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Hello friends, I do not know if I'm posting on the right thread
I recently found this site

How it works
The registration system has been designed using the latest security technologies and practices to be easy to use, but also very secure. Once your account has been created, a link to confirm registration and activate your UMBRELLA HIVES account will be sent to your email address. The collected data will be processed and stored in the highest possible safety in compliance with all international regulations.
Members who access the HIVES FACTORY affiliate program for free can earn up to $ 400 per hive. Unlike other platforms, UMBRELLA HIVES is the only platform that gives its members the ability to make meaningful, consistent profits without investing anything, without risk. HIVES FACTORY acts as an elite group of members of UMBRELLA HIVES, where absolutely all members have free access, but only those left and rewarded are those who contribute to increasing the cost-effectiveness of the algorithm and growth of our community.

General rules for obtaining a hive:

A) UMBRELLA HIVES will be charged a subscription fee of $ 19.99
B) Access to HIVES FACTORY by entering the unique code = 75CBMD5NVVDM, valid for 6 days from the entry
C) WELCOME PACK (WP) free, contains 2 codes
D) The period for distribution of the two codes is 7 days. If you distribute both codes within this time limit, you will receive a bonus of 5 USD (the equivalent of the package).
E) You will receive another $ 5 bonus for each of the 2 people who used your code when distributing their HP within their 7-day limit
F) If your friends distribute a full HP or if the 7-day deadline has expired, you will get a certain type of hive free of charge, depending on how many HP were distributed (see all types of hives you can get).
G) The profit achieved varies by hive and can be up to $ 400 / hive
H) The hive is active 56 days from the moment it is collected and collects the profits.
I) The hive will automatically be deactivated when $ 400 is due or when the 56 days have expired.
J) Collected revenue can be withdrawn at any time. The amount that can be withdrawn is between $ 30 and $ 150 per transaction.
K) For every $ 10 payout, $ 2 will be deducted from your account to reward the team of our experts.
The subscription is valid for 30 days. If you have active hives, the validity of the subscription will be extended until you no longer have an active hive.

Step by step explanation

After creating an account and logging in, the UMBRELLA HIVES homepage will be displayed.
Here you have access to statistics of the strongest football championships in Europe and to the forecasts of our employees.

As a member of UMBRELLA HIVES, you have free access to the HIVES FACTORY app, which allows you to get an unlimited number of hives. Each hive can accumulate up to $ 400 for you.
To access the HIVES FACTORY app, click the appropriate button
On the registration page, enter the UNIQUE CODE (one of the codes from the first image) and click Submit


Everyone who accesses the application will receive a FREE WELCOME PACKAGE (WP), shown in red in Figure 6. This WP contains 2 unique codes (CODE 1 and CODE 2).

WELCOME PACKAGE gives you the opportunity to help your friends or acquaintances to take their turn, as well as the chance to receive a $ 8 bonus.

Every WP has 7 days to distribute it. In other words, within 7 days, the 2 unique codes you receive will have to be used by two other members to access the application. The timer in WP indicates how long it will take until the deadline.

In the initial phase WP is RED, if someone uses one of the codes (CODE 1), WP colors ORANGE and CODE 1 GREEN

The person who used your CODE 1 will receive a free WELCOME PACKAGE with the timestamp indicating the deadline. WP contains as your own 2 unique codes A and B.

If your second code, CODE 2, is being used by a person to access the application, change your WP color from ORANGE to GREEN. WP obtained from the person who used code CODE 2 is also displayed in RED, along with 2 other unique codes, C and D, and a timestamp for the deadline.

Your hive balance will be converted into a $ 5 bonus because you shared both codes (right corner).

In the same way it is partially done with every WP. If a person uses CODE A, this code changes to GREEN and WP changes to ORANGE.


If both codes are used (A and B), WP is colored from ORANGE to GREEN. In HIVES BALANCE, a new BONUS of $ 5 will be added (total $ 5 + $ 5 = $ 10).


If a person uses CODE C, this code changes to GREEN and WP changes to ORANGE

If both codes are used (C and D), WP is colored from ORANGE to GREEN. In HIVES BALANCE, a new $ 5 BONUS will be added (total $ 10 + $ 5 = $ 15).

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