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sharepoint online – Modern communication websites whose subordinate elements are displayed in a wider grid in the navigation

I've set up a communications site as a hub site and associated team sites.
I've added sub-links to one of the links on the team site. Below are the screenshots listed.

Enter image description here

Floating above Operations I see a big banner below. I've added a modern script editor web part, so I wondered if I wanted to make it smaller and more beautiful by overriding some CSS classes.

Enter image description here

Can someone please provide me with a CSS code that I can use?
For your information I have tried to use ms-MegaMenu-Callout root-360 and
withDivider ms-MegaMenu-gridLayout classes and set the max-width parameter from 1200 px to 120, but it did not work for me if it was tested with developer tools by providing an inline CSS, but if it was to the script editor web part was added, it was kind of does not work.

Please help, thanks in advance.

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How long does it take for Google to rate websites / articles?

Hello friends,

How long does it take for Google to rate websites / articles?

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sharepoint online – restrict users to certain websites

I'm very new to the world / labyrinth of SharePoint Online permissions, so I have a pretty basic question.

Is it possible for SharePoint Online to prevent a user from accessing specific websites?

Let's assume we have two locations:

Can an administrator set permissions to allow a user to see and access only one of the two sites?