Connect DNS domain with a page on another website

We have built an online platform where companies can log in and present their services, and where a store is set up.
Currently, the URL for a business profile is about:

… and the shop:

To make business profiles more attractive to businesses, I've been wondering if it's possible to link a domain to this page on our platform, so instead the URL could simply be:

… ideally with sub-paths:

… which refers to the above URL.
I DO NOT want to redirect, as this removes the custom domain from the URL bar in the browser.

As a front-end developer, I imagine a full-screen iframe refers to the business profile URL in the custom domain. However, this approach requires one per company development on our platform, which may not be required for a better solution.

Is there a way to do this?

Add professional Wix website design or redesign for $ 20

Add professional Wix website design or redesign

Add professional Wix website design or redesign

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Website Design – Why Use "Enter Name of Project For Confirmation"?

If you're a longtime GitHub user, you've probably seen the following:

This happens every time you perform potentially destructive actions on a repository, such as For example, change the public / private state or archive / delete it.

The command prompt appears modally after you click the action button. So this is an extra measure to prevent accidental actions.

For me, however, this is either ineffective to "set another barrier" or too cumbersome to get "additional confirmation". You can just copy the repository name from the URL or directly above the input field (the bold text above), but this is still more complex than just clicking on an additional button.

In my opinion an extra modal with a bright red button that does not respond to keyboard actions (like the Enter key) would suffice. You would have to move the mouse to the bright red button to get an extra warning. This is less cumbersome and the hassle of simply pressing Enter is both simple and effective.

Can anyone explain how this "enter project name" is a good UI design?

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I will develop your WordPress website for $ 30

I will develop your WordPress website

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