visual studio – Página Web em javascript no vscode

Criar uma página web, onde o usuário digita a data de nascimento no formato dd/mm/aaaa () e a página deverá exibir a idade em anos, meses e dias. Exibirá também o total de dias de existência.


web video from does not play

I have android 9 box with Chrome and Firefox installed. Usually if video does not play in one browser, it does play in another, youtube works in both. However, videos from do not play, one can select an episode, but when one clicks on white triangle to play nothing happens. I can play on laptop, there if I Cntrl+click on the video it says JW Player 8.8.2. I am new to android, how to fix/troubleshoot?

sharepoint online – How to sort by name with the Highlighted Content Web Part

The Highlighted Content Web Part built in SharePoint Online allows for us to set a custom query and several sort options below it.

enter image description here

So far that is working for me, but I noticed that none of the bottom sorting options allow us to sort results by their name (i.e. document library titles).

Is there a way we can enforce sorting by name, in either ascending or descending order) within the Query text box?

Going to a different web page within the same window without closing the VB.Net Selenium Chrome window

Dear members of the forum.

With the code below, I can open the chrome web browser using selenium and go to the internet address I want. I have only one problem. When I click on button1, the chrome window opens and goes to When I click button2 while the driver is on, it runs a separate chrome driver and goes to yahoo. this is what i want After opening the first chrome window and entering google, when I click BUTTON2 “WITHOUT OPENING NEW CHROME” I want it to go to from the EXISTING CHROME WINDOW .. I could not find the code. I want to go to another link without closing the current chrome engine. where am I making a mistake? I ask for your help. respects.

Imports OpenQA.Selenium
Imports OpenQA.Selenium.Chrome
Imports OpenQA.Selenium.Support.UI
Imports System.Text

Public Class Form1
    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

        Dim driver As IWebDriver
        driver = New ChromeDriver()

    End Sub

    Private Sub Button2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click
        Dim driver As IWebDriver
        driver = New ChromeDriver()
    End Sub
End Class

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What Are The Best Languages For Web Application Development In 2021?

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Programming languages are numerous; good ones are few. Which language is a perfect match for your web application? Read to find out – Best programming language for web development


How to design multi-level navigation menus for web and apps

We’re creating some applications that need a multi-level menu navigation. This navigation menu should be presented in these environments:

  1. Web (large browsers)
  2. Web (responsive for devices)
  3. Android app
  4. iOS app
  5. Possibly Windows Phone

We’re stuck at deciding how to represent this navigation model across devices and platforms. Is there any best practice?

Update: One solution is:

Create a waterfall-like drop-down menus for web portals
Create a breadcrumb-like navigation for devices
Create a nested-accordion Android navigation drawer
For iOS, we’re truly stuck.

Facebook profile url – Web Applications Stack Exchange

My facebook profile link is in the form where John Smith is my display name. The email however which I use to log in is

My mom’s facebook profile page is while her display name is Mary Poppins, while the email she uses to log in is

Furthermore, I have friend, when I went to his profile page, address was

How come facebook uses different ways to form profile url? Firstly, user public name, secondly, user email (which is not secure at all), and thirdly, user id? Where this can be changed?