php – How check the security of a Webshop?

I maked a Webshop system with HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. I readed many security articles. I used OWASP ZAP and Mozilla Observatory to find vulnerabilities and fix them. Now both of the tools says: My Webshop is save. But I’m not 100% sure if that is the case.

Now my Question: Do other free “hacking” tools exist in the internet? Or other tools that check the security of the webshop.

Edit: I also tried Arachni

My webshop is offline and gives error undefined class constant CACHEGROUP

I hope someone here is able to help me. I have no experience with technical issues in Magento. I am getting an error while starting my website. Somebody similar to this problem? Hope you can bring me online!


Fatal error: undefined class constant & # 39; CACHE_GROUP & # 39; in /home/deb126395/domains/ on line 1075

Ecommerce – SEO friendly multilingual approach with webshop host

I set up a multilingual regional webshop via Wix. SEO is important. Wix's "solution" for multilingual SEO support is URL parameters (? Lang = en). The Google / Moz documentation states that this is a big no, even though there are many big sites. Maybe I need a more sensible solution. Which approach to choose:

  • Complete various subs and sitemaps for all languages ​​(inconvenient)
  • Only other sub for homepage and blog, webshop via URL param &
  • Stay with URL param & cookie and expect it from Google
    Differentiate SEO / do not punish

I'm also open to better service than Wix, if that's the best proposal. The page needs to be updated regularly. SEO efforts exceed efficiency, but they are both important. All regions have their own Google ads and advertising on the ad network, including product-specific ads. They have the same stocks, so no webshop articles have to be differentiated.

I'm considering working with a competitor from Wix, which allows me to manually change the site code to achieve better SEO efforts. However, this requires more management and time resources.

Design a professional Ecom Shopify webshop and earn over 500p / month for $ 30

Design a professional Ecom Shopify webshop and earn $ 500 + P / month

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Ecommerce website online store for $ 10

Online store for ecommerce websites

Let us first discuss through your business website and Get your business online! So you can make great sales out of it!

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