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Are there (small, pod) hotels for single people in Western countries?

While this doesn’t expressly address the “are there single traveler, pod-type hotels in the US?”, it does offer a solution that the pod-type hotel would – lower cost.

The cost of the hotel room in a particular city (in the US, at least) is dictated a couple of factors:

  1. The “chain” or brand of hotel you’re booking.

    Hilton is more expensive that Motel 6. Always and forever.

  2. The location of the hotel.

    Downtown is more expensive than the suburbs. Generally. Some suburbs have a large business sector and are more upscale than others.

The general concept is that business travelers aren’t paying for their own room, so they’re less cost sensitive (hey, the company’s paying, might as well have a nice place, right?), but they’re highly convenience sensitive (I don’t have time to travel from the work place to a cheap place in the ‘burbs, especially after wining & dining a potential client until late in the evening). Additionally, the business traveler may not have private transportation (a rental/hire car) and be fully dependent on public transport and/or simply walking from the work site to the hotel. (I was in that situation for a new job – working remote, but spent a week onsite to meet people – my hotel was literally across the street from the work site.)

However, individual travelers on vacation/visiting family/etc. are paying for their own room so they’re more price sensitive and less convenience sensitive.

If you need to visit NYC, consider staying across the river in NJ. Hotel rooms will be cheaper (even for the same brand) because location, location, location! You’ll pay for it, though, in additional travel time, cost and inconvenience in having to get in and out of the city each day you need to make the trip. This is exactly what my wife & I did when we visited my family in Manhattan with our young kids a decade or so ago. We stayed in Jersey and made an adventure of traveling into the city each day so it was fun for them. We took the tunnel, we took different bridges, etc. As a family on vacation, we could do that. As a business traveler, that would have been a nightmare.

Generally speaking, you’re going to get the same quality and amenities by choosing a suburb Hilton v a downtown Hilton (substitute Motel 6, if desired), but you’re going to pay less the further away from the city center you go.

Are there hotels for single people in Western countries?

In general, when traveling, most hotels are around ~100-150 a night if not more (especially in larger cities). In places like Japan and Singapore, there are pod hotels meant for single travelers/those on a budget. Is there such an equivalent in Western nations like the USA, even in larger cities like NYC? The closest I could find were hostels, which definitely seem cheaper than a standard hotel room, but I’m worried about not having as much privacy. I’ve also seen hotel rooms with slightly reduced space, but seem to be just as expensive as a standard hotel room. Are there any other alternatives that I may not be aware about?

safety – Are foreigners targeted in the Xinjiang / Uyghur related violence in Western China?

I travelled for 2 weeks all through Xinjiang and talked a lot with University professors and other native Uighur during the Anniversary of the first unrestes, in July 2011.

The issue is that the Chinese Government is trying their best to “get rid” of the Uighur culture there. They want people to live in modern housing, intermingled with Han-chinese people. The old city of Kashgar for example is crubmling to dust because the Chinese government takes over all houses where the inhabitants die or move away, and turn them into a heap of rubble, not allowing anyone else to live there anymore. Like this they destroy the old city house-by-house. You can read more about this here. Here is a photo I took at the time. You can see the crumbling homes clearly.

enter image description here

This is only one example of a treatment that turns Uighur people specifically against the Government and Han-Chinese, not at all against foreigners. The reception that I received from locals during my trip was extremely positive and hospitable, specially from people you would simply see in the street (i.e. not people who would expect you to be a source of income in any way).

The risk you face is much more collateral. For example, you are not allowed to even have the tiniest of knives in your Check-in luggage when flying in and out of Xinjiang Airports. Further, the Government is worried that foreigners are actually reporters or do things that would hurt the image of the government. If you are around public places during the June/July months, you can see civilian chinese with batons in groups of 5-10 patrolling the streets. There is police everywhere. You feel much more threatened by those than the locals.

❓ASK – Will Crypto become a proxy war zone between western world and China? | Proxies-free

In the past, some Western countries had a slightly negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies and there were calls to ban cryptocurrencies before they were regulated. But a change of heart is visible, with more and more lawmakers, senior officials and influential organizations coming out in favor of accepting and regulating cryptocurrencies – even as there are simultaneous efforts to issue their own digital national currencies.

This seems to be reinforced by a countervailing trend from China, where the Chinese digital currency is not seen to coexist with crypto. The Chinese leadership has decided that the e-CYN should be the sole digital currency in China and has issued a very comprehensive ban on mining, possession and trading of cryptocurrencies. In addition, China seems to take besides the planned introduction of the e-CYN influence on satellite states to position themselves as China against the cryptocurrencies.

This repressive and totalitarian intervention in the crypto market is seen by the West as a positioning against its Western value system. Above all, basic values such as individualism, free decisions, pluralism and, above all, the free market are seen as endangered. This leads many Western nations to the dichotomy of wanting to limit unregulated, unrestricted cryptocurrencies, but not wanting to be seen in the same breath as the Chinese prohibition policy.

Moreover, Western nations are realizing the benefits of cryptocurrencies alongside their own digital currencies – especially when they are transparently regulated.
We can see that two world systems are taking a stand against each other and will also position their own spheres of influence. What impact will such a political power struggle have on cryptocurrencies? In the short term, BTC, ETH and co will certainly be strengthened by such a confrontation, as many Western countries are responding positively to cryptocurrencies and creating new, regulated investment opportunities.

But what will happen to cryptocurrencies in the medium or long term in such a scenario?


LLHost: 1GB RAM VPS for 2.99EUR/mo with Unmetered 100mbps in the Netherlands, Poland, or Western USA!

LLHost Logo

Welcome, LLHost!  They’re a Romanian hosting company based in Bucharest (or București if you want to use the Romanian spelling) and are bringing us a full range of cheap VPS and cheap dedicated server offerings.

  • Get a 1GB VM with a 100mbps unmetered port for €2.99 per month!
  • Or double the RAM for €5.99 per month!
  • Dedicated servers with 1gbps unmetered starting at € 92.99!

These systems are available in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Katowice (Poland), or Fremont (Western USA).

Their Terms of Service is available on their web site (Privacy Policy). They accept bank payments, credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies, Webmoney, and PayPal.

Here’s a little about LLHost in their own words:

LLHOST INC. is a hosting company established in 2012. We are a provider of VPS and dedicated servers and offer competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of the services provided. Fast SSD Virtual Servers without Bandwidth Limitations for a fixed price. 99.9% Uptime, Instant deployment, and free migration assistance. Reliability and performance. Fully redundant network equipment. The newest server models allow easy installation of high-demand IT products, and our technical support is ready to answer you at any time within 15 minutes.

Have you been a LLHost customer? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Now read more to see the offers!


  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 vCPU
  • 25 GB SSD
  • 100 mbps unmetered
  • 2.99 EUR/m.
  • (ORDER)


  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 vCPU
  • 50 GB SSD
  • 100 mbps unmetered
  • 5.99 EUR/mo
  • (ORDER)


  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 vCPU
  • 80 GB SSD
  • 100 mbps unmetered
  • 11.99 EUR/mo
  • (ORDER)


  • 8 GB RAM
  • 8 vCPU
  • 120 GB SSD
  • 100 mbps unmetered
  • 22.99 EUR/mo
  • (ORDER)


  • 16 GB RAM
  • 8 vCPU
  • 240 GB SSD
  • 100 mbps unmetered
  • 45.99 EUR/mo
  • (ORDER)


  • 24 GB RAM
  • 16 vCPU
  • 400 GB SSD
  • 100 mbps unmetered
  • 67.99 EUR/mo
  • (ORDER)


  • 32 GB RAM
  • 16 vCPU
  • 480 GB SSD
  • 100 mbps unmetered
  • 91.99 EUR/mo
  • (ORDER)

Basic Dedicated

  • Intel Xeon E-2236 6c/12t 3.3GHz / 4.5Ghz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • HDD 1 TB
  • No RAID required
  • No additional Ethernet adapter required
  • 1 x 1 Gbps port
  • 1 Gbps unmetered
  • No VLAN needed
  • 1 IPv4
  • No IPv6 needed
  • No BGP needed
  • Basic administration (Default OS and network install)
  • Web Access
  • € 92.99
  • (ORDER)

Professional Dedicated

  • Intel® Xeon® Intel Xeon 4210 Silver 10c/20t 2.2GHz / 3.2GHz
  • 32 GB RAM
  • HDD 2 TB
  • No RAID required
  • No additional Ethernet adapter required
  • 1 x 1 Gbps port
  • 1 Gbps unmetered
  • No VLAN needed
  • 1 IPv4
  • No IPv6 needed
  • No BGP needed
  • Basic administration (Default OS and network install)
  • Web Access
  • € 122.99
  • (ORDER)

Enteprise Dedicated

  • 2x Intel® Xeon® Intel Xeon 4214 Silver 12c/24t 2.2GHz / 3.2GHz
  • 64 GB RAM
  • Drive 1: HDD 2 TB
  • Drive 2: HDD 2 TB
  • No RAID required
  • No additional Ethernet adapter required
  • 1 x 1 Gbps port
  • 1 Gbps unmetered
  • No VLAN needed
  • 1 IPv4
  • No IPv6 needed
  • No BGP needed
  • Basic administration (Default OS and network install)
  • Web Access
  • € 170.99
  • (ORDER)


  • Amsterdam (Netherlands): Iron Mountain AMS-1 (J.W. Lucasweg 35, Amsterdam, NH, 2031 BE, NL). View at PeeringDB
  • Katowice (Poland): 4 Data Center, (Adamskiego 7, Katowice, PL, 40-069). View at PeeringDB
  • Fremont (USA): Hurricane Electric Fremont 2 (48233 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA, USA, 94539).  View at PeeringDB

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!


I’m Andrew, techno polymath and long-time LowEndTalk community Moderator. My technical interests include all things Unix, perl, python, shell scripting, and relational database systems. I enjoy writing technical articles here on LowEndBox to help people get more out of their VPSes.

Western Union…please help :(

I just called them, and they said that it could not be transfered for some reason. .. I don’t understand this at all haha. The lady told me to hold and she would verify the information. She came back and said that it could not verified and I could visit Money Mart to complete my transaction. I then received an email saying

“We have received your order, however, we regret we are unable to process your transaction at this time. Unfortunately, your order has not been authorized by Western Union and we are unable to complete your money transfer.

You can find an Agent location on westernunion.ca.

For additional information, please visit our website at www.westernunion.ca. We regret any inconvenience this action has caused, and look forward to serving your money transfer needs in the future.

Thank you for using Western Union!”

Hmmmm…any thoughts on this?


usa – How can I wash myself Indian-style (using water not toilet paper) in Western toilets?

OK, I am an Indian using Western toilets regularly and here is how I do it.

When you flush the toilet, water pours in from inside of the pot. I use my hands to direct that water to my anus, thereby cleaning it completely. However I find that toilet paper is always useful to administer the ‘last rites’, i.e., to remove all vestiges of faecal matter on the anus.

This is the default process I use in many places. However in some places a mug could be available, in which case, I pour tap water from the washbasin into the mug and use it.

The only concern in this method is regarding how you use your hands. Catch water while ensuring that hands do not touch the inside of the pot.

western europe – A little problem in European traffic rules: Priority of a car sitting on a “stepstone” island

Here is an intersection which always gives me trouble:

Image of an intersection

  • The usual continental European traffic rules apply;
  • There are two lanes which have right-of-way, one going towards the North-West, and one towards the South-East ;
  • There is a side-road coming in from the East (is a highway off-ramp, actually) and a side-road going to the West (a highway on-ramp)
  • In the picture, the light blue area cannot be used as it is a bus lane, but that is not important here.

If you have a car A driving along the red path, it may encounter heavy traffic on both NW and SE lanes. There is a little “stepstone island” in between the lanes so that you can proceed across the NW lane if it is free, then wait for the SE lane to clear.

While car A is waiting on the “stepstone”, a car B initially on the NW lane may wish to turn to its left in order to proceed West, then also wait for the SE lane to clear.

Once the SE lane is clear, you have to decide which of A and B goes first. I am of the impression that it should be B as B is coming off the lan which has right-of-way but apparently opinions on this diverge, leading to hesitancy.

Is there an applicable rule to decide who goes first without having to resort to casting dice?