The ticket price was reduced by 40% two weeks after booking. Can I do something to get a refund?

Yes, you can almost certainly get back some of the difference – though the exact details depend on the airline …

How to use in Jetblue sale if I have already bought a ticket? Mentioned, United Airlines will give you a full refund of the difference, less $ 50, if you purchased the ticket less than 30 days ago. Other airlines may have similar policies.

If you do not qualify for such a policy, you can still get the difference back as a credit minus the change fee (probably between $ 150 and $ 250). This is usually possible even if the airline does not have a specific policy for price reductions. In fact, you only make a "change" to the flight, which recalculates the price at the current rates. After payment of the change fee, the difference will be refunded as a credit to the airline.

You can also do the same by canceling the booking (which will result in a credit minus the cancellation fee) and then rebooking with your balance at the current rates. This works because although your fare is non-refundable, you can usually still make changes to the fare, or even cancel it and get a credit. The resulting credit can simply not be refunded to you as "cash". Some airlines offer tariffs that do not allow changes. In this case, this may not work. However, these fares are still relatively rare – especially for international flights.

It is best to contact Expedia to find out about the offer. If this does not work, contact the airline directly.

Motherboard – Constant restarts. Did I break the second power supply in two weeks?

I was unlucky with my newly built PC, which I only had two weeks ago. It worked well in the first week. Then it was restarted at random (it was not heavily used) and rebooted every few seconds from that point on, usually before the Windows load was completed, sometimes already on the login screen.

In other ways, I've ruled out a software issue and issues with most components (see below). After delimiting the options on the motherboard, CPU, and power supply, I was convinced that it had to be a problem with the motherboard and replaced it (for an identical model): it did not matter. So next I changed the power supply (a completely different brand). Bingo! The PC booted well and worked flawlessly, I managed to play for several hours. But only for 2 days: Then the same happened: A random restart, which now takes place every few seconds.

I do not really know what to think about it:

  1. Was this really the faulty power supply, and broke the second power supply in just a few days?
  2. Was that Not a power supply problem at the beginning?

For both options I have to ask some questions:

  1. If the second power supply broke down in a few days, why then? There certainly has to be something, either on the PC or from the outside, that destroys the power supplies. Could this be a problem with the circuits of the house? But the power outlet is wired correctly (with a little tester tested), the PC is plugged into a surge-protected extension cable, and none of my other electronics ever had a problem. Even if something is wrong with the power supply, how likely is it to cause the same symptoms in power supplies of different brands (Corsair and EVGA)?
  2. If the problem is not the power supplyWhy did the replacement of the power supply make a difference for the two days when everything was fine? Could this really be a problem with the CPU, the only component I have not ruled out? Or did I miss something earlier?

Both options sound illogical to me at the same time … I was hoping that someone here could point me in the right direction.

Exclude components

A detailed description of what I have tried so far, for the sake of completeness:

  1. Software and SSD: The problem also occurs when booting from a USB flash drive containing Ubuntu or the Windows Installer installed on it. Even if the SSD is physically removed.
  2. memory: I have no spare memory for testing, but the problem still exists if one of the two sticks is removed. I also ran MemTest86 for 10 hours, and found no problems (the problem occurs within seconds during normal operation).
  3. graphic card: I bought a cheap used card to test it with the same issue.
  4. overheating: I can see all the temperature readings in the BIOS, they are ok. Reboots occur immediately after the first time the PC is turned on in one day.
  5. motherboard: I have replaced it: unnecessarily, as it turned out, the same problem happened immediately with the replacement.
  6. central processor: Not completely excluded, but probably no problem. MemTest86 ran on all its cores, suggesting that no one is broken. As far as I know, the PC with a deep-fried CPU would not turn on at all.

One reason I did not initially suspect the PSU was the fact that when you ran MemTest86 or some of the other utilities I found on the Ultimate Boot CD, no restarts were done. If the PSU was a problem, should not it make any difference what software was running on the PC? Even if a CPU stress test was performed that I believe would consume a lot of power from the power supply, it did not cause a reboot. For a similar reason, I even thought at some point that the video card is a likely culprit: what all the software that triggers the reboot (Windows, Ubuntu USB key, Windows installation USB stick) has in common is that they have a GUI while the test applications are running in a simple character output. But replacing the card with the one I got for £ 8 on Ebay proved it was not a GPU problem.

Can someone make sense of it?

Japan – Send your luggage to a pickup point and pick it up after 2 weeks

I want to send a small suitcase from Tokyo to Osaka. After leaving Tokyo myself, I will travel for 14 days before arriving in Osaka, so I can pick up the luggage after this time.
In the 14 days I will visit different places in Japan where I do not need the suitcase.

In addition, I live in an Airbnb hotel in Osaka, where the host states that he can not receive any packages. So I have to send it to a kind of pickup location (eg post office, locker).

How do I do that?

I tried asking for a baggage transporter (Sagawa at Skytree), they said they could send it to Osaka airport (which is fine), but I have to pick it up the next day (which I can not do). says:

In many companies, deliveries can be delayed by a few days (usually up to a week).

However, I can not find an option displayed in English on any of the delivery service websites.

In my home country, I can send packages to one place, and they stay there for 30 days (after which they will be sent back). I was hoping to find a similar service in Japan.

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SQL Server – SQL query to convert the number of business weeks to a month

I have an excel sheet that consists of the week number. I have to write a query that reads Week 1 – Week 5 = January. I try to visualize these weeks in a month.
My data looks like this:
week number
week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15 … until week 52.
So the user has made the manual entry for week like week 1 – week 5 = january, w6 – w9 = february, w10 – w13 = march, w14 – w18 = april, w19 – w22 – mayy … SO I understand There is a pattern of 5,4,4,5,4,4 weeks alternating months. Please give me an SQL query to do this.

Thanks for your help.

legal – We are on WHV, my friend was in a small collision, we leave the house in 2 weeks. What happens if we do not pay the insurance fine?

Some countries work together if you have violated the law. So if you leave the country, you may not be able to avoid it and only make it worse. You may also have problems if you ever wanted to return to Australia. You can also share the black mark against you with other countries, and you must indicate whether Australia forbids you to do so.

Some of them could happen and none could happen. But you should pay for it. First, it is the right thing to do, and secondly, you never know what you want to do in the future, which could be affected by the unintended consequences / problems that you yourself might cause by skipping the country. And as the world becomes more connected, the risk you take increases.

Permalinks drop after 3-4 weeks without changing the theme or the plugins

When running a site with custom sign-ups and custom post types, the permalinks must be reset every 3-4 weeks.

The symptom: The site starts deleting 404 errors and the .com / login is now a 404.

The problem: Comment out the custom login redirection feature so we can access /wp-login.php. Then reset the permalinks and comment out the function.

Server: Digital Ocean with Ubuntu build, 32 GB RAM. WP 5.x with Woocomm, Sensei, ACF and a dozen other popular plugins.

The question: Why would a busy and frequently used site drop over time lead to a permanent link without changing code, post types or plugins?

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