Download – "moisture was detected" even after 2 weeks, also in safe mode

Two weeks ago my Samsung Galaxy S10e got a bit wet in my bag in heavy rain. The phone does not work Go into the waterbut it was pretty wet.

Since then, I've been receiving the following message from time to time:

Disconnect the charger
Moisture was detected. Disconnect the charger from the mains and wait until both the charger and the USB port are dry.

  1. Yesterday, I could not even recharge my phone because the message appeared every time I tried.
  2. I left the phone in the dehumidifying mode at the exit of my air conditioner all night.
  3. Still the same problem.
  4. I have tried it with 3 different USB cables and also 3 different power sources.
  5. The charging port looks perfectly clean.
  6. I do not have a wireless charger.
  7. The message will also be displayed in safe mode and with the phone off.

I think the message is wrong, I can not see how moisture could last after two weeks and one night of dehumidification. How can I fix the problem?

My phone is rooted, if that can help.

cdg – what's wrong with my visa for the UK after 6 weeks?

Thank you for your visa / entry request
received and will be tested. We endeavor to process non-processing
Applications within 15 working days and billing applications within
60 working days (unless you have chosen a Priority Visa service).

We can not process your application with these customers
Service objectives, as the processing of your application has not been
easy. Rest assured that we will evolve
Your application so that a decision can be made as soon as possible.

Please visit the application center only after you have been there
contacted by the VAC.

This is what I got after calling $ ~ 20 three times each time.

An email sent – no answer
Called again, the decision was made, but nobody knows when I get my passport
At this point I do not care if I get a visa or not
These people are idiots

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Update 1

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BlackHatKings: Crypto speculation and investment
Posted by: ThomasLound
Post Time: June 29, 2019 at 07:09.

google sheets – Date tag of a cell, separated by weeks, only with start date and cell range

I'm trying to create a similar "life calendar" in Google Sheets –

I have completed the manually designed sheet, but I would like to add the highlight of the current week and have it updated automatically.
The first week in the sheet contains the date of birth.
Horizontal of this cell are 104 cells per year (52 weeks, with a "spacer cell" for readability).
Vertical stands for years + a "spacer cell" between the individual years for better readability.

All cells are mostly empty with background color. Some cells contain "major events" from the past. No data points that can be calculated.

Is there a way to use conditional formatting to temporarily highlight the current week, such as using background colors or cell borders, possibly counting the horizontal weeks since the birthday (+ "spacer cells") and the vertical years since the birthday become?
I'm just throwing out a suggestion because I have no idea how to start this calculation.

It is important that the highlighting is temporary, as the years already have a fixed background color.

If this is not possible with conditional formatting, can I read it in another way?

Can I stay in Canada for a few weeks after quitting my job due to a closed work permit?

My job is based on India and I am currently working Canada for the last 4+ years for the same employer (their Canadian unit) under closed Work permit.

My closed Work permit is valid until July 2020 and visa also have the same expiration date.

Since this is a closed work permit and is linked to the current employer, I have I can not switch jobs within Canada.

For personal reasons, I plan to drop my current job in Canada and find a new one in India.

In this case, the day on which I cancel my work permit becomes invalid (in my understanding) , but I am not sure about the visa.

But it takes me at least a week to 10 days to book a ticket to India and close things like bank account, rentals and others.


So, Can I stay in Canada for 2-3 weeks after my resignation? from my job based on a closed work permit? Is it legal?

Has anyone had the similar experience?