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Bottom up!

WOW 6.6 million more unemployment claims last week: Now we have more than 16 million job losses in 3 weeks. Trump supporters: is this "winning"?

Tell me the country that wins and let me know what the president is doing there, what Trump should do.

You can't blame Trump for the Chinese virus.

You can accuse China of wasting time when this epidemic could have been stopped. Local communist officials silenced doctors who could have warned the public about the Chinese New Year banquet that 40,000 people attended in Wuhan. If they had just canceled their New Year celebrations and immediately started quarantine, the world would have been spared this terrible pandemic.

Democrats have to support the president and take the blame to where it belongs. The Chinese Communist Party.

Do you remember when the conservatives laughed at the corona virus a few weeks ago and described it as a liberal media hype?

Fox News, Limbaugh, Trump, and most of the downsides here on Yahoo Answers just laughed at liberals because they said we should take it seriously. Hospitals are flooded with patients in different cities. New York is

Construction of a temporary mass grave because the morgues are secured.

In the United States, nearly 2,000 people are already dying every day, and are expected to increase in the coming days.

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The United States gives its people a single check. How is it that countries like Australia give people more every two weeks?

some complications with this guess:

– They also spend $ 600 more per week in unemployment benefits for four months.

– You are working on a second stimulus package with more checks, although Congress has not yet passed it

– 1500 Australian dollars = 923 US dollars

USA – What are the chances that flights from the USA to Great Britain will be canceled in the next 2 weeks?

I will be traveling from London to San Francisco next Wednesday and will return 10 days later. Although it looks like I might be able to get an outbound flight, I don't want to be stuck in the United States indefinitely due to the limitations of the Corona virus

(1) Are there any estimates as to whether the United Kingdom would cancel flights from the United States by then?
(2) If a government cancels flights for these reasons, how much advance warning is it likely to give?
(3) If the United States canceled flights from the United Kingdom, would this also affect return flights to the United Kingdom?
(4) How easy do you think it would be to postpone my departure date by a few days?

(For reference, at the time of publication, there are ~ 800 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the UK, and the daily growth rate has been exponential at around 1.4, so the number of estimated cases on the day of departure is ~ 4,300 and ~ 90,000 to the original Departure date if these growth rates continue).

Any help is appreciated.