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We use Maildir on all our shared hosting servers. Has anyone already used mdbox and is it far superior? Should we convert all servers to it?

I see, we now have a lot of customers with 100 GB hard disk space and would be nice if we could save some space.

But apart from that, we should be aware of all the problems and problems.

How can I host my web app on a subdomain of Google domains (DNS settings)?

I hope I've worded my question correctly, but I host a web app on my home server, have a domain on Google Domains, and do not know how the DNS settings work.

I run the app on port 8082 and use Google Domains for my domain. The app is created with Node.js

I do not have any experience with DNS, so I need any help I can get

I hope someone can help me.

Many Thanks!

Any experience with | Web Hosting Talk


I'm looking for a cheap reseller hosting plan and I have a good offer from for only $ 4.99 a month in reseller deals (unlimited domains, unlimited SSD RAID 10 storage) , unlimited bandwidth) I think there is nothing (unlimited) when it comes to disk space and bandwidth.

Also, I have not found any reviews for the company on WebHostingTalk.

Any advice?

cloud – Connecting a SOAP web service (XML) to a Solr database

With Cloudera Manager and ZooKeeper, I've created a Solr database in cloud mode in our Cloudera stack. I know how to read data through pysolr and also through the local browser GUI, but that usually happens in JSON. We're supposed to get access to a SOAP web service that feeds the data into XML, and I know that Solr can read XML. How can this SOAP web service be best connected to Solr to stream the data directly into the database without having to run it through another pipeline in Python or Streamsets?

Every help is appreciated.

Amazon AWS Awards | Web Hosting Talk

Amazon AWS Awards | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Amazon AWS Awards

    I use over a hundred dedicated servers for an employer and even work in the Google data center. I am now self-employed and look at Amazon AWS. I want to run cpanel and tell the seller that I want the configuration of 64GB and 1TB of flexible disk space. Even storage flexible depending on the load. I'm telling him I'm trying to think in my mind between cloud hosting and dedicated server and asking for help to use the right words. I need flexibility on load. He cites me monthly for $ 880 without discussing the bandwidth. He's a seller and interested in just selling, just tell me why the price is so high. I hope someone here can tell me why the price is so high or what I should really pay attention to.

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ALTUSHOST – Nightmare | Web Hosting Talk

I read that ALTUSHOST is acquiring new companies. I hope they focus more on what they have and fix their network problems instead of buying new ones.

Apparently, the UPTIME SLA is just a number that needs to be posted on their website (which is always up to date magically). We had more than 43 downtime in 3 days and the support does not even seem to know what we're talking about.

Test time (GMT +02: 00) Result
July 12, 2019 04:33 Failed (12 tests)
July 12, 2019 05:38 Failed (4 tests)
July 12, 2019 06:03 Failed (10 tests)
July 17, 2019 04:33 Failed (3 tests)
July 17, 2019 11:41 Failed (1 exam)
18 Jul 2019 00:25 Failed (3 tests)
July 18, 2019 01:26 Failed (1 exam)
July 18, 2019 02:21 Failed (2 tests)
July 18, 2019 11:05 Failed (7 tests)

It is sad to say, but in our experience the companies are getting bigger and the quality is getting more and more lost.

It's a shame, now we have to try to get our annual fee back and move to a better company.

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