos on YouTube all day long, finding restaurants, etc. So why not make money every day and do not spend anything but money? just download an app?

The tides are constantly changing, and to survive you must sail with the wind. Not against. Do not leave any free money on the table and read on.

Pi Network (Minepi.com) is becoming more and more popular day by day and may be one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency networks in the world since 2019. No wonder you want as many members as possible as fast as possible.

Mining for the Pi Coin cryptocurrency requires almost no effort than simply tapping the lightning bolt once a day. Then you can continue to use your phone as usual or turn off the screen. The Pi coin will continue to degrade in the background of your device for the next 24 hours without consuming massive amounts of energy, unlike Bitcoin removal.

As the Pi network continues to grow, with thousands of new miners signing in daily, the mining rate is halved, which means it's getting harder and slower to get Pi coins. So it's obvious that we're one of those people to get a very early start into this popular, up-and-coming cryptocurrency.

But why do I share my secrets? Are not you afraid of the competition? No not true. Since I believe in Pi Vision for 1, I want to help it grow by helping you to grow. Even with this information out there, I doubt anyone who reads this information will actually seek to actually grow (please prove I'm wrong).

Please read on and learn the secret!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

168h per week 4 weeks a month

672h a month

If the PI coin is quoted on markets and the price is $ 0.05, you have a residual income of $ 336. If you passively reduce 1 PI per hour. It's just a click on your phone every day.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a small contiguous group of people within a security circle, joined together with other smaller security groups to create a "trust diagram" that lets users know who they trust and with whom they want to conduct business. The security circle is used to verify identity to enable seamless and trusted transactions in Pi's cryptocurrency marketplace. This is to ensure confidence in the network that no fraudulent activities can take place.

The members of the core team

Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis – Head of Technology Stanford Ph.D. and first class instructor for decentralized applications of Stanford; Combining distributed systems and human-computer interactions to provide cryptocurrency to everyday people.

Dr. Chengdiao Fan – Product Manager Stanford Ph.D. in Computational Anthropology Using Social Computing to Unlock Human Potential on a Global Level.

Vincent McPhillip – Leader of the Community Yale and Stanford-trained social movement to democratize how society defines, creates, and distributes wealth.

Their mission is to build a platform for cryptocurrencies and smart contracts that is protected and operated by ordinary people like us, but with simplicity.

Their vision is to make cryptomining and spending as simple as pie, making it the world's most comprehensive peer-to-peer marketplace powered by Pi.

· The network has about 70,000 active members per day, mining every day in the Pi Network app, and is growing incredibly fast. Once they reach the first threshold of 100,000 users, they HOLD the mining rate. That's right, so the more users you join the network, the lower your speed will be. However, if you join today and become a (PI) oneer, helping to steer the Pi network in the right general direction. You get a bigger chunk of the PI (E) and increase it to massive savings until it reaches the foreign exchange market.

· In the fourth quarter of 2019, they will release an update that will allow users to send their Pi coins to any other user on the network. This will be the beginning to recognize the true value of the coin. Personally, I'm responsible for the what-if factor, especially if it was just about downloading a single app.

· You do not have to spend extra money on mine as long as you have a smartphone or a tablet.

· Invitation to the Pi network

· Currently, the Pi network is in beta and joining the network is via an invitation code only by someone who is already a member. You can register under my name and be admitted to my security circle.

What can you do with your Pi coins?

In the future:

Pioneers can count on Pi to catch the attention of other members of the network by sharing content (eg text, images, videos) or asking questions

Swap Pi coins with other members

Buy with Pi goods on the Pi Market Square

Use Pi for advertising

Swap Pi for ETH or BTC

Rather, the network is growing for mass adoption

Now they are in beta, you can mine Pi coins at higher rates because there are fewer users on the network. Such as bitcoin; Mining on Bitcoin Ten years ago, you could get some bitcoin about every hour. Now you'll get around 0.000001 BTC per hour as there are now millions of miners (the mining rate varies for each drill).

Think of Pi as in the early stages of Bitcoin, when no one really knew or understood what his technology really is. Imagine you knew what you know today. Would not you break it down like crazy? This is the same with Pi coins.

Do you need to know more?

https://minepi.com/white-paper https://minepi.com/faq

Below, comment on whether you have joined so that I can take you into my security circle.

Thanks for reading, do you like it? Share it!

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