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dmz – Separate server between web server and database server

Possibly basic question of a developer, not a security expert.

AFAIK, a very common web site configuration, is that at least one web server is behind a firewall and load balancing, with web servers sending requests to a database server over an internal network (not accessible from outside).

A security adviser has now told me that this is not certain. When a hacker gains access to a web server, he may in some way send requests to the database server.

They recommend an additional server between the Web servers and the database server where the Web servers send requests to the additional server, which are then forwarded to the database server. The database server accepts requests only from the additional server, not from the web servers.

I'm a bit confused as to why this extra server is needed to make the system secure. Since the web servers need to access the database to process HTTP requests, it makes a difference whether the additional server is being used.

spfx – Add the same Web Part with different configuration multiple times on the same page

I have created an SPFX web part. So, if I add this web part more than once to the same page, the same data appears on both web parts, even if they have different properties. Configuring the properties pane for a Web Part will change both Web Parts because they have the same class for div and other controls.

How do we deal with this situation in SPFX?

Does Gmail need attention? – Stack exchange of web applications

I open Gmail and see that my emails are labeled Category/Primary It's still loading in my primary inbox. After a few seconds, it stops loading and suddenly a new message appears above the primary e-mail list: A message named Category/Forum I check the labels on this message that do not exist Category/Primary Label, it is not marked, I have disabled Include starred in Primary,

I update the page, the same thing happens again: the message is not there while it is still loading (the spinner is spinning) and after a few seconds is added to the top of the list.

Most annoying is that on my Android I even see a notification about this message. My Android only displays notifications for emails I receive on my primary tab.

What is this message? If it is not marked as primary, why is it on the primary tab? If it's marked primary, why can not I see this label? Why does not it appear when first rendering the message list and does it suddenly appear after a few seconds? Why does this only happen for certain messages from Qts Jira and Kubernetes Github? I get a lot of notifications from Github and Jira, but messages only from certain threads in them end up that way and not even all messages from those threads.

Does Gmail need my attention? Should I reward Gmail if it works well and punish it if it conflicts with my labels?

Web application – Sudo has parameterized all commands. Is that safe?

About this question
Sudo white list only program Perl
I think I have found a possible solution with only sudo

have a program Perl and make chmod + x executable

in sudo whitelist this program and nothing else, i test it and work

because within the program exists the location binary perl hashbang or sh-bang
In the case of sudo white list only program perl you have to perl binary and the program white list

Within Perl you can set the taint mode, ops and safe

That is, you have a helper or wrapper perl program (this has all the rights of sudo, since this working whitelist contains a single program) within the program where you must parameterize all commands, as in the dispatch table.

Regarding Hashbang or Sh-Bang security, I've read that a case of Perl would redirect to another interpreter:

The change to hashbang redirection introduced in Perl 5.24.0, where Perl redirects to another interpreter (Perl 6) if a hashbang path is found containing "perl" followed by "6".

Is this solution safe?

Web application – return the social security number after validation checks in the web-based form

I have a web-based application form that collects personal information for web-based users. One of the fields is an SSN. My question is simple, in terms of security compliance (generally OWASP, PCI, SOC2, etc.). Is it okay to pre-populate the SSN if the user has returned to the form due to validation issues?

Assuming I fill in the entire form, I forgot to enter the date of birth (another field in the form), the form reloads the page, displays a confirmation message regarding a required field, and then the form is filled out Form fields that the user has already entered, first name, last name, SSN, etc. Is it acceptable for security reasons to refill the SSN (this comes from the server side validation, not from the client side), or should I force the user to SSN again enter?

ubuntu – file or path on the web can not be opened

Install dependencies

RUN apt install make gcc g++ pkg-config -y
RUN npm install n -g && n 11
RUN npm install -g jshint
RUN apt-get install libx11-dev libxkbfile-dev -y && apt-get install libsecret-1-dev -y
RUN curl -sS | apt-key add - && 
    echo "deb stable main" | tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yarn.list
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install yarn -y
RUN apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y

docker exec -it container_id / bin / bash

git clone -b master
cd vscode
yarn watch
yarn web

yarn path
I can open localhost:port.
However, I can not open a file or path.
Enter image description here

Web Hosting

What is the difference between IPv4 addresses that have been bought and leased? What advantages and disadvantages does everyone have? … | Read the rest of

amazon web services – AWS Lambda takes on a cross-account role at externalid

I'm stuck in cross-account roles in AWS. Since I can not find clear examples, the solution may be trivial, but I can not find it.

The case:
I want to write a file to an S3 bucket in another account, using a cross-account role and an external ID. The cross-account role has been set up in the other account. I have tested the takeover of the role from the command line, which succeeds. But I can not assign the role to AWS Lambda.

My problem is probably the externalid: how should I provide it?

I have tried the following in terraform:

resource "aws_iam_role" "test_role" {
  name = "test_role"
  assume_role_policy = <

Thank you in advance!