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Algorithms – How can you scrape off a large number of websites?

I have a large number of URLs (approx. 150-300). They are all about the same thing. I'm familiar with static and dynamic web scraping content (I'm using Python for the job), but I have absolutely no idea how to deal with this problem. Should I script each site? Is there a proper regex algorithm to find the data you're looking for (the data is just houses in a certain cost range)? Can I create a single script to remove all, and if so, how?

magento2 – The VAT widget returns different business value on Magento 2 for multiple websites

I have Multi Website on my Magento 2.2.0

Configured to display the sales tax identification number at the storefront website level (eav_attribute taxvat)

 attribute_id | website_id | is_visible | is_required | default_value | multiline_count |
|           17 |          1 |          0 |           0 | NULL          |            NULL |
|           17 |          2 |          1 |           1 | NULL          |            NULL |

Expected output

Website One should be disabled VAT (is_visible => 0)

Website Two Should Have Value Added Tax (is_visible => 1)

My edition

It works as expected in the development environment

However, no VAT is shown on the registration form on websites in production mode.

So I debugged MagentoCustomerBlockWidgetTaxvat.php to check the function and make a print.

public function isEnabled(){
     return $this->_getAttribute('taxvat') ? (bool)$this->_getAttribute('taxvat')->isVisible() : false;

Development: Website One is_visible returns not correct & Website Two is_visible returns True

Production: Website One is_visible returns not correct & Website Two is_visible returns not correct

Can somebody help me with it? I don't know why it doesn't work in production mode. Values ​​for website 1 on website 2 are used.

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