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    Need advice for websites and databases if the server goes down

    Hello everybody,

    I need your advice regarding the server. I hire a VPS server in Charlotte and sometimes the server goes offline so I can not access my database and websites. I want my sites to be online almost 24 hours a day as I need to retrieve traffic and use the database to retrieve my customers' emails, access my emails, and redirect my customers to funnel pages.

    How can I access my database and websites if my VPS is not available?

    Do I need to hire third-party web hosting to host my sites, and do I also need to rent a vps third-party web hosting service to host the database separately, except that the sites are running on the same computer?

    Any advice would be very grateful.

    thank you in advance

    javascript – How do developers add "Smooth Transitions" to their websites?

    I've noticed that some websites (such as Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365) have this "Smooth HTML Transition" effect, leaving the site content loaded when a link opens, and only the inner content being updated.

    What I ask is, does anyone know how this effect is produced, and if so, does anyone know exactly how to do it yourself? For example, my site has an upper navigation bar that exists on each of my pages except the debug window, but that's not a page that matters to me. So I want to see that my top bar and the page background stay loaded, but the content in my To update.

    Not much here, I just want an effect that keeps my HTML from unloading and reloading when I open a link to a page that is similar to the main index.html of my site core, so only the inner content is updated.

    I also found that sites like the ones above are "running a little offline" and seem to cache their files on the computer as if I were switching to Microsoft 365 on my school laptop without Wi-Fi. I open the website and it loads, but it only shows "Sorry, No Connection"

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