ERROR IN in my SPFX WebPart : Module parse failed: Unexpected token You may need an additional loader to handle the result of these loaders

I have created an SPFx project with reactJS. I am using .jsx extension – functional components.

Now, the spfx webpart is already working fine, but I saw a material kit that I want to reuse its components.

When I referenced the components, I am presented with this error

***Failed to load component (WebPart). Original error: ***Failed to load entry point from component WebPart). Original error: Module parse failed: Unexpected token (30:4)
File was processed with these loaders:
You may need an additional loader to handle the result of these loaders.

enter image description here

It seems that I cannot use the “footer” tag?

enter image description here

list – Birthday & Anniversary Webpart (Slider)

I would like to create an share point web part (slider) on wiki page to display today’s birthday and anniversaries with picture and description (like Date of birth, name, year in company etc).

Since, I am new in SharePoint and don’t know much about SharePoint development, would someone please help me with step by step process to create SharePoint Web part which I can add to the page.

I am not administrator of the SharePoint and only the owner of a site.

Thank you in advance!

sharepoint online – Connect list view webpart present on modern page to SPFX webpart?

How can we connect listwebpart present on modern page to SPFX in SharePoint online?

On SharePoint modern page, i have list view of list X and a SPFX webpart. How can i pass data from list view to SPFX?. In on premise, connectable webpart property present but in online how can achieve same?

MS.Utitlity.Event Error while deploying SPFx WebPart to Appcatalog

i try to add a client-side webpart (spfx) to SharePoint 2019 on-premise appcatalog. We have two webapps running under the same account. On one webapp everything works like charm on the other one i got the error

Invalid SharePoint App package. Error: the type initializer for 'ms.utility.eventtrace' threw an exception.

in the uls logs i found the following stacktrace

---> System.Security.SecurityException: the requested registry access is not allowed   
at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowSecurityException(ExceptionResource resource)     
at Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.OpenSubKey(String name, Boolean writable)     
at Microsoft.Win32.Registry.GetValue(String keyName, String valueName, Object defaultValue)     
at MS.Utility.EventTrace.IsClassicETWRegistryEnabled()  ```

I have checked the permission on the default regkey for officeserver at HKLM:SoftwareMicrosoftOfficeServer16 and everything looks good. 

Besides on one WebApp it is working and the other WebApp is on the same server. Both are running with the same account.  

2013 – Sending item from list webpart to infopath webpart

So on a page, I have 2 web parts.

  • A list which contains some items.
  • And a InfoPath web part.

I would like to send the items from the list to the Infopath viewer but I don’t know how to achieve this.

Right now I’m trying to use “Connections” option. So from the list I tried using the “Send Row of Data To” and then I selected “content type“.

I’m not sure what else I could select for provider name. And I left blank the other box. I tried several different combinations but I don’t know how or if it is possible to do.

When I tried that a select column appeared on my list. But if I press it nothing happens. My Infopath web part does not show item info just blank everywhere. Am I doing something wrong?

Oh wow i got it to work with one single field. Is this how it works? You can select one single field and that’s all? I mean how useless this is xD I can’t understand SharePoint philosphy. Am i doing wrong or it’s the way we use this thing?

sharepoint online – Crawling the Link Webpart in 365

I am hoping that someone here can help me with an issue I am having searching the Quick Links webpart within a page. Many of my users have prefer Google Docs to storing documents in SharePoint. They directly link to these external Google Docs with the Quick Link webpart on a page. I hope to change this with governance and future trainings but in the meantime is it possible to use a KQL or managed property to search these links title?
I understand that the content of the Google Doc isn’t searchable but I would love to find a way to use a highlighted content webpart to show all of the* links in one location.

Just for background information I am a Hub owner but I do not have access to the Admin Panel. I have switched on “always index all Web Parts on this site”.

Thank you!