sharepoint online – Webparts showing as “ refused to connect”

Custom webparts showing up as a grey box, which says “ refused to connect.” I use Edge as a browser. When I open an “In-Private” tab, all three webparts work. Same story, when I open the site using Google Chrome. (I have a couple of other problems though, but that’s not related to this problem). I can insert default webparts without any problems. It’s only my own webparts, which doesn’t, when using Edge normally.

The webparts shows up normally at my co-worker, so I am certain that it’s a browser problem, only on my end.

sharepoint online – Modern webparts & iframes not navigating to a new page

I am using SP classic site with using modern webparts in iframes. I have added the webpart into a site page and embedding this onto the homepage classic site. However, when opening a link i.e a powerapp or powerbi report it only opens the powerapp inside the quick links on the homepage and does not open into a link, navigating to the site page (as it should be doing).

I have gone to the site page and tested the quick links, and they open into a new page successfully. Its just the SP Classic site & iframe that opens into the same SP page.

See screen shot. How do I change the behaviour?

enter image description here
enter image description here

<div style="overflow: hidden; margin: 15px auto; max-width: 400px;">
<iframe scrolling="no" src="" scrollbars=false" style="border: 0px none; width: 450px; height: 552px; ">

spfx webparts – Call SharePoint API on button click then display SPListItem values

I have a material UI card, then there’s a button that calls an API and at the same time, it should also calls my useState

 const (isOpen, setIsOpen) = useState(false);
  const (caseStudy, setCaseStudy) = useState({}); //i'll put the data from SPList here

here’s the code for the button card

 <Button onClick={() => _getSPItem(1)} size="small">
        Case Study

Here’s the code for the _getSPItem

const _getSPItem = async (id) => {
let caseStudyItemArr = ();
    `${props.context.pageContext.web.absoluteUrl}/_api/lists/getByTitle('List A')/GetItemById(${id})?$select=Title,ProjectManager`,
  .then((response) => {
    if (response.ok) {
      response.json().then((data) => {
        caseStudyItemArr = data.value; //just checking but data.value doesn't return anything


Unfortunately, I cannot access caseStudy.ProjectManager anywhere in my page after clicking the button. caseStudy is also empty.

My question is, how can I put the Object data to my caseStudy using setCaseStudy and just access the values in my page like <p>{caseStudy.ProjectManager}</p>

spfx webparts – SharePoint Page URL

I have created an SPFx web part and added it to an page (eg. “abc.aspx”) in SharePoint. Then I made this page as an welcome page for my SharePoint site.

Now the URL of the welcome page is:

How can I make it to:

sharepoint enterprise – How do you remove Whitespace from two separate webparts

I have searched online but to no avail. I was hoping someone from here could help. So the issue is I’m trying to remove the white space between 3 webparts on a page. I have created the following CSS which moves all of the webparts up the page., .ms-webpart-titleText > a
    margin-top: -40px;


This moves all 3 webparts up the screen, which eliminates the space from the nav bar and webpart 1 however still does not eliminate the white space between webpart two and three.

All help is appreciated, Thanks in advance :]

2013 – Migrate Dataview webparts in Sp2013

I’m trying to migrate the Dataview webparts which are in one of the sub site page to another subsite in same site collection through export and import option and the data is pointing to the root site list, but I’m getting the message “List does not exist. The page you selected contains a list that does not exist.It may have been deleted by another user” when adding the imported webpart.

Any suggestions/help?

spfx webparts – Get selected value of fabric dropdown

hi All i want to get value of selected dropdown in my Visacontact function , below is my code

  <Fabric  className={styles.matrix2}>
      defaultValue="Please select Key"
< input className={styles.button} type='Button' value="Visa Contact" onClick={()=>{this.VisaContact()}}>     

spfx webparts – App catalog – Site collection vs root site collection scope question

I have a spfx webpart i downloaded from here

I don’t have access to the root site collection app catalog so i added it to a site collection catalog i newly created but i can’t see the app appear after i uploaded it to the new site collection catalog(not the root site)

Does this matter?

Does it depends if the spfx package was built for root site collection only?

Thanks in Advance

spfx webparts – PnP FieldUserRenderer control and value prop

I made a webpart where I using and the field does not completely work how should be base on documentation. In my case, when I hover the mouse pointer on the person, the popup has an infinite spinner:
enter image description here


render: (item) => {
    let user: Array<IPrincipal> = ({
      id: item('Pracownik.Id'),
      email: item('Pracownik.EMail'),
      department: item('Pracownik.Department'),
      jobTitle: item('Pracownik.JobTitle'),
      sip: item('Pracownik.SipAddress'),
      title: item('Pracownik.Title'),
      value: '',
      picture: ''
    return <FieldUserRenderer users={user} context={this.props.context} />;

I have no idea what I must put in value, I assume the missing value of value may be the issue, but I cannot find any examples of what should be there.