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Hello wjunction,
I’m introducing a new movie streaming site where users can submit their own movie links.
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What sets us apart from the others? We are the only streaming site offering bitcoin rewards to active users.
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Looking forward your visit at:
Please post your comments/questions here.
Thanks, happy streaming.


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In The Last Few Days, I Made a New Porn Website Focused On Full-Length Clips

In You Can Watch Videos From More Than 50 Porn Network, Each Video Classified On it Network. As Image Shows Below.

We Currently Have a Small number of Videos But With Time We’ll surely add more and more.

Please Review My Site And let me Know your Opinion


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Well, if someone expresses their bad experience with Filejoker, those posts are being deleted selectively. I had posted how their worse paygate is bringing so many Reseller sales, my posts got removed from there. I had even posted screenshots. I noticed that whsoever is saying anything negative or expressing disappointment, those posts get deleted. And then these bunch of people all of a sudden start posting. “Thank you for payment”, and those posts are most welcome.

When members write negative about Rapidgator, noone post gets deleted but, in case of Filejoker, posts get deleted and you will be barred from posting in their thread.


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Infrastructure Management

Netedge Technology is a leading technical support and server management company. We are running this business since more than 14 years. We have a great team of certified Systems Administrators who can take care of your servers from initial server setup to critical server and infrastructure management.

We are expert in cloud infrastructure Design, Implementation and ongoing management.

We have been dealing with cloud softwares like Openstack, OnApp, VMWare, Amazon, Cloudstack,

Please follow this link to more details about the Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

List of other services we are dealing with.

Server Management

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Game Server Management

PCI Compliance

Dedicated Staffing

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Remote Desktop Support

Technical Support

Hourly Technical Support

Ticket & Chat Support

One Time Service

Software Development

Virtualization Management

VPS Server Management

VPS Node Management

Web Hosting Support

Control Panel Management

Datacenter Management

IT Infrastructure Automation

Remote Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

NOC Management

Web Application Management

Mobile Application Management

IOT Application Management

Please feel free to contact us at

[email protected] if in case of any question.

Website =

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Do YouTube Video likes affect the performance of channels?
The number and shape of interactions are very important for YouTube videos to become popular and watched by a wide audience the first time they are uploaded or subsequently ranked. It is possible to divide the interaction into two as interaction by subscribers and interaction by non-subscribers.

It is possible for non-subscribers to interact in the form of comments and appreciation. Although more ineffective than subscribers, the number of likes is more or less determines the ranking of a video. Note that dislike is also a type of interaction.

When YouTube likes are used and manipulated correctly, it is possible for an average quality video to rank at the top even in the most competitive issues and enter trends. It would be a wise decision to work with professional acclaim platforms to capture a good effect. There is no case that a video with millions of organic or organic-like likes takes place in the back row.

Buy YouTube Likes to Earn More Subscribers
Almost all of the people who produce video content for YouTube produce content to increase their subscribers. Even the best content is not watched unless supported by the right moves. It is not possible for un-watched content to subscribe to the channel. One must constantly meet different criteria for the content to be tracked. These criteria, which are indicative of the quality of content, are continuously calculated and valued by the YouTube algorithm. The videos uploaded to the channel by the mapped value are placed in the top or bottom rows.

While the videos in the top ranks have instant access to millions of people, those listed in the bottom ranks completely lack such an opportunity. One of the most important criteria used in the evaluation of the channel is the number of likes. The balance between dislike and dislike; The higher the number of people interacting with the video in this way, the higher that video and channel will be listed. This makes it easier to earn subscribers. The channels grow and grow rapidly with the number of likes. If you have a channel that you are uncomfortable with the growth momentum, buy YouTube likes and at least meet the most important promotion criteria.

Buy Real YouTube Likes With High Impact
Real YouTube likes to play a very important role in determining the ranking in search results with tens of factors. A highly sophisticated artificial intelligence evaluates every taste that comes with the help of an advanced algorithm. Where the appreciation comes from, what the reference is, at what stage of the video is given and by whom. If all of these inputs follow a positive course, the relevant video is continuously taken up in the rankings. After one stage, both the channel and the video become so authoritarian that they are at the top of all relevant searches. Until this stage, the content produced must be supported by the channel owners.

These subsidies, both subscriber purchase, impression purchase and appreciation purchase, provide the desired effect only when used correctly. The first thing to consider when buying likes is whether it is absolutely organic. Some services (poor quality) send millions of likes of no value. This is a process that is more damaging than the benefit that professional services do not approve of. It is possible to get more benefits with much less liking. Buy real YouTube likes to continually upgrade the channel by making long-term plans to get the most benefit at the least cost.

Do Cheap YouTube Likes Benefit The Channel?
There is a perception that it is of poor quality if it is cheap for almost all products, not just for YouTube likes, subscribers and watch services. Although this perception is generally correct, if a correct research method is followed, there is a possibility that very cheap services will be of serious quality. This is especially true for taste services. Cheap YouTube likes can be very cheap if they are received directly from the main provider and not served by more than one broker.

In order to make the most favorable buy effective, buy the cheapest ones at the research stage:

1. Previous comments about the service providing the service should be reviewed.
2. The service contract to be applied when providing the service should be read in detail.
3. Measure the effect of small trials and then take larger packages.

If these three simple items are operated, it is possible to find really good quality, useful and effect-rated services.

Buy Effective YouTube Video Likes
User ratings on YouTube are one of the best feedback from the user for the quality of the video. It can be interpreted directly by artificial intelligence, allowing those who want to see their video in the top positions to develop tactical tactics. Although a well-structured and high-quality video is likely to receive positive feedback, data cannot be created to be interpreted by artificial intelligence unless it reaches a sufficient audience. This causes a quality video to fall back in the rankings.

It is a very effective way to buy likes to manipulate the YouTube likes system at least on channels that are under 100,000 subscribers. With this method, feedbacks are taken to the video and artificial intelligence is provided to understand the quality of the video. However, there is much debate about the quality of appreciation service offered by many platforms. This method can have ineffective or harmful consequences because many platforms offer non-organic appreciation services. Few professional platforms offer effective appreciation. If you want to see your video in trends or top positions, buy YouTube video likes.

Buy Fast YouTube Likes To Get Into Trends
Uploading tens of thousands of videos on thousands of topics every day, YouTube is a highly challenging platform for competition. Since it means appealing to millions of people in the top rankings on the platform or to go out on trends, content producers are trying to produce quality content both by developing shooting techniques and working on editing.

Producing quality content offers the opportunity to appeal to more people than usual, but it doesn’t guarantee that it will come out first or in trends. To achieve this, more professional methods need to be applied, which often incur some cost. Buy fast YouTube likes first to get into trends.

The main purpose of quick likes is to send as many likes to video in a very short time. In general, the likes of the twenty-four hour period allow artificial intelligence to be manipulated as needed. While users are more eager to watch a video that gets tens of thousands of likes, they are also eager to give and comment.

Increase Your Subscriber Count:Get YouTube Likes Now!
Fully composed of video content, YouTube is one of the most popular web sites for users. It is possible to reach millions of people through the platform, which is the second-largest search engine in the world. Tens of thousands of content producers upload dozens of videos every day on both general and specific topics and communicate with users.

It is only possible to evaluate, classify and rank all these contents in a certain logic. The YouTube algorithm provides ranking by factors such as topicality, rating, content quality, comments and number of subscribers. All these factors can be manipulated in favor of the channel owner using specific services.

The most commonly used method is to increase the number of views and likes of videos. Certain professional platforms offer organic and similar acclaim services. You can view related services by clicking get like for YouTube on platforms. These cheap services usually give the same amount of taste to the video as it is received between twenty-four hours and three days and enables the video to reach the top rankings.

The First Secret To Being A Big Channel:Boost YouTube Likes
Channels with likes and dislikes above a certain number are found to be successful and trackable. This evaluation is done automatically by YouTube artificial intelligence. Because it is not possible to directly alter artificial intelligence, the number of likes must be changed to manipulate. Sometimes it is not possible to increase the number of likes naturally, but sometimes it can take very long times. Since the effect of the number of likes spreading over long periods is very low, more accelerated methods should be tried.

The main purpose of YouTube rating services is to support the number of channels that want to grow. Such services typically send as many likes as requested in one to three days to the relevant video or all videos of the channel. These likes, sent by some special techniques to overcome the artificial intelligence of YouTube, create an organic impression and rankings in search results change positively. Some videos may become trends. If you produce quality content, but you can not come to a place you want to buy the service package of likes to increase YouTube likes and channel further.

Buy YouTube Likes To Reach Wider Audiences
People who publish videos on YouTube and produce video content are intended to appeal to a narrow or wide audience. This goal always brings with it the desire to appeal to a wider audience. The number of likes, comments, views and content quality of a channel is evaluated as a whole; all criteria reveal the size of the channel. As the channel grows, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of channels fall into the domain of the channel. Spreading and imposing ideas; YouTube is a highly productive area to promote and sell products, and seriously pays attention to the number of likes. The positive increase in likelihood numbers enables videos to reach more people automatically.

It is impossible for channels that appeal to narrow masses to increase the number of likes instantly. The way to change this is to take advantage of the services you like. If you want to get your videos to a wider audience, purchase YouTube likes.

Youtube Likes

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Why Should I Get YouTube Views?
The main goal of anyone uploading videos to YouTube is to reach more people. The way to reach more people is to be listed higher. The use of a similar result algorithm with Google, but with some unique features of the YouTube ranking in determining the number of YouTube views is very important.

In determining the number of videos in the top ranks of the words with a high number of searches, statistical data such as number of views, number of likes and dislikes are taken seriously. If you have the intention of being in the top positions, you must take YouTube views and move your video to top positions faster. In this way, your video will reach more organic users with the effect of directed viewing; Taking more progress will be listed at the top of the category. A second advantage of buying YouTube views is instilling confidence in users. People watch videos that get more psychological impressions for longer; more favorable content tends to make positive feedback.

Buy Quality YouTube Views
Almost all of the big technology companies have quality content and poor quality content; Spends billions of dollars each year to distinguish the opposite from organic and quality users. Tracking from any platform is likely to be of poor quality.

Since poor quality monitoring is perceived by the YouTube algorithm, there is a potential risk of serious damage to the content in the medium to long term. Those who want to move their video to higher positions, and those who want to reassure their viewers, need to buy quality views. In this way, both the deletion of statistics will not be encountered and the received impressions may have some effect on the ad impression.

If you have some kind of video that doesn’t reach your desired popularity, buy YouTube views. A five percent or ten percent increase in the purchase price will protect you from many algorithms problems, while at the same time providing you two to three times more efficient than cheap monitoring.

How Does The Number Of YouTube Video Views Impact The Ranking?
With one of the world’s most advanced video processing and analysis tools, YouTube considers dozens of different variables in determining the ranking of a video. The most attention paid by the employees on the algorithm is the number of views.

Although it is expected that the videos that are watched fast in the short term will be placed higher, the quality of the views that make up the number of video views is also important. Nevertheless, the ranking of a three-digit video is quite different from that of a five-digit or six-digit video. YouTube thinks that content that is more watched sees more demand, putting it higher; to reach more people. Those who are aiming to reach more people need to buy YouTube views. In this way, the video can be given the impression that demand is increasing at a time.

The YouTube algorithm evaluates this request by placing relevant content on top. This means that getting YouTube views (if taken from the right platform) has a positive effect on ranking.

What Can Be Done To Boost YouTube Views?
Every YouTube content producer aims to reach millions of people. Although it is relatively easy to achieve this goal if the right content is produced, in a highly competitive sector, it is necessary to obtain support from a professional platform at least in the initial stage in order to increase the number of views naturally.

Even as you look at this screen, channels with millions of subscribers buy views from professional YouTube viewing platforms to further increase their viewing. Considering the impact of the number of views on the rankings, it is considered to be a cost-effective method to buy YouTube views and to boost YouTube views. Considering that they will gain the people who will reach the video with the effect of the views taken, it becomes more logical to buy the views.

As a result:color and fiction in the middle – high level, broadcast on a thematic channel; The first thing that can be done to increase the number of views that are integrated with the subscribers of the channel on which it is broadcast is to edit according to YouTube SEO rules, and the second thing is to purchase views.

Are Purchased Views Real YouTube Views?
One of the leading methods used to reach higher people in the rankings and to reach more people in the buying method that is used today by almost all YouTube content publishers. In particular, those who are new to the channel and aim for a rapid rise will often use these services. Although the main purpose of the related services is to send organic views, some services increase non-organic users by directing them to video. Such non-organic views cannot be counted as true YouTube views. This is because the YouTube algorithm can easily distinguish such monitoring.

Quality services can pass the algorithm as it directs organic users to video by using different techniques and provides three to five minutes of viewing. Naturally, views purchased from quality services are considered real YouTube views. Although non-organic monitoring is very cheap, it can cause serious damage to both the video and the channel in which the video is broadcast in the medium to long term. Those who make long-term plans should definitely prefer quality services.

Buy Fast YouTube Views Right Away For Fast Rise
The first aim of content-buying content producers is to increase rankings, while the second aim is to instill trust in viewers. Watching a lot of content ensures that someone who is new to the video stays on for more time. However, the first aim is always to reach higher organic users in the rankings. The effect of the views on the sequence is also influenced by the time variable. That is to say, the smaller the number of traces that arrive in a short time, the more the impacts on the rankings, rather than the many traces that come over very long periods.

This trend, driven by the concept of trend, increases the interest in true YouTube views packages. Measurements show that packets with fast delivery are much more efficient. If you’re producing content on an up-to-date topic, or if you want your video content to rank quickly, buy fast YouTube views and see the results. These packages, which are generally completed in twenty-four hours by the total number of traces received, are a little more expensive than normal packages, but they are much cheaper considering their effects.

What Advantages Does More Viewing On YouTube Offer?
YouTube, the world’s largest search engine after Google, is visited by millions of people every day. The high demand makes it possible to meet almost any kind of content with the users. Wanting to direct the demand correctly, YouTube is organizing the current ranking of content with the help of various algorithms. The number of views, which is only one of these algorithms, is perhaps one of the most important variables since it is directly presented to the user. The biggest advantage is that users are more concerned about the video with more views. The platforms used to get more views on YouTube are a significant plus in reinforcing this advantage.

1.The organic monitoring service that is received in a short period of time serves to provide an accelerated rise in the ranking.
2.Since users prefer to watch more videos from the same two videos, there is a natural increase in the number of minutes.
3.When the right platform is preferred, advertising revenue is also increased.

These are the overall benefits, but when it comes to long-term results, accounts with more views make longer-term advertising deals possible.

What are the most practical ways to get quality YouTube views?
Since the day YouTube became a serious market, it is possible to divide the monitoring services into two main categories:organic and inorganic. Although these two types of services, which have a significant price difference, are provided by many different platforms, the choice of people who want to expand their channel in the medium to long term and reach more people is the quality of viewing platforms.

YouTube’s highly advanced algorithm can easily distinguish between two types of watch and classify the channel from which the watch comes from according to watch quality. Channels that have poor quality viewing, ie video viewing, are constantly thrown back in the rankings, while those with opposite viewing are maximized. If you want your channel to have many subscribers, in the long run, receive millions of organic views and become a gateway to revenue, be sure to buy YouTube video views. Although it is relatively more costly at first, its long-term benefits are quite successful in minimizing this cost. It will comfort you to know that such monitoring is at the root of many of today’s successful channels.

Youtube Views

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Benefits of Organic YouTube Subscribers
The number of subscribers is generally taken into account when ranking the best YouTube content producers. The concept of the subscription is created by the appreciation of the content manufacturer and offers significant long-term advantages. Since it is very difficult to measure the content quality of a channel with artificial intelligence, the attitude of the subscribers becomes important.

Organic and high-quality YouTube subscribers are the most important tools to move the channel to the top and get more views. Artificial intelligence makes evaluations by measuring the attitudes of subscribers, which is much more measurable than evaluating content. The number of subscribers, whether or not the subscribers like the video, the viewing times and whether or not to turn on the notification ring are effective factors in increasing the ranking. Because many content producers know this, they try to turn the channel’s appearance into positive by buying organic YouTube subscribers.

Another benefit of the number of subscribers is the increase in the willingness of people who do not subscribe to follow the channels with a high number of subscribers. That is, thanks to the organic subscribers received from the related services, it is ensured that the number of people subscribed to the channel increases beyond the service of the service. Even the channels with millions of subscribers are trying to increase the number of subscribers by using these services.

Buy YouTube Subscribers to Grow Faster
Nowadays, it is clear how important the number of YouTube subscribers is when channels or people are classified by the number of followers. As a natural result of the accelerated increase in the number of channels producing content, the competitive environment prevents the growth of quality but small channels.

Because YouTube generally has an algorithm that extends a hundred thousand subscribers and then channels quickly, reaching the first hundred thousand subscribers is very important for the channels. Naturally, it takes between six months and two years to reach this number of subscribers by increasing the quality of the content (if the subject is appropriate). This is considered quite a long time. Buy YouTube subscribers if you want to get through such a shorter time. Depending on the quality of the received subscribers, the channel quickly exceeds the limits of some algorithms and makes it easier to reach organic users.

When purchasing subscribers, attention should be paid to the quality of the subscribers sent. Thanks to the preference of quality subscriber sending services, YouTube algorithm both subscribers and maximizes the channel in search results.

Buy Both Quality and Cheap YouTube Subscribers
Channel owners who want to increase the number of views show their channel in better quality and rank in the top rankings prefer to purchase subscribers. The unlimited number of platforms that can be purchased by subscribers may bring wrong choices. In general, the quality of the subscribers is not taken into account when performing this process.

The cheapest subscriber selling platform is preferred and the results are tried to be obtained. Generally speaking, this behavior does more harm than good because the quality of subscribers is very important for the YouTube algorithm. Since YouTube is the main gateway, all channel owners need to do is to buy YouTube- subscribers at the cheapest price. This is a service offered by very few platforms. If you want to get the above benefits by rapidly expanding your channel; Buy YouTube subscribers cheap if you don’t want to force your budget at the same time.

Even if you do not have the chance to measure the quality of the subscribers with a hundred percent accuracy, tell your expectations by talking to the customer representative while making the purchase. Make a decision by evaluating the price – number of subscribers – quality triangles and start growing your channel.

Get YouTube Subscribers In The Fastest Way
It is quite difficult for newly established channels to get YouTube subscribers, which is almost saturated as the number of users. It is possible to say that the competition will be very high unless a special and non-content subject is selected and the content is not produced. While new channels should go beyond conventional methods to reach subscribers, they should not leave YouTube policies.

The most convenient way to gain new subscribers for new channels is to purchase subscribers, which many channels benefit from today. Although there is more than one option in the subscriber purchase section, it is confusing to the channel owners that quality platforms send the most appropriate type of subscribers to the cheapest.

If you are having trouble getting your channel to one thousand, ten thousand and one hundred thousand subscribers; If you think your subscriber count is getting saturated and you’re worried about not growing, you’ll surely get YouTube subscribers by buying subscribers.

In this way, the psychological and algorithm-based boundaries will be crossed and the channel’s journey to one million subscribers will begin. Shopping at the right time and from the right platform is very effective for the growth of channels.

Increase YouTube Subscribers With The Closest Methods To Nature
As users’ habits of consuming YouTube content have changed, there have been significant changes in their subscribing and subscribing criteria. People do not publish interesting or interesting content; they are reluctant to subscribe to channels that do not provide details or focus on a specific topic.

The natural way to get subscribers is to focus exactly on the above. It is possible to say that motivation is often not enough to focus on these issues in the initial phase or in channels under one hundred thousand subscribers. In such a case, some natural methods should be used to increase YouTube subscribers. For this:

1.Subscribers can be subscribed to systems with free credits.
2.Paid subscriber sending, quality option platforms can be used.

The second method is the choice of quality and long-term thinking channels. The lack of quality of the first method necessitates the selection of the second method at a certain cost.

Buy Real YouTube Subscribers At Low Fees
Content producers who want to expand their channels quickly come to the point of buying subscribers at some point in their adventure. Buying subscribers often do not produce predictable results. Too many options confuse content producers, and as a result of subscribing users who are incompatible with the content of the channel, the YouTube algorithm starts to roll back the channel.

There is more harm than good as many platforms include accounts called bots instead of real users. If you are a YouTube content producer and want to grow your channel quickly, buy real YouTube subscribers. Even though this service is not provided by many platforms, the fact that subscribers are real and that the algorithm is not caught in the discrimination systems makes the channel see a significant benefit in the medium to long term.

The fact that sending subscribers of real people is slightly more expensive than normal should be ignored in view of the benefits of this transaction. In the long run, organic users coming to the top of the rankings will significantly lower the costs incurred at first.

How To Reach More Subscribers On YouTube?
The YouTube subscription system can be considered as a fairly lively organism. People react instantly to the content shared on a channel or channel; subscribe or unsubscribe. Considering that the YouTube algorithm gives importance to the number of subscribers, the acceleration in the number of subscribers and the behavior of the subscribers, a serious evaluation should be made on the subscription processes. Those who want to reach more subscribers on YouTube must first evaluate their channels.

If it is decided that the competition is high as a result of this process including the competition analysis, the subscriber should be purchased. If there is little or no competition, it should focus on producing more content on the subject; subscriber purchases should be used as support. Today, people from every region of the world are trying to climb the rankings by purchasing subscribers. Many of them fail because they cannot find the correct delivery style and platform.

It is wrong to discuss the ethical issue of what everyone has to do. Subscriber purchase is a small method to obtain natural subscribers. Combined with a quality channel, tremendous results are achieved.

Buy YouTube Subscribers To Become A Great Channel
When ranking the world’s largest channels, attention is paid to the number of subscribers rather than the quality of the content. Although content-based rankings are made, their rarity causes content producers who want to be a big channel to subscribe to transactions. The fact that the subscription concept can be manipulated causes many quality channels to fall back in rankings.

The fact that almost all channels purchase subscribers increase the competition. The way to become a major channel (at least one hundred thousand subscribers and below) is to purchase subscribers. The YouTube algorithm extends channels exceeding one hundred thousand subscribers to as fast as one million subscribers.

If you want to achieve this in less than three months, purchase YouTube subscribers. When buying, consider the subject, status, competitiveness, and content of your channel. Avoid platforms that ship with bot accounts. No wonder the more organic the better the motto. With the effect of incoming subscribers on the channel, the cost of subscribing you will endure will pay off within a few days and put you in a very profitable position in the long term.

Is it helpful to buy a YouTube subscriber?
YouTube offers a highly interactive structure with hundreds of millions of people active on a daily basis. Comments, subscriptions and likes and content producers are evaluated. There is a significant difference between the comments or likes given by a subscribed user and those given by a non-subscribed user.

The number of subscribers and the size of the audience also have serious effects. Content producers that appeal to the public or the private must always keep their subscribers maximum. This may not always be possible because there is serious competition in almost all areas of YouTube.

Distinguishing between quality content and poor quality content; raising the correct channels is only possible with user interaction. YouTube subscribers for sale provide domains to receive channels. Whether the effect is positive or negative depends on the platform received, the quality of the subscribers and where they come from. If organic and real users are purchased, there is a serious increase in ranking; on the contrary, the channel quickly disappears by losing the subscriber. In short, subscriber purchase provides a significant benefit if used correctly.

Youtube Subscriber