❓ASK – What can I do if a Website stealing my blog posts? | Proxies-free

I would like to know that have you ever face the problem that your content is showing duplicate without reference the main webpage however you do not know it as you just posted your article in your dedicate blog. I have heard that many people complain about it but no one knows what to do.

There are a couple of things you can do and that’s with the help of Google and a couple of paid online tools obviously.

We are perhaps some of the biggest spenders on Copyscape, we search a lot of content and you can do to.
Copyscape is a service that finds similar content on the web, paste your article and pay couple cents per search to check if some stolen your content or not.

copyscape review.jpg

Second thing you can do is set up Google alerts, this is super easy you go to http://www.google.com/alerts and put a part of your article and choose category of sites you want to be searched and give your email address so Google can email you when someone used your content.

google alerts.jpg

Now dealing with the guy who copied, will he remove it by contacting him or you need to do more things?

In case he is not willing to remove copied content you can do the following:
– contact his hosting provider and file a complaint, to find his hosting provider use whoishostingthis.com
– use Google to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) against the sites that copied your content

Hope this helps.


plugins – How should I proceed with a corporate website w/ members ares, search and LMS?

I recently began working a job where I am basically the digital janitor. They throw all sorts of tasks at me, to which I do my best. I was recently tasked with helping them create a new website. Their previous website was a simple SPA on a self-hosted WordPress. They are struggling even with providing me a basic requirements specification. πŸ™‚ One thing is obvious though… they need more than an SPA this time.

I have no previous WordPress experience… I have played around with Joomla though and I’m an intermediate web designer, so the task of keeping the backend doesn’t scare me. I also enjoy learning.

They need:

  1. members area
  2. search functionality
  3. course gallery/product area

1st point: I was searching here on the site for previous questions and found this… I will be checking out memberpress, but would also like to hear about alternatives.

2nd point: I see many themes with the front-end search field, but I wonder if those come prepackaged with a search plugin? Which plugin do you recommend?

3rd point: I imagine they might need something akin to a Learning Management System (LMS) or an e-commerce setup of sorts. This part is less important, as I might code it from scratch. From what I gather, they are overcomplicating things and simply need a product library/showcase of some e-learning presentations (a product of theirs).

Basically, I am hoping for tips regarding the best WordPress plugins to help me achieve the basic functionality. I very much could use recommendations regarding premium themes that are already made to support the easy integration of said plugins.

Alternatively, feel free to point me in direction of another backend solution πŸ™‚

I hope I made myself somewhat clear.

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Selling – Designer Badass – Graphics and Website Services

Hi there
I’m looking for a new theme to replace my current one at https://growingchillies.net/

I’m upgrading the site to improved SEO as the current theme is several years old. Site needs to be mobile first and responsive.

Other considerations

– I would prefer the site to be built on a free popular theme, so I can manage it and make slight changes when necessary (reconfigure footer and sidebar widgets, menus etc.)

– I would need an eye catching header with the site title and subtitle text over it β€œGrowing Chillies” and β€œEverything You Need to Know About Growing Chillies”

– I need to keep the google ads under the menu items, these earn me a lot of money.

– Website needs to have the right hand side column widget that I can edit to put ads on and wp tags etc.

Is that something your team can provide? If so please PM me with quotes.


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