vue.js – ¿Cómo descargar SPA websites para uso offline?

Acostumbro descargar sitios con la aplicación Httrack para uso offline puesto que no dispongo buena conexion a internet,necesito bajar toda la documentación de pero el Httrack la ve vacía como a otros tantos sitios SPA que he intentado descargar. ¿Hay alguna forma o programa que sea capaz de procesar estos sitios?

Responsive web design and Development for $95

Responsive web design and Development

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macbook pro – Websites do not load occasionally

I’ve bought a new macbook air 17 several months ago and often it stops to load websites. It can happen at any moment on any website: loading line freezes somewhere at the beginning. (Waiting doesn’t help)

To disconnect and immediately connect to wi-fi helps, but after some clicks it happens again so I can connect and disconnect 10+ times in a row, loading one or two links in a time.

I’m using Safari but when I’ve tried to use Google chrome nothing has changed (they stop loading at the same time). I’ve never noticed this problem with discord or skype. It happens regardless of which wi-fi I use. How to fix it?

My OS is Mojave 10.14, safari version is updated

websites – Cocoa: I can’t open new window or tab in Wkwebview

I’m a student making a web browser as a school project. I noticed a problem with my wkwebview. I set my web browser to open links in new windows but that didn’t work. I tried this code

 webView.configuration.preferences.javaScriptCanOpenWindowsAutomatically = true

But it doesn’t open links in a new browser. Also, I get the same problem with tabs too. When I click on a link that opens a new tab, It doesn’t open. I need help because this project is due very soon.

If this question is unclear to you, comment.

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Marcelo Design X description

I’m Marcelo Cedeño, I specialize in web design, SEO, branding and digital marketing. I have been offering my services as a freelancer for approximately 5 years, but in 2018 I decided to start developing a digital company where I could better offer the services in which I am an expert, currently our table of work is made up of a qualified team for each service offered.

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  1. Graphic design
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Link Insertions / Guest Posts on Various Websites

I run a small SEO company in NYC and handle various websites, from medical to all kinds of other niches.

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legal – How does the FBI seize websites if they cannot apply the law?

After doing some research on websites that were removed like Silk road I was very curious about the procedure that the FBI does to remove a website from the internet.

How do you do that if the website is hosted in another country for example? Just contact the hosting company and blackmail them? Is the FBI "hacking" the websites it can't use?

My question applies to both Dark web and clear web websites. I understand that it is much easier for a government agency to use the law for its own purposes, but that is not always possible …

Enter the image description here

How do I find websites in a niche that are using membership or LMS Plugins

I would like to find membership websites in particular
not there are using different plugins that is out there


aMember Pro.




WooCommerce Memberships.

Restricted Content Pro.

Paid Memberships Pro.

How do you search what will be the footprint any advice

what tools does the job