How do you Get eBRC Certificate As Exporter

Electronic bank realization certificate issue by financial institutions. eBRC Certificate is issued by banks to the exporter to claim advantages under the numerous foreign trade policy systems. eBRC is an initiative to promote the paperless service, and the DGFT has created a digital media for the Financial institution. Using the eBRC system, financial institutions can electronically transmit foreign exchange information from banks to the DGFT server. The use of digital certification safeguards this procedure. Currently, there are 132 banks for which DGFT is providing this facility.
BRC is a significant record which an exporter needs to submit as verification of export. A Bank Realization Certificate or BRC is an authentication given by Banks to affirm that the exporter has received payment against his purchaser’s products’ fare.


[APP][FREE] Ball Connector – Maze Puzzle Game

Are you a fan of maze puzzle games? So this Ball Connector game is for you. This maze puzzle ball connector game is fun for everyone as it contains challenging collection of different mazes to solve. The maze collection starts from simple to hard, and each maze has been designed to be played at your own pace, with no time limit or restrictions. So hold tight and be ready to solve all the challenging mazes in this maze swipe game, a fun pencil maze game.

Ball connector maze ball roller is a skill-building ball trap game designed for all ages even anyone can play this roll ball puzzle game and get entertained. From kids to youngsters and elders, this control ball game is fun and enjoyable to play. The Connector Ball – Ball Maze Rotate game is a fun and learning-focused game that can help to improve your attention towards something as well as making it worth your free time. As this ball trap game is challenging, and you need to draw and achieve the maze without any delay.


Ball Connector – Roll Ball Maze game is a simple but yet hard 2D puzzle game. The starting phase of this maze puzzle is easy, as you have to start with easy maze collection. After completing each maze, you get another maze that is harder than the previous one and similarly goes on. You need to keep your focus on this game as you’ll lose if you get distracted because you only have to complete each maze collection in a single attempt.

Find a path that connects the balls within the maze by drawing a line without lifting your finger from the screen. Avoid touching the maze with the line. Complete a level by passing the line through each ball on the maze through the path. If you can’t find the path on the maze, use hints that show the only path on each maze adventure. If you are new to this maze roll ball game, the hint option is the best and helpful for you to move on.


You might play various Unblock ball slide puzzle games and Draw maze games, but this Connector Ball is the best game that will surely entertain you. The game contains 20 different levels of mazes, and each maze is different from the other according to complexity and fun. If you are looking for the best game to get rid of boredom and want to have fun so this maze swipe game is the best game for you.

Best Features of Ball Connector – Ball Maze Puzzle Game

– 20 Different levels of Mazes with attractive designs.
– Simple but challenging 2D Ball Maze Puzzle game.
– HD Graphics and attractive gameplay.
– Interesting and Fun to play for everyone.
– Minimal and retro 2D graphics, no complications.
– Free hints to find the path in the Maze.
– Easy to use controls, easy to play but difficult to master.

Your Feedback Matters:

Thanks for downloading our Ball Connector – Maze Puzzle Game. Your feedback is essential to improve our roll maze ball game. If you have any suggestions and recommendations to improve our maze ball trap game, so tell us, and we will try to consider them as early as possible. Do not forget to share it with your friends.

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Hôm nay đi chơi cả ngày không sờ vào diễn đàn, giờ về check thấy index=0. Hôm qua index=2400. Kể cả diễn đàn và trang chủ luôn.
Có ai biết lý do và cách khắc phục không. Thế này thì chết mất.


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Các cao thủ cho em hỏi trang nào kiểm tra mức độ tin cậy chuẩn nhất ạ, em vào: TrustRank
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