Street Racer Pro: 3D Car Racing Game

Fasten your seatbelt and enter a world of pro driver street racing in one of the most realistic and exciting car racing games.

Feel The Thrill!

Welcome to the world of wild & exciting endless street racing. The best traffic car racing simulator of 2020. Let the adrenaline rush through your veins as you dodge traffic, accelerate on high speeds and attempt to lead in front of the bully drivers. Overtake every car you see in the street while passing by.

Realistic Racing Experience

The new 3D highway traffic racing game is designed to offers you lifelike car racing experience. Enjoy the beautiful landscape during the journey through a clumsy city or empty desert or hill forest! Collect Surprising boosters on the go which can gain the highest speed or disable the gas paddle.

No Rules!!

There are no rules of racing in this wild street and that is where the fun begins. Try to stay away from the bully AI cars which will always intend to hit you from behind or sideways. Take the challenge from bullying drivers, select the car that suits your personality & be the street racer pro.

How to play Street Racer Pro

• Download and launch the game.
• Pick a car and tap on the start button to start highway traffic racing.
• Swipe to change lane to dodge traffic and increase speed to overtake bully drivers.
• Become a pro driver and collect speed boosters from road.
• Collect and spend coins to unlock new vehicles.

Download at Playstore Now;…streetracerpro