Forward errors generated through the Google Webmaster Console

My website has 2 redirects. These errors have occurred in the last few months. In the last 10 years there have been no errors on the website. Please indicate how I can fix these errors. The website

The following errors:

(1) Image…etc. redirection error

(2) Image
Actual Code (I tried to add the screenshot. I received an error?

Complete redirect error from webmaster console account

redirection error
image Buffalo% 20Immigration% 2C% 20Visa% 20law% 2C% 20Attorney% 20in% 20New% 20York% 2C% 20U.SA% 2C% 20Lawyer% 2C% 20Family% 20Visa% 2C% 20Fiancee% 2C% 20Visa% 20Law% 20for% 20bor% 20Crossing from% 2C% 20United% 20States% 20Entry% 2C% 20Permanent% 20Visa & sd = 24-bit & sr = 412×732 & vp = 980×1741 & je = 0 & _utma = 181033250.1322411620.1571009347.1571009347.110. % 7Cutmcmd% 3D (none) & _ utmht = 1571009347048 & _u = IQBCAEAB ~ & jid = 2134876339 & gjid = 1129389342 & cid = 1322411620.1571009347 & tid = UA-33066024-1 & _gid = 1023494929.157-1

Review | Proxies-free – Webmaster Forum

Hi Guys,
I'd like to share my experiences with orangewebsite, an Iceland-based web hosting provider.
I joined her less than 2 months ago.
The things that encouraged me to buy with them are the reviews I've read about them as a Free Speech hosting provider, so I said, let me get lucky with them.
Before I buy the web host package I requested to transfer my domain with, I received a message from their support shortly that the transfer could not be completed because the domain's age was <60 days.
You have refunded my domain transfer fee within 24 hours.
Afterwards I bought the webhosting package and immediately received the login data for cpanel after payment.
My experiences with them have been very good so far. The only technical problem I faced at the beginning was sending emails, which was fixed within 24 hours. It was a data center problem that never happened again.
The other great thing about this host is that the sales and support are very friendly and respond very quickly to the ticket. I simply submit the ticket, wait a bit, update my email and the answer is already there :)
The speed is also very good, I still use their service so you can check the speed of my website.
The uptime is 100% because I have not noticed any downtime and I also use the Uptimerobot (see picture from my account today):

So in the end, I just wanted to write this review to wjunction to introduce you to this webhost, in case you did not hear about it :)

Support: 10/10
Operating time: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Flexibility of TOS 10/10

The web address:

thanks :) ,

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How do I find the current URL after the Google webmaster interrupted a link?

I would like to find the current link for the link below. The Google webmaster has fixed the issue and is not indexed on the Wayback computer.!category-topic/gmail/share-and-discuss-with-others/3J3r2JqFNTw

The link leads to the post of Iranian colleague who asked for the [unexpected] CA change for GMail, which eventually exposed the failure of Diginotar. down ??? | Proxies-free – Webmaster Forum

Does anyone know what happened to the owners of All of our data is leaked and personal information .. At Google, I just found this…om-down-owners-arrested-27092019/#entry238329

If you had a server, be careful now. No one answers on emails. If someone actually has information from the owners, please insert them here